Bucketlist: Wakeboard

Actually it wasn’t on the list but the experience was so awesome that it is bucketworthy. And being on the list means, I’ll never do it again.

It was good. Yes. Heart pumping. Yes. Awesome. Didn’t I just mention it?

But it is not something for me. Realized it when I couldn’t do it again after completing “the dream” on my 3rd and 4th try.

I was a fast learner indeed for going halfway on the 1st and 2nd try. Yet that was it. I planned to stop until I can complete one round and getting it too early was unexpected that when the boyfie suggested I should not stop yet, I obliged. But the next 2 rounds were horrible. I wish I followed the goal.

In life we wish for something hard to fulfill. Then put in our heads to stop when we have the goal. Yet when we do, often times we don’t. Aren’t we being untrue to our words? Or are we just putting on goals just to have something to struggle and fight for but not to follow in the end?!

Oh well, I’ll leave you with that. Now back to my wakeboard…

I was glad and happy to have tried. And I think surfing is next. This time I wouldn’t plan to quit after learning. Yay!

How bout you, have you experienced wakeboarding? What are your thoughts about it? Is it a sport for keeps or just a one time thing?

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    1. Hi Alicia! Thanks for dropping by. Saw this when I type in “wakeboarding portugal” in Google. http://www.extremealgarve.com/wakeboarding.htm

      Hope you’ll have tons of fun on the board. 🙂 I kinda feel inadequate because this post has no actual wakeboarding picture. Will check if my travel companions have one and update the post. 😀

      Have a wonderful summer! 🙂


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