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Bicol Day3: More of Caramoan Islands

There are about 50 islands discovered out of more or less a hundred. Most of the discoveries were from the staffs of different “Survivor” reality franchise that had its home in the islands.

Cotivas Island

For this day, we covered 3 islands and a mountain. The day started in Bikal port. After a long boat ride we reached what we thought as sandbar. It’s not…just Cotivas island where we had a little taste of the great Pacific Ocean.

GirlsJump P3164628-vert

Unlike the islands visited the other day, this one didn’t have a rock view. We’re there for its cream colored sand and clear waters. We enjoyed doing jump shots. Despite the quick stop, most took the chance to dip in the blue green water. I wish I did.

Busy doing my stuff in the sand while the others are swimming.
Enjoying the water!

Manlawi Sandbar

It’s almost 11 am when we left Cotivas.  Next, Kuya Mike took us to the real sandbar in “Manlawi” island where we had our lunch in floating cottages.

Floating cottages on the background.
Cottages up-close!
Souvenir shells sold for Php 10 or Php 20.
Our cottage!

Manlawi’s sandbar was huge, but smaller than that of Bais’ and can be completely submerge in water unlike Camiguin’s White Island. It was high tide when we arrived so we had the chance to enjoy the knee deep water. We were not allowed to linger because we need to catch the high tide to be able to take the short cut to “Sabitang Laya” island.

We were not able to catch the high tide as planned. Our journey to the next island was therefore compromised.

Sabitang Laya

“Sabitang Laya” took forever. My butt started to get numbed of seating. Glad I’m not one of those people who can’t sleep on a boat. It made the journey bearable.

And finally, Sabitan Laya, our last island destination – the 7th wonder. We were given an hour to enjoy the island. But due to tide issues, the stay was extended. Lucky! We were able to camwhore at rock formations again. This time less jagged and sharp compared to that of Busdak’s.


When we left the island, we save our energy for the feared 587 steps to heaven.

And heaven it is. Despite shaky knees, short breath, and what was left of our energy, we were still able to reach the top and enjoy a magnificent view of some of Caramoan’s islands. Truly worth the climb.

After cooling down, we decided that it’s time to go thinking of the perils of night boat ride. We were back at Rex’s by 6:30 PM. Dinner was served 30 minutes after. And off we retired for the night…dreaming of the adventures we had. And sadly…bye, bye paradise the next day.

cats-bato1 cats-meh cats-migo&miga

Up next: Bicol Day 4 & 5: Mt. Mayon Adventures

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