Team Outing @ Dalaguete & Alcoy, Cebu

Attendees: Kring, Ryan, Jellie, Lawra, Cha, Mitch, Mira, Ed, Ken, Sensei, Izumi

Individual Contribution: Php 500
Trip Budget: Php 5500
Destination: Dalaguete, Alcoy
Trip Type: Overnight

Call Time: 5:00 AM at South Bus Terminal
Actual Departure: 6:30 AM
First Stop: Obong Spring at Dalaguete, Cebu
Arrival Time: 8:30 AM (exactly 2 hours from the City)
Fare: Php 106
Terminal Fee: Php 5
Transport: Ceres 8906 bound to Oslob
Weather: Fair with scattered clouds; Sun’s rays are hidden. Ideal for a comfortable travel.
Participants in order of arrival: Lawra, Mira, Kring, Cha, Sensei, Izumi, Mitch, Ryan, Jellie, Ed, Ken
Due to Ken’s lateness, we had to let go the 6:00 AM bus. We decided to left him aboard the 6:30 AM bus but he got lucky and was able to catch up when the bus went out of SBT. 😀
2500 Foods
1500 Overnight Cottage at Alcoy Beach
  150 Cottage at Obong Spring
  155  Entrance Obong Spring
1195 Etcetera’s (Fare, Entrances)
  5:00 AM Call time at South Bus Terminal
  6:30 AM Departure to Dalaguete, Cebu
  8:30 AM Arrival at Obong Spring
11:00 AM BRUNCH (Breakfast and Lunch!)
01:00 PM Departure to Alcoy (Road tricycle to Alcoy beach. Fare: Php 15 each)
01:15 PM Arrival at Alcoy beach
01:30 PM Etcetera. Swimming. Videoke (Cinco Cinco Galore!)
03:00 PM Market! Market!
05:00 PM Food Preparations
06:00 PM Dinner
07:00 PM and Beyond Swimming
07:00 AM Prepare to go home
08:00 AM Alcoy Beach Departure
10:30 AM Back in Cebu
Obong Spring
Entrance Per Person: Php 5
Cottage: Php 150
If you happen to visit Dalaguete, don’t dare miss this place for a day of fun and relaxation. The water is so cool and inviting. What makes this Spring different from others is its water salinity. The water is salty 😀 I really taste it 😀 Hahaha!
Alcoy Beach (I don’t know the exact name, but the resort above it is Kai Nane Point.)
Entrance Per Person: Php 20
Cottage Overnight: Php 1500
Tent Put-up: Php 150 (your tent or their tent)
Nice affordable cottage. Cool and amazing beach! 🙂
Truly a superb weekend get-away! Go and ask some friends to have one too! Yahooooooo!

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