Summer Time: Where Are You Off To?!

Will you…

1. Pump up your energy at CamSur‘s wake boarding facility?!

Wakeboarding. Source:
Wakeboarding. Source:

2. Bask in nature’s beauty by kayaking in Caramaon‘s clear waters?!

Kayaking. Source:
Kayaking. Source:

3. Race with friends by ATV on the lava trails of the famous Mt. Mayon?!

ATV. Source:
ATV. Source:

Why choose 1, 2, or 3…when you can have ALL OF THE ABOVE. Wake boarding, kayaking and ATV-ing are just 3 of the activities you can do when you visit Bicol Region in the Philippines. In less than a week, you’ll be able to experience these adventures…and maybe more. 🙂

More stories when I return from my pre-Summer escapade in Bicol starting this Thursday(March 14) until Monday (March 18)! 


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