Enduring the Trail of Mt. Candalaga

LEECH. Itchy plant. River trekking. Steep ladder. Oh boy! This post is a reminder that I SHOULDN’T AIM TO CLIMB MT. CANDALAGA. I hope this will stick to my adventure lusty brain. 😀 Thanks for the detailed post Loty! 🙂

Dabawenyo Life

Knowing that this mountain is standing tall in Compostela Valley, I think of it as ” Ah, it’s part of the mountain ranges.” It’s also the place of waterfalls, hot and cold springs, and folktales. The home of the corpse flower, Rafflesia mira, named after its decaying smell.

We’re all six on this journey. The tourism officer told us to dropped by a certain store, and from there we will meet our trail guide. When we got there, no guide showed up. So we took  a hot and long hike to the foot of the mountain, hoping that we could find our new guy. Mt. CandalagaWe passed by on the rice fields and an old little hut surrounded by the greenery.  I would love to sip my morning coffee in one of those hut on its balcony.

Hut in the Mids of Rice Fields

Pushing through…

The Road to Mt. CandalagaThen we stopped by a house with a carabao. There…

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