Tagaytay Tour

We were battered after Taal that the swimming and board game plans were forgotten. But being drawn to water, I didn’t let the swimming slipped even if I had to do it alone. I swam until I got tired of the cold water.

The next day, we woke up at 4 AM. We only had until 6 AM to stay on Aroma. Kuya Anthony would pick up at 7:00 AM for the touristy Tagaytay Tour. We had breakfast. Everyone was ready by 6 AM. Unfortunately, Kuya Anthony was late. We had the chance to play games beside the pool.

IMG_3386 (Custom)
7 Ate 9!
IMG_3389 (Custom)
While waiting for the driver!

When Kuya arrived, we were ready for People’s Park and Picnic Grove. Kuya Anthony was our personal tour guide. We paid him PHP 100 each to take us to People’s Park and Picnic Grove then drop us at Tagaytay terminal. Since we were bringing our stuffs already, we need them to guard our bags.

People’s Park in the Sky
4 people
IMG_3402 (Custom)

IMG_3411 (Custom)

IMG_3422 (Custom)

IMG_3425 (Custom)

IMG_3429 (Custom)

IMG_3430 (Custom)

Picnic Grove
5 picnic groove
IMG_3447 (Custom)

IMG_3449 (Custom)

IMG_3457 (Custom)

IMG_3461 (Custom)

IMG_3463 (Custom)

IMG_3464 (Custom)

I had fun despite our short stay in Tagaytay. The detour to Taal was amazing. I never thought I could add 2 places on my list. Cavite for Tagaytay, Batangas for Taal. Yeahoo! Finding nice drivers were a blessing too. They make our stay less hassles considering I didn’t know how to commute to those spots. Haha!

If you want to have less hassles too, you can contact Kuya Anthony at this number 0939 881 2338 for your transportation and Tagaytay boating. I can vouch for his kindness. This is the least I could do considering we didn’t give him tip. 😛


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