A New Adventure…In 25 Days!

This is not my usual adventure. Just done the 2nd day and I already thought about quitting. Who am I kidding? 1000 words in a day for 25 days? I love writing, but I’ve never written something everyday and FORCED myself doing it. Fiction was hard…now I realized non-fiction is much, much, much…harder. Should I give up now? I can but I’ll go back to being BORED. Hmmm!

Before I’ll bore you too much, if I didn’t already had, check my new adventure. And I’m taking back the non-fiction part. Also, I might need your comments and suggestions. Please, please if you have time, read it and let me know if there’s something I need to change or improve. I can’t afford editors right now…and I’m not VERY committed to finish it yet. Haha! It’s just something I do to keep me occupied while I don’t have anything to look forward yet. No travels and climbs schedule for the coming months. 😦

And to make it more “book”-y, I even went ahead and make a cover. Hahaha! Choosing an author name was VERY hard. Oh well…if I’ll be able to finish this and make it a book, I think I could consider getting an item out of my bucket list. Haha! “Publish a book.” I didn’t say it will need to be publish by a “REAL” publisher. Hahaha! Sly, sly one! 😛

And I just realized I can’t be awake until 4 AM today, like yesterday because I have an early meeting tomorrow. Oh well, Day 2 can wait until I’m BORED again over the weekend. Hahaha!



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