3 Months of Georgia

The plane will fly without me. If not for the 2 month extension, I would be death bored in the 14 hours flight bound to Korea right now, instead I’m still in my luxurious hotel room, right in the middle of suburb Duluth, listening to my all time favorite 80’s love song with Spotify. Ohhhh life! You always seem to go where I want you to. I’m thankful for you and your designer of course. 🙂

It’s Saturday, not a normal one, because I’m in the room despite the good weather, typing this monologue in my brother’s capricious touch screen notebook. There’s really something about me today because my feet is not itching…the wanderlust is off. This is rare so I’m taking advantage by catching up with the things on my list. Starting with clearing my packaging stuffs, then collecting receipts, organize things…put up “Memories of Georgia” photobook checklist, update travel blog, post something personal in kring4life and so on. And I’m making good progress.

The checklist for the photobook is done. And just realized that I was not slacking in posting my touristy affairs after all. I just had 5 wanderlustful escapes and everything is covered here. 5 touristy escapes in 3 months in a foreign land. Ohhh! It doesn’t sound so good. But then again, you have to consider all the angles before thinking I’m slacking. Haha!

You know I never give up on wanderlust. It’s just that it’s extra effort to make wanderful escapes here. No companions. No transportation. And money seems too good to be wasted. I haven’t been bored though. I always have things done every weekend and pictures for everything.



See the chart that’s what took most of my time. I’m done telling you about my escapes. In the coming days, I’ll be talking about the people I’ve met and known here. Knowing people and connecting is a must for wanderers…I haven’t been to many places yet and despite my seemingly sociable aura, I sometimes still feel awed about how easily I get along with new faces. 😀

That’s it for now. Till my next un-itcy-feet days…

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