A Love Triangle…Travel, Mountaineering and Me.

***On travel


I used to hate the thought of wasting money on such a useless activity. Hearing travel stories are not that appealing. So what if they’ve been to places?! Does that make them a better person compared to me who was able to send my siblings to school?! So what if they were able to do white water rafting? I’m sure I’ve done something that they haven’t experience. Perhaps, even more adrenaline pumping and for FREE.


And more “So whats…”


Then an opportunity came…TRAVEL FOR FREE. I was like…should I go?! I’ve read that going to places are addictive – that’s what spark my interest. If there’s anything I love first before this wanderlust…it is a damn good CHALLENGE. I want to prove them wrong.


To whoever said “Travel is addictive”, you wait and see…I’ll prove you wrong!


Oh…well, you know I failed. Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing stories about the places I’ve been. 😉


***On mountaineering


This came at about 3 years since I fell in love with travel. Unlike me and travel’s story, mountaineering was an acquaintance. We were friends because I hailed from a mountainous place. I just didn’t take the time to focus on it. I was whisked into many things…one of that is glamour. Learn to live with glamour’s glamour. Wore high heels, dresses and make-ups. The mountainous girl was forgotten.


And so when an opportunity came to reunite with the former self, I was scared. Should I go? Can I really do it? What if it’s so tiring? And…ugh…I will look horrible in those attires.


I did GO.


Not because I have answered all my doubts but because I wanna give mountaineering a chance too…like travel. Everything deserves their own chances. And if I didn’t give travel and mountaineering their chances, I wonder if my life would be this WONDERFUL…and of course…WANDERFUL.


So why don’t you give travel and mountaineering a chance too?! Who knows you’ll also fall in love with them like I do. And when you do…give me a ring. 


The more, the merrier…some day, I hope to see you in one of those places I planned to go…and in those mountains I planned to climb. 




Let’s travel and climb together. 🙂


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