Team Outing @ Batong Malunhaw, Alegria, Cebu

The Plan:
05:30 – 06:00 AM Rendezvous at South Bus Terminal
06:30 – Departure to Alegria (Batong Malunhaw)
09:30 – Batong Malunhaw
11:00 and beyond – Enjoy!

05:30 – 06:00 AM Rendezvous at South Bus Terminal
07:00 – Departure to Alegria ( Batong Malunhaw )
10:30 – Batong Malunhaw

Unfortunately,Batong Malunhaw is under renovation. The group made a unanimous decision to go to Samboan over Badian not knowing that it’s still 2 towns away. Alegria. Malabuyoc. Ginatilan. Samboan. Actually, we’re counting on the transportation, whichever comes first, bound to Badian or Samboan, that’s our pick. Lucky for us, a Ceres bus liner bound to Bato pass by. Yahoo! We’re on our way to Samboan with a faint hope that Villa Isabella, one of the candidate resort for the trip is actually fit for accommodation. I actually prayed hard.

11:00 – Departure to Samboan ( Villa Isabella )
11:30 – Villa Isabella

I don’t know how they were able to know where Villa Isabella is located. I was just joining the crowd when they took off the bus. We walked a dirt road unto a dilapidated sign, that says “This way to Villa Isabella”. The group were divided as to where the sign is pointing. In my mind, “Gosh! This is so like a horror trip. Waaaah!” Then we saw a back gate that leads to the pink cottages that looks exactly like the one we saw on Facebook. I feel a little relief. We went inside when no one answered our call. Waaaaa! Not long after, a middle-aged man appeared saying he would call the care taker. I thanked God for the discovery of the place and prayed again that all would be OK. Everyone was tired and hungry to transfer and look for another place again. The care taker took longer so we decided to do things ourselves. Some went to the market. The others were content with chatting and feeling the sea breeze. I went to check out the place and took some pictures. Some prepared lunch. When the care taker arrived, I was a little uneasy chanting my prayers silently again. I was so happy we got the place. We had 2 rooms each cost PHP 1500. They were huge so we were considering of getting one room only but the care taker insist. We took 2. it was only the day after that we realized it was the best decision to get the 2 rooms.


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