Dream and Reality…and the words in between!

I’ve been whisked into many things but travel has always been a constant nag. Every time I come across posts like this on the vastness of WWW, I always linger and ponder about my life. Most of the time, I can’t help but be full of remorse in my cowardice to abandon my comforts…and live THE DREAM.

I could list a number of reasons why pursuing THE DREAM is not an option yet but I know it’ll just be pity cover-ups to the reality. Words are empty without actions. And until I will decide to make actions, they will remain words. Tic. Tac. Tic. Tac. People are telling me I’m still young and that I don’t need to rush anything yet but am I really…young?!

The ability to pro-create safely will probably be gone in 5 years for my age. And even if the zest to travel wouldn’t expire even when you’re old, it wouldn’t be as much fun if you do it sooner than later. And how about the change you’ll go when you decide to raise human beings? Right now…I am in a big fork path. Will I raise a family or continue to live only for myself?

Tic. Tac. Tic. Tac!


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