Visiting D’Pond, Liloan, Cebu

D’Pond Family Grill, commonly known as d’Pond is a fishing village ideal for family, friends and other gatherings. Cottages are for rent for as slow as Php250, which is enough for about 15 people. The place offers a perfect venue for fishing enthusiasts to have ‘Pamingwit’. Pamingwit tools are available for rent. ‘Pasul’ is for rent at Php10. Fish foods are also sold. Other attractions of the place are the floating cottage, for rent at Php300; videoke lounge, open area karaoke madness at Php5/song; and the fresh and cool surroundings.

Need a place to have fun? Come to d’Pond. Fish, Laugh and Sing together with friends and family. Experience the fun for memories that last a lifetime. 

1 DSC05939 (Small)

2 DSC05788 (Small)

3 DSC05948 (Small)

Truly a MEMORY of a LAUGHtime 😀 With all the bloopers, comic moments, chika galore, videoke madness and abundant food, Dario and Joey’s post birthday celebration is truly a magnificent success.

Ten of our batchmates come to the gathering. Dario hosts the celebration. The attendees are Bray, Weng, Tine, Rej, Kring with July, Gem with Nelo, Corie with Jason, Joey, and Elg with Sui. Dario’s family is also there. The pictures tell more of the fun we have there.

1 DSC05787 (Small)


DSC05815 (Small)

1 DSC05833 (Small)

2 DSC05908 (Small)

DSC05803 (Small)

DSC05920 (Small)

DSC05923 (Small)

DSC05926 (Small)

DSC05937 (Small)

DSC05959 (Small)

DSC05823 (Small)

DSC05852 (Small)

DSC05945 (Small)


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