Chocolate Hills

Climbing atop of Chocolate Hills was a struggle. The steps were steep. I had to had someone drag me to survive. Hahaha! While on it, I thought I may not need to go to the Mt. Talinis pre-climb next week at Osmena Peak. Hehe!

The unorganized bunch of people going up and down the steps was an extra hassle. I wonder why people can’t follow the right-left lane thing. Plus it’s super hot.

When I reached the top, all of the hassles flew as a gasp of cool air greeted me. The view was amazing too. Sagbayan Peak offers a good view of the chocolate hills but there it was way, way better! Maybe that explains why the entrance is PHP 20 higher than Sagbayan.

On our way down, we didn’t take the steps. It was a good choice because the corners of the inclined path provided us a good place to take our mandatory family pics. Hehe 😛

I don’t see any signs that foods are not allowed there unlike Sagbayan. But just in case you’re hungry, you don’t have to worry about that because food stores are just around the corners. On scheduling, you must also put into consideration that the extra parking place of Chocolate Hills is far from the facility. We wasted some of our time waiting for our van to pick us up. 😦

Familia Ganesha!
Missing MMM. (Miki, Mira, Mitch).


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