The Climb: Next 4 Hours To Paradise

After the well-appreciated rest and lunch break, we were back on the trail at 15 minutes to 3 PM. This time, we were in hurried steps considering our almost 3 hours schedule lag. Despite that, the boyfriend and I still managed to document our way.

Then we had our first major stop after an hour of continuous walking, climbing and crawling. It was definitely a leap to our previous 30-minute pace. I fondly remembered that place as the “porn site”. It actually took me a while to realize what they were smiling about. Haha! See the hole in my picture above, we had to go through that to reach the porn site.
The guide give us about 5 minutes to rest then we continued. The path this time is covered with roots. It was too risky that the boyfriend didn’t have the chance to take a picture. After 15 minutes the path ended with a beautiful tree and a scenery. Well, time for photo shoot again! 😀
The 80-degree descent came after. We were told to give each other a meter distance because the path was so steep. Kuyacoy offered to take our picture. Yay!
Kuyacoy kept the camera for the rest of the trail so the boyfriend (and I) wasn’t able to take a picture along the way. After about one and a half hour, we reached Lake Nailig at around 6 PM.
The lake was so magnificent. It took all my pains away. Upon reaching the camp grounds, I then picked a place for our tent. The others wasted no time too. Work while the sun is still up!
Dinner was served at 8 PM, as always courtesy of the BRB guys. Because I can’t cook, I volunteered to do the dish washing with Banky and the boyfriend as supports. They fetch water from the lake. I was too late to realize that the lake is mostly rain water so it’s unlike ordinary water. I was puzzled why despite my efforts to scrub the utensils with detergent, they’re still slippery.
After dinner, some had fun dancing to Momo’s music. I was too tired to join. Then, the rain came. That was my last record. I don’t know what happens to the others after.
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The Summit
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