Sagbayan Peak

Yesterday was my 2nd time at Sagbayan Peak. My first was way back 2008 with Migo’s friends. It still exudes the same beauty as it was 4 years ago. I was a little envious because it managed to preserve its beauty for the passing years unlike someone I know. 😛

To enjoy the splendor of Sagbayan Peak, you need to pay PHP 30 for the entrance. And strictly no food and drinks allowed inside. 😦

Sagbayan was our first stop. Since we left our host place(Talibon) at around 7 AM, we just pack our breakfast. We arrived almost an hour after. Since we didn’t have much time, after the tour and picture takings, we decided to just ate under the shades in front of the facility while waiting for the “Tarsier” place to open at 9 AM!

Family Picture with Tiger!
Family Picture at the top.
It’s super iniiiit!
And it’s still 8 AM something…
Under the shade!
With Dino…
On the way down…
And as much as I want to stay by Migo’s side…
Meet Tarsier’s friends…
Migo said I resembled a Tarsier.
I wore brown and my eyes are brown.
He’s just sooo mean. 😛

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