The Summit

The summit was breathtaking. You could see the campsite, Lake Nailig and another lake. The guide told us it was Lake Danao. Unlike the other summit I’ve been (Osmeña Peak), Mt. Talinis summit is so cramped. There was no space where we could have our group picture so we just content ourselves in batches.
I’ve never been afraid of heights or anything except snakes…but I let the chance to climb the summit tree pass. Maybe, next time. Besides only a few have tried. I don’t want to appear as if I was braving death by doing so.
We gathered our pack before climbing the summit, ready for pickup after. It was an hour climb…an ultra uphill battle. The ground was wet and slippery. I can’t remember the number of times I stopped to catch my breath. Each time hoping, the steep terrain would stop.But it never did. Climb…climb..and more climb!
When finally the guide announce that we’re almost there, I was exhilarated. Finally!!!
We didn’t stay at the summit long. After some shots, we decided to descend. We had our group shot at the camp site at around 12:30 PM. was bye-bye Lake Nailig.
Up Next: The Leech Saga
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