Manila Day 1

I’m a little OC when it comes to planning so I really armed myself with step by step things to do but what really happened was far from my plans. We just went with the flow.

We have an early flight bound to Manila. We arrived around 8 AM. In my plan, we’re supposed to do the city tour directly but we were so tired that as soon as we reach FGH, we slept and woke up around 11 AM just in time for lunch. Our stomach was growling that we opt to eat at the nearest possible venue – Robinson’s Manila, a walk away from FGH.

1 Lunch at Robinson’s Manila

After our not so satisfying lunch, we then consult our map for our next target. Unfortunately, we don’t know where we are that we had to ask Manong guard for directions. We rode jeepney to Luneta park.

2 Luneta Park

3 Intramuros
We don’t know how to get there. Then a Kalesa passed by. The Manong Kuchero was shouting “Intramuros”. After asking the fare which we thought Php 50 for all of us, we agreed. The Manong Kuchero was so cordial and nice. He even told histories of the place. When we rode off, we were surprised that when we handed him Php 50, he said Php 250 in all saying Php 50 for each. Waaaaaa! With a heavy heart, we paid him Php 250.  The ride was not worth it considering we were cramped in that Kalesa and it’s like a stone-throw away from Luneta.

Lesson learned: Ask and negotiate clearly.

Intramuros was jam-packed when we arrived. The entrance fee was PHP 75. We were given a booklet with the map of the place and a numbered sites to visit. I never thought that Intramuros was that big. I was in awe.

4 Manila Cathedral (Not sure! We just pass this on our way to the jeepney stop for Ocean Park!)

5 Quirino Grandstand
Just across Luneta Park. We were wondering why we didn’t go there first before Intramuros.

6 Ocean Park: Oceanarium
Finally, Ocean Park at the back of Quirino Grandstand. It was late and we’re on tight budget so we only bought the Oceanarium ticket for PHP 400.

6 Ocean Park: Dancing Jellies
Migo got intrigued with the Dancing Jellies that he urged me to come see them for PHP 150 entrance. Being a supportive girlfriend, I reluctantly agreed. I don’t like jellies that much.

We went home very tired at around 6 PM. We slept then had dinner at a nearby restaurant. Actually, FGH is situated at what some called the red light district. The street was fully alive at night.

7 Dinner at Bistro Remedios

8 Roxas Boulevard
We were so full we decided to walk our fullness away.

9 Plaza
On our way back, we decided to take another route back to the pension house. There we met I-don’t-know him but we still have our picture taken. Haha! We also bought cup noodles and some stuff at 7 Eleven.

10 Dreamland
Before we retired that night, we had our group calculation of expenses. We were aghast of the total amount we spent that day so we agreed to be more thrift the next day.


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