Climbing Lanaya Via Lumpan, Alegria to Montaneza, Malabuyoc

Everyone laughed as Ads did her bottle shake.
Everyone laughed as Ads did her bottle shake on the socials!

” ‘Cause your body resets after climbing a mountain”, answers one of the trekker on the socials’ question as to what’s their reason for climbing, last June 27-28, at the NCR Trekkers climb in Mt. Lanaya, Alegria, Cebu. His reason never crossed my mind but today I just realized how significant that was.

Hello again, Lanaya!
Hello again, Lanaya with my pink raincover bought at Brown Trekker!
Yun oh!
Yun oh!

Today I woke up without my alarm clock after an 8 hour sleep. I was feeling refreshed and almost forgot the adventure weekend if not for the muscle pains in my legs. Wew! It happened indeed. It was not a dream that I have been to Mt. Lanaya once again, the one mountain that had me fear for my life as I climbed it’s slopes with loose rocks and soil. It was a happy reunion made even happier by being with different people, on a different weather in a different trail.

Picture with G3 girls before the “habal2x” to Lumpan. From Left, Ads, Nalyn, Kat, Me, Nadia & Chaola.

On the way to Alegria
The adventure started at South Bus Terminal Door 10. We rode a bus via Barili bound to Bato, like last weekend’s anniversary escape to Ronda. The assembly was 6 AM but I overslept and got there an hour after, enough for everyone to arrive. By 7:30 the bus left. It was dreamland for 3.5 hours until we took off at the corner to New Allegria Market, some steps way from the Stopover Bakeshop, the stop for my first trek to Mt. Lanaya.

Lunch at New Alegria Market
We were supposed to drop by at Cambais Falls. But as we negotiated the price, it was too costly. Back and forth to Cambais is Php 160. Everyone decided to just have lunch at the market. The hours that were supposed to be for Cambais was spent differently. Some slept while I enjoyed talking about anything under the sun, but mostly about the wedding & some tips for an adventure and photo filled relationship. One that would help create endless memories & pictures enough for an aisle runner. Haha! Thanking the “Grey Girls” for that. Lol Cambais hours were not wasted. Aside from yapping about my life, I was able to listen and have a peek of my companions lives as well.



The Trek to the Camp for the night
We were told that the camp for the night would be just around an hour walk from the motorbike stop. But since the last trek, I promised myself to be on constant guard. Looking back, the 15-minute “habal2x” ride to Lumpan was quite scary. The road was cemented but there were some steep areas where I feared that it would just gave in and eject Analyn, Kat & me. I was very happy when finally, I saw the other trekkers. Thankful that the scary ride was finally over. A word of advice: It’s better to ride the “habal2x” with just 2 passengers. 

On the way to Lumpan jump-off!
On the way to Lumpan jump-off!
Poses in the jump-off at Lumpan!
Poses in the jump-off at Lumpan!

When everyone arrived, we all gathered to officially start the trek with a warm-up exercise led by Elijah and girlfriend, Ads. By 3:15, we started trekking up a hill which turned out to be the wrong way. Haha! But we quickly find the correct path and after 30 minutes arrived at the campsite, to everyone’s surprise.

Up a hill…ended in a wrong way. LOL
The short trek to the camp!

The “Muffins” Camp
The camp was very beautiful with green grasses & trees lining up its perimeter. It would have been perfect without the bountiful “muffins” or cow dungs around. When I asked our guide what’s the name of the camp, someone jokingly answered that it must be the “muffins” camp. LOL Need Info: If anyone of you knows the real name of the camp, drop me a comment below. I would really love to know this beautiful camp. 🙂 

Setting up camp!

The sun was up but thunders were heard as if it was threatening to rain. My group wasted no time and setup camp immediately. Beforehand we expected a rainy climb already thus we decided to bring a packed dinner. It was also to minimize the use of water since there’s no water source near the area. By 4:25, my group had comfortably settled. It must have been the reason why when we were asked if we wanted to climb the summit, we declined. Much to my delight ’cause I was feeling lazier than usual too. 😀 While everyone was busy, someone suddenly exclaimed that there was a rainbow. I hurriedly took a picture of it. After a while, Nadia asked if I brought some games along. I didn’t ’cause I expected a bad weather and so was Analyn.

Hello rainbow!
Hello rainbow!
Rainbow in the camp!
Rainbow in the camp!

Playing Resistance
But of course, when there’s a will, there’s a way. I asked if anyone had cards. No one had it but someone had a pen & calling cards. Analyn & I proceeded on making the roles & the mission outcomes. When it was done, we gathered everyone to discuss the roles. Cris, one of the guide hesitated to play on the first round so there were 9 players only. 8 from my group and AJ. Before starting the next game, some trekkers passed by. We were called to take a picture with them. When they left, we continued the on the 2nd round where Cris decided to join and Ivan who just got back from the summit. Randy decided to give up his seat for Ivan to Nadia’s disappointment saying we won’t have anyone to bully anymore. What a girl friend, so much like me. Hahaha! We only had 2 games but it was evident that everyone was enjoying it as much as I do. But I was happier because I won twice being part of the Resistance. Yay!!!

Playing the resistance!
Playing the resistance!
Picture with the passing trekkers!
Picture with the passing trekkers! (pic from AJ’s cam)

Dinner & the Socials
Dinner was early that night. By 7:00, we were already munching on our packed dinner of dried fish, sardines, salted shrimp, chicken & more. We were given the choice to pick our own dinner. I was very delighted ’cause for the first time I had sardines, dried fish, salted shrimp & hanging rice for dinner. 😀

Dinner time!

This was my 2nd climb with NCR Trekkers but the first was so tiresome everyone retired after dinner. This time was different. Everyone gathered. Starting with our guides Nei & Cris, we each took our turns to introduce ourselves and was coaxed to drink a-not-so-favorite potion. I was actually planning to not drink but everyone before me seemed to have drank, so I did as well. By around 9 PM, we decided to call it a night. Analyn & I had some chat and was off to dreamland some 30 minutes or an hour after.

The Morning After
The camp was alive at 5 AM. Target time to leave was at 7 AM. Estimated time to arrive at Mainit Spring was 5 hours after. Like the dinner and our Hambubuyog breakfast, we just had bread & hot water for noodles & beverage. My breakfast was a loaf of bread w/ mayo, sausage, egg & coffee. On average, I am a slow packer so I always want to pack ahead of the others to have ample time for packing and documentation.

The beautiful morning cloud!
Just loving the clouds!
And this is why I need to pack early to camwhore. 😀
Group pic from AJ's cam!
Group pic from AJ’s cam!

To The Summit
From the camp, it was an uphill climb to the summit. Like always, I was out of breath and managed to stay afloat by enjoying the view and capturing it. After a while, I saw a familiar clearing. And just as I thought, we separated with our pack and proceeded to the summit. From the clearing, we could see the quarry at Lumpan. Sir Jay opt to stay behind to watch our packs. We stayed in the summit for a while taking in the view. After picking back our pack, we resumed trekking only to find out that we went into the wrong path. It wasn’t wasted since we were able to see the camp in the trees. Some picture taking then we headed to the right path.

Sir Jay poses for AJ while going up to the summit!
Sir Jay poses for AJ while going up to the summit!
AJ captured it well!
AJ captured it well!
Group picture at the summit!
Group picture at the summit from AJ’s cam!
Group pic at the camp from my first visit!
Group pic at the camp from my first visit by AJ!

Going Down to Windows XP
Climbing Lanaya the first time via Legaspi was unpleasant. We had been reading blogs that it would be hard but our group somehow thought it would just be possible with pure will and determination. It was indeed possible ’cause we made it through but not as pleasant as what I experienced in today’s climb. Last time I almost lost balance in going up. This time, we had ropes to hold on to in going down so it wasn’t that scary anymore.

Chaola managing her way down while holding on to the rope.
Jane & Mich’s turn!
The queue!
NCR Trekker leader posed as soon as he is done helping.
The queue!
Analyn in action!
Dan holding on to the twig. Still smiling. 😀

And on both climbs, I wasn’t able to visit & camwhored at the windows xp camp. Last time I didn’t because I was already too tired when I reached it. I had to regain my strength at the house. This time, all of us didn’t ’cause we were evading the Php 50 exit fee. It was sad but paying Php 50 for passing is unreasonable much like the exorbitant price of guide fees and entrances when you start at the Legaspi trail. 😦 No offense to the Legaspi government but they should really do something about it. Lanaya is one, if not the best mountain Cebu has.

Passing the windows xp camp! From AJ’s cam!
Ahhh! Such a nice view. Caught by AJ!

Hello Malabuyoc
It is such a shame that despite being very active in travelling & trekking in Cebu, I haven’t really memorized all the towns & municipalities. So I was quite amazed when a local told me that the windows xp camp or the mountain is the boundary of Malabuyoc and Alegria. Glad they were especially chatty when I went for refill. From them, I have also known that Mainit Spring & Montañeza Falls is already part of Malabuyoc. Silly me thought that they are still part of Alegria. 😀

Stop after the windows xp camp! Time to refill!
Getting comfy while the others are busy getting water!

Buko break and a peek of Mainit Springs
Now I was so impressed. The first time was good but this one was EVEN better. I shouldn’t get used to this. 😀 And like in Hambubuyog, I had 2 bukos but all the meat were put into my drinking bottle. 😀 The bukos were so sweet it didn’t really matter that we missed our target time. It was already 12 PM when we left the kind locals who served us buko for only Php 10/piece. 15 minutes of leisurely walking, we reached a river and just beyond it was our target destination – Mainit Springs & Montañeza Falls. Hurray!!! Lanaya climb officially ends here. 🙂

While waiting for the bukos!
Thanking these guys for spending the weekend with us. 🙂
Buko train driven by Tats!
And AJ caught me while putting in the coconut meat to my drinking bottle. 😀
Buko girls & AJ!
And Sir Jay broke the buko for us again. He has an assistant now. 😀
‘Cause Nei Jamz asked me to take this photo. LOL
Off to Mainit spring!
Crossing the river.
Finally, we have arrived!!!

Up next will be the story of just how amazed I have been to have experienced the over coldness of Montañeza Falls and the super hotness of Mainit Springs. Plus the itinerary & the budget details.

Have you been to Lanaya, how was your experience?
What trail did you take?
Do you want to go back?
Which is better starting at Lumpan or Legaspi?
Share your story by commenting. Looking forward to be hearing from you. 🙂

Hoping to see you in the mountains,

Author: Kresia Julio

Kring is a woman of style whose fashion would make you doubt the validity of her stories in conquering mountains. A software engineer by profession, financial literacy advocate, fitness buff, DIY fan, AirBNB host (stopped in March 2020 due to leave and cleave) and a big promoter of self-turn-God confidence with a big heart to those in need. Her hobby includes blogging, scrap/photo booking, traveling, trekking, volunteering, cooking (new in quarantine) & podcasting (new in quarantine). She is easily bored thus the need to have more activities. This is where board gaming and jewelry making comes in. She is married to an introvert who understands and supports her OVERLY extrovert personality.

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  1. I am a MALABUYOCANON but my father told me MT. LANAYA was part of MALABUYOC,,, regardless of where municipality of ALEGRIA came from…..ALEGRIA is one of the barangay of MALABUYOC before…. I’m CONFUSED now…. I LOOK the SATELLITE MAP for the whole MUNICIPALITY of MALABUYOC ,,,, I saw the MOUNTAIN above MAINIT SPRING belongs to the jurisdiction of MALABUYOC…. Huhhhh I want to see that MT. LANAYA soon coz I’m CONFUSED …


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