To Baguio with Love

It was love at first. The weather, the sights and everything Baguio has to offer were all I imagined it to be except one…the RAIN. Argh! But hey, I should be thankful…not everyone was able to experience Baguio in the rain. Hmmm! Just imagine the photo shoots in the pouring rain…AWESOME! Not to mention the instant paraphernalia of umbrellas, cool getup and “aso-aso” breathe. It makes you forgot that you’re still in the Philippines. πŸ˜›

Welcome to Baguio! πŸ™‚

My head is saying when I stepped out of the bus. I can’t believe that I was actually in Baguio. The place which haunted my dreams months before. And the very place I thought of letting go because of the monsoon rains. And oh yeah…26th birthday in Baguio!

Before I could gather more of my thoughts, a person which looked like a tour guide approached me and asked if we had reservations already. I said yes clutching the paper Charry gave me. It contains the description of the place of our accommodation. I pouted a  little when he still urged me to their booth despite my answer. Be nice, Kring. I actually don’t know what to do next so I obliged. He showed us more choices of accommodation. I wasn’t sold into any of it until the apartment with kitchen. I wasn’t sure if Charry’s choice of accommodation included a kitchen so I thought it’s a better option.  When the accommodation was picked, we were instructed to wait for the transportation that would take us there.

I’m thinking that the accommodation was a taxi. It’s a van(?) good for 10 people. When I asked the driver the fare, he said PHP 100. We chorused “PHP 100 each?” It’s for the entire trip and for all of us. I was relieved thinking we did it again. Unintentionally overpricing everything. 

I sat in the front seat with Migo. The driver was especially chatty. I wasn’t so into his talk because I’m occupied with some-other-Charry-things*. What should we do next? Where should we go first? Oh no, why didn’t I familiarized Charry’s itinerary. How would I direct everyone to each place. +_+

“I can tour you around for 2 days….” Epppp! What was that?! I was especially attentive AGAIN. Asked him the usual pay for tour in a day. He said, PHP 3000 per day. I pouted, thinking we’d need a service good for 2 days. I can’t let us spend that much. 

“I can give it to you for PHP 3500. Tour half day today and whole day tomorrow.” I thought it was a good deal. I asked the group. No one bothered to complain. I don’t know the actual price for a transportation in Baguio so that was it. I was thinking PHP 350 good for 2 days is a steal. 

When we reached the apartment, everyone settled. After a while, I went to Charina** to settle payments. We were about to stay in the apartment for 2 days at PHP 3000 per day.  On our discussion, since we already have a transportation, why don’t we just bring our bags on the 2nd day so we wouldn’t have to pay for the accommodation. It was good and  cheap plan. The landlady thought we’d stay in the apartment*** for 2 days so she discounted the price. When I brought up that we’d only stay for a day, she raised the amount to PHP 3500.

* Charry is our Baguio tour researcher.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to join us. And being lazy(wanted to be spontaneous), I didn’t bother to check transportation and accommodation in Baguio. That was part of Charry’s job description. Haha! I’m glad my being lazy didn’t put us to spend too much. Ain’t I lucky???!

** Charina is our appointed treasurer. She always is on our trips. Money matters is a burden to me. I hate collections. I love keeping track of my expense but on a group’s? It’s another story.

*** The apartment was quite spacy and nice. It has 4 rooms. 2 rooms good for 4 each with 2 double decks and 2 rooms with a bed good for 2 persons. The kitchen has a burner, kettle, plates, spoon and fork. It has a sala with TV. It has refrigerator too. I don’t know if it’s usable though. The burner is usable. We used it to cook our breakfast the next day. It has 2 toilets also with hot and cold shower. Hot shower is I think a necessity in Baguio. I wish we had pictures. 😦 Sorry if you remembered I lost our cam in Taal

Accomodation PHP 3500 per day
Transportation PHP 3500 for 1.5 days

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  1. lage geng! nice to xa na accommodation…makatipid ky makaluto2x man mu..inig adto ninyo, try lang pud tan-aw ing-ato na amenities kanang within sa city lang..para maka-stroll2x mu ug gabii…layo2x man tu xa..we had to ride taxi pa para muuli..65 man yata to amo nabayran katong kami ra niuli amo pagSunday night..


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