My Other Wandering

I’ve always wondered what’s it like to live in other countries. Right out of college, I was hoping to do that right away not realizing the difficulties. Well, everything seems easier before you get a taste of the real world. Then one day, it all fell apart.

Suddenly my dreams were harder to pursue…forgotten as the time flies. And just when I decided to let it all go…God gave me a huge gift. Go there…and experience that dream!

Of course it was all excitement at first then sadness when I realized that for the first time in Migo&Miga years, we wouldn’t be spending our special day together.

Travelling is our special bond. He introduced it to me. From that first trip in CDO to our latest escapade in Mt. Pulag…every trip I have was with him. Travelling here in a new place without him was scary. But Migo made sure that I get the best time of my life here by calling me everyday…reassuring me that we’re still in this together. I’m not on my own…ever!

Today is our 5th anniversary together…so I want all of you to meet the wonderful guy who brought me into this world of wander…and to let him know how happy and lucky I am to have him.
Posting in my favorite photos of our wanderfull life! 🙂

Philippines’ 3rd highest mountain – Pulag
Anawangin Cove, Zambales
In the slopes of an active volcano – Canlaon, Negros
Longest Zipline in Dahilayan, Bukidnon
Manmade Forest, Bohol
Sulfuric River on our way down from Mt. Talinis
Osmena Peak, Cebu
People in the Sky, Tagaytay
Getting ready to conquer Canlaon!

More pictures to come! 🙂

Happy 5 years to Migo and Miga!


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