Mountain Climbing: Why You Can!

If I tell you I’ve been into mountain climbing and I don’t have pictures to prove it…would you believe me? A friend says, she won’t and maybe she would suspect that I’m just too good in adobe photoshop…

Oh dear! Do I really look like a pushover? Or the non-adventurous type who are afraid of little mosquito bites and snakes?! Are my looks that deceiving in all my high-heeled stiletto shoes and dresses?! 
The mountains are not for the faint at heart, so they said. But I am a self-confessed faint at heart. They’re not lying but I am not either. Beyond that faint at heart girl is a brave little soul whose mind power is bigger than what the heart feels. And I believe, if I can do it…there’s no way YOU can’t.
So why not hop in and let’s climb mountains together this 2013!

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