Apo Day 1: Overnight At Tinikaran Camp

Last year’s Pulag via Akiki really changed my over-all disposition towards every climb. Nothing is easy in the mountains. And despite my preparations, I still feel uneasy and inadequate so when the group brought up porters, despite wanting to own all the glory in conquering mountains, I agreed. But right after our team’s grocery, I realized I may not be load less after all. But compared to Pulag’s 15 kg backpack, carrying just my personal things and water (around 6-8 kg) was certainly a relief. And maybe because I’m in top shape with the regular Zumba, I wasn’t that tired throughout the entire trek. For the first time, I wasn’t spent on the first night in a major climb. Hooray!

Overall, I felt that our group has improved. Even the first timers were noteworthy. We were fast, the walks are long and rest stops were short. Having porters for each team has also help not only in carrying foods but also support. In previous climbs, I am always pressured to be faster to catch up but this time because we have our own guide, I took my time.

I didn’t really like the group separation to teams but it turned out best unto our advantage. The boyfie and I has always been slow with packing so it helps that we could cook and eat earlier to pack first before the other team does. 😀 And because of that team-ing, I have acquired a new confidence in cooking. I could finally say that I have become a true mountaineer. Yahoooo!

And so much for my blahs, I know you’d like to see some action…so here’s my amateurish photos, pardon the blurs in an effort to document the details.  Day 1 trail consists mostly of just trees and grass. The real Apo action begins the next day so stay tuned!!!

0730 Flight to Davao
* Reached Davao
* Hello to our guide, Kuya Charlito
Group picture before boarding
Musni recite the plans for the day while waiting for our packs at Davao Airport.
Our ride to Digos City! Meeting our guide Kuya Charlito.

0900 Breakfast stop at BCJ Kambingan

Because the boyfie and I were still full, we just content ourselves with the free soup, banana and coke.

1100 Sta. Cruz Registration


Unfortunately Kuya Char wasn’t able to print our forms so we had to redo the whole process again in a rush. After sign up, we paid Php 288 each for the entrance fee.


1130 Shell break while waiting for the ride to Kapatagan
* Lunch and bought supplies at Kapatagan market
* Ride to Culan – start of trek, meet porters: Ronnie, Jun2, Axel, Loyd and Edel
* Walk an hour to basketball court where we organize the load for porters

After the registration, the jeepney drop us at a shell station where we wait for our next ride – an open type “de-karga”.
It was lunch time when we reached Kapatagan. After lunch, we proceeded to buy lacking supplies like rice, water and vegetables.
And off we go to the jump off where we meet our porters.
Then the walking begun!
We settled in here for a while to organize the loads for each porters.

0230 And the journey begins…

Photo ops along the way…
Catching our breath stops before an uphill trek!
And it was night time! The boyfie and I’s first night trek!

0700 Reach the first night camp: Tinikaran

Unlike other teams whose tent were setup when they arrived, our team postponed rest for setup.
The owls who chilled some time under our common tarp before retiring for the night.
Playing with the lights! #OOTN

Apo Series:
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Apo Day 3: Lake Venado’s Grandeur
Apo Day 4: Playing with Kidapawan River



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