Sunset at Sirao Peak

Who would have thought that in the bustling heart of metropolis lies such a beauty? Talking about Sirao Peak or popularly known as Mt. Kan-irag in Cebu City. In less than 4 hours via Sitio Budlaan in Talamban or 1 hour via Ayala Heights in Busay one can enjoy the view that this mountain has to offer. It is one of the mountains in Cebu that is very accessible from the capital which offers an unobstructed view of Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City on the other side, and the grand mountains of Talamban on the other.


As part of the BRB’s preparation to conquer the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines, last weekend the group head to Mt. Kan-irag for its 2nd pre-climb activity.  Due to it’s close proximity to the city, most climbers visit the mountain in one day. BRB had it overnight to practice bringing in packs for more than a day trekking.

The Itinerary


09:00-10:00am Assembly @ Julies, Sunnyhills
10:00-10:15 – Habal-habal to Jump-off
10:15-12:00 – Trek to Falls (Baogo Trail)
12:00-02:00pm – LUNCH by the falls, Swimming
02:00-05:30 – Trek to Kan-irag Peak
05:30-06:30 – Sunset, Pitch Camp, Luto Dinner
07:00-12:00am Socials, Lights Off

2nd Day

06:00-07:00am – Wake up Call / Breakfast Preparation
07:00-08:00 – Breakfast /
08:00-09:00 – BreakCamp / Cleaning the Campsite
09:00-11:00 – Trek to Ayala Heights
11:00-12:00pm – Habal-habal/jeepney ride to JY Square Mall
Home Sweet Home

Group Achievements

Nobody was injured and got cramps. Reached the camp site an hour earlier than scheduled.

Author’s Journal

It was like a broken record. I kept on saying how different and beautiful the trail to Sirao Peak was. It’s almost a combination of all the trails I’ve been. From the clean path used by locals, to the grassy and almost abandoned perhaps walked only by mountaineers, to the falls, to the rocky terrain that ended in a green meadow with cows and mango trees up to the cogon-like-grass-laden path that leads to the peak…everything was just perfect and put together. It’s like the trail was there to be marveled and enjoyed…like candy treats to a candy addict child. Glad I didn’t cancel the climb as planned because I wasn’t feeling very well. With that climb, I was able to save myself. And perhaps, it save me from taking out “mountaineering” on my hobby list. 🙂

Let me tell you more of the story with the collages of my favorite pics of the climb. Enjoy!

09 group-pics-2-go
Group pictures before descent…
08 group-pics
Group pics at different times. From Up, Down. 1 At the assembly area in Jollibee, Gaisano Talamban. 2 Lunch stop at Kabang Falls. 3 Playing before retiring for the night. 4 Hello sun! 5 Official pic for the climb.
07 jump-shots
Jump shots mania!
06 sunrise-shots
Hello golden sun!
05 sunset-shots
A first…sunset pictures!
04 shadow-shots
Shadow pics just before sunset…
03 more-views
Trail views…
02 trail-stops-2
2nd series of stops.
01 trail-stops
Stops…picture stop. getting lost stop. lunch stop. rest stop. stop stop.
And of course…our partners in crime – our backpack!!!

Author: Kresia Julio

Kring is a woman of style whose fashion would make you doubt the validity of her stories in conquering mountains. A software engineer by profession, financial literacy advocate, fitness buff, DIY fan, AirBNB host (stopped in March 2020 due to leave and cleave) and a big promoter of self-turn-God confidence with a big heart to those in need. Her hobby includes blogging, scrap/photo booking, traveling, trekking, volunteering, cooking (new in quarantine) & podcasting (new in quarantine). She is easily bored thus the need to have more activities. This is where board gaming and jewelry making comes in. She is married to an introvert who understands and supports her OVERLY extrovert personality.

15 thoughts on “Sunset at Sirao Peak”

  1. Hi. Do any body knows offer Sirao trekking na guided me and my husband is planning.. And how much would it cost, Thanks… seems cool and refreshing. cant wait to experience it.


    1. Hi Ayen! I don’t know of any guide there since we usually just go there w/ friends who knew the way. I’ll ask around tho and let you know if I found one. 🙂


  2. nice.. here’s my video about sirao peak
    Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.
    The Sirao Peak/Kabang River Adventure
    (background music: Sumigaw by Rivermaya)
    Trek/Climb date: May 17, 2014.. enjoy!


    1. Wow! You just went there? Will take a look! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Where are you in Cebu?


    2. Is it just my phone or what. 😦 I couldn’t find the link to your video and your name don’t link to any blog as well, Rolly!


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