Volunteer @ Kindred Nomad’s Activity in Camotes, Cebu

It could have been just another Friday but it wasn’t. Early in the morning, volunteers of The Kindred Nomads and representatives of No Colors, a Japan based organization, gathered at the Quest Hotel, in Cebu City, Philippines, getting ready for the gift giving activity at San Francisco SPED Center in San Francisco, Camotes. 2 vans left for Danao port at around 4 am carrying fifteen volunteers, gifts and essential vitamins for 68 Special Kids.

Early morning assembly at Quest Hotel bound to Danao Port for Camotes.

It was my 2nd outreach of the year. I wasn’t supposed to go ’cause I have an event at dinner. Despite Boyfie’s million reminders, I followed my heart. So happy that I did. 🙂

Jon showing us the KN tarp. – Photo from a fellow volunteer Rox at http://www.roxannetamayo.info/
Volunteers arrival at Camotes Port.
Volunteers arrival at Camotes Port.

It was drizzling when we arrived so the program didn’t start as planned. Despite the cold weather, I feel surprisingly warm. When the rain stopped, the program started. Unlike my previous outreach, it feels different ’cause everything was laid out already. The gifts were already wrapped and packed. And the program was already handled by the school. It kind of made me feel useless. But not for long!

Wet grounds when we arrived. While waiting for the program to start, prepared the additional gifts from Ro. Coffee and breads were served after.
Getting ready for the program!

I made the most out of my freedom by taking pictures. And when it’s time to distribute the gifts, me and my new friend Liz volunteered for the list control.

Each gift was different ’cause they are based on the student’s wishes. I was so amazed seeing someone receiving an organ. Another a cell phone. In fact there were several cell phones. Then some transistor radios. Solar lights had also been provided as well. It was my first time to witness so many wishes granted all at once. I can see and feel how happy the recipients are but what touched me the most is the gratitude in the parents’ eyes. They are most happy that their special children were treated more special that day

Some kids shared their talents with us!
Natsu, representative of No Colors Japan, despite not feeling very well gathered up her remaining voice to sing a Christmas song. She played the violin as well.
Gift distribution! 🙂
1) Jella showing me her new watch. 2) Local kids flashing me their smiles. 3) Ro and Maria interacting with the special child.
1) Fellow volunteers Gelo, Rox and Liz! 2) List girls: Liz, Te Tsari and Me. 3. ) John holding the plaque of appreciation
Ro, her husband Patrick and Mam Ellen of the SPED Center.

After the gift distribution, lunch started. And soon after it was time for the 7 out of 15 volunteers to go back to Cebu. Lyn and her daughter Danielle, Jon, Yumi, Natsu, Rox, Rohini, and her husband Patrick remained to enjoy the island. While me, Liz, Maria, Te Agnes and daughter Lys, Te Tsari and Angelo left for Danao Port.

My time with The Kindred Nomads team, the school staff and the volunteers was short but just enough to know that we have something in common. Aside from the smiles and highs I got from helping to grant wishes, I am happy as well to have found people that I share the same passion. 🙂  Those and more made my volunteerism meaningful. I will truly look forward for more. 🙂

See more details of the activity in The Kindred Nomads Facebook Page. More pictures at my page as well: Kring’s Place.


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