Touristic Downtown Atlanta

Spending the first 2 weekends in Georgia without going somewhere was not in the plan. The lack of public transportation from our hotel limited my wings. And the weather had been erratic too…raining almost every other day. It was such a cold welcome. I was beginning to think that the god of wanderlust (GOW) doesn’t want me to explore Georgia at all.

Then came our 3rd week. I was already agitated and in a rather combat mood. I want to go somewhere…ASAP. My wanderlustful self keep bugging me. I need to do something. GOW must have heard my silent prayers and put everything together. I woke up to a sunny Saturday – my 3rd weekend…yet just my first touristy escapade.


MARTA which stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is ATL’s major transportation line like my country’s Manila LRT. I was excited for this trip so I’ve been reading all about it already. It was heartbreaking to know that the last point, Doraville station is still 15 minutes away from where we are staying. The grand MARTA plan was ruined. I don’t want to bugged anyone to drop me to Doraville every weekend just so I could go around the tourist points on each station. 😦

Holding on to our first ever Breeze Card.

We bought our first MARTA card. Yay! The fare per trip cost 2.5$, we need to have 5$ on our card back and forth. I had to go to Ann’s place at Lindbergh station first before going on our target destination so I just bought the unlimited 1 day pass for 9$.

20130525 Carnival, Stone Mt (20) 20130525 Carnival, Stone Mt (23) 20130525 Carnival, Stone Mt (27)

Centennial Park & CNN

It was almost lunch time when we reach our stop – Peachtree Center so we decided to schedule the aquarium in the afternoon and have our lunch first. But of course, pictures come first before food. 😀

20130511 Centennial Park

To save money, we brought our own lunch. Wanted to eat at Googie Burger but they won’t open till the afternoon so we had our lunch at CNN instead.

20130511 CNN

Georgia Aquarium

If it’s not for the 15$ ticket sold in our company, the trip wouldn’t be possible. It’s rather expensive to spend 75$ for the City Pass. But I’m sure I would still. It’s 75$ worth of lifetime memories after all…who wouldn’t spend that much for that?! Anyhoo, since GOW was nice to me, I was able to save 60$. Yay!

20130511 Aquarium 01
Girls having the time of their life!
20130511 Aquarium 02
Cartoon souvenirs! Paid 10$ for this mockery! Ahaha!
20130511 Aquarium 03
Dolphin pictures! They’re just so adorable…aren’t they?
20130511 Aquarium 04
Asta’s view of the aquarium!
20130511 Aquarium 05
Find the frog! 🙂
20130511 Aquarium 06
It’s rather odd but I found the frogs in the aquarium the most fascinating. 😀

The aquarium was not that big as I expected it to be but the Dolphin tales was breathtaking. I’d come back again for that. 🙂

Kick-offing my first out of the country escape at Georgia Aquarium was good but I hope for something better. My wanderlust just won’t settle for anything less! Wish me luck! I could use some of your suggestions. 🙂


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