Foods and Malls

It’s been 13 days since I have arrived in Duluth, Georgia. Yet I’ve never been into nice places other than restaurants and malls. My wanderful self is starting to hate me. What can I do? I’m not allowed to venture alone and besides that, I don’t really like going on a solo adventure. But I’m not gonna let this go on! I have to go somewhere…else I would regret that I never did something NICE when I have the chance to. So prepare for a good update on the coming days…hopefully! 

While waiting for that big adventure…let me recap on my 13 days so far!

I had eat-all-you-cans. On our first day, a close colleague of my roommate treat us to a welcome dinner at Hibachi Grand Buffet. Last Tuesday, the same person grab us again for another eatscapade. This time it is at Chowon Buffet where we knew Tita Susan – the vivacious and cool Mama of OFWs here. The next days I went with the others to Walmart and Discovery Mills. I hope to explore more of Georgia soon. Wish me luck! 🙂

I wasn’t able to buy a camera yet. Here’s some of Asta’s pictures.

Fast becoming my favorite buffet place.
I love the foods..a combination of Asian taste.
Finally, something good to eat.
It’s a fine welcome to Georgia indeed.


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