Advextreme: ATV to Mayon Lava

Unlike wake boarding, I wouldn’t put the ATV adventure to my bucket list even it is just as awesome because I really wanna do it again. But before that I should learn how to use the breaks first. Haha!

Spot the difference. 😀
(Pic courtesy of Kuya Guide from Mam Faith’s Cam)

It was my first time and was scared to suck so I choose to be on the last. Unfortunately, the arrangement changed after our first group picture. And I wasn’t given the chance to argue.


Later I learned that it was actually a blessing. Because I didn’t want to hold the line, I forced myself to learn fast…And it seems I was doing REALLY great.

I love the thrill of the ride. The feeling that I am in control of almost anything…well, except the breaks. My hands were too small. The accelerator grip is stressing my hand so much that it makes grabbing the breaks an ultra extra effort. It appears I don’t really need the break that much though.

From Left, Top, Bottom.
(1) Opps, Kuya…Don’t push me.
(2) Look Ma, I’m AWESOMELY driving!
(3) Aha…Aha…Ahahaha!
(Pic courtesy of Kuya Guide from Mam Faith’s Cam)

But I know I have to learn how to use it. Next time, I’ll pick an ATV that would fit with my little hands. Maybe then…no more banging of plants, trees and rocks. Haha! I truly enjoyed the ride so much that the views didn’t matter that much.

Wasn’t even that sad when Mayon was covered in clouds when we reached the Lava ground. I was too excited to go back and be on the ATV again. 


The trail going up is different on the way down. I like the first trail because it is of different terrains. There were rivers, coconut trees, grasses and roads. The 2nd trail was mostly dark sands and stones. I don’t like it very much. But it was great to have tried them.

Things learned on this activity: 1. It looks harder than it actually is. 2. Believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible when you do. 3. Always find the beauty in learning something new. 


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