5 Reasons Why Climbing Sirao Peak Never Runs Out Of Style

It’s undeniable that Sirao Peak is one of my favorite mountains. Not only because it was the site of the husband and I‘s engagement but a lot more. This weekend as part of my birthday celebration, re-climbed the mountain with the husband and a friend. It was my 6th visit but I loved how every time I did, something is always different. This time, the weather was a bit me-ish with my on/off cloudy disposition. 😀 Also this was our first visit that we are finally Mr. & Mrs. Julio. It was also our 86th monthsary.

Here are my reasons why climbing Sirao Peak never runs out of style:

It’s very accessible.

From my previous escapes, we always start our journey at Gaisano, Talamban. Last week, we started at our exit point, Ayala Heights, Busay. The good thing about climbing Sirao is that whether you start in Budlaan or Busay, both are very accessible. The only difference is that it’s a bit easier if you start in Busay since it would be downwards to Budlaan. Last weekend, we had just that because I wasn’t feeling very well. Demn running nose & headache.

Migo&Miga wearing the couple shirt with their names and anniversary date.
2015/08/21: Migo&Miga wearing the NCR Football turned couple shirt with their names and anniversary date.

You can do a day hike on a half day.

Last weekend, we started our adventure after lunch. Rode a “habal2x” from JY square to Ayala Heights for Php75/pax. Since we were only 3, the husband had to ride alone. We just split the bill to 3 so we each pay Php100/pax. Started our trek at 1:30 PM. By 5:30 PM, we were in Budlaan. It was a leisure pacing and we stayed an hour enjoying the winds at the peak.

If you are in top shape, you could also do it in 3 hours. Like what we did on our engagement. Started at 3 PM in Budlaan, exited in Ayala Heights by 6 PM.

2014/06/15: Our much-loved just engaged pose seating at the rock in the peak overlooking the city.
A page from our Engagement photobook.

Day hike or overnight is both enjoyable.

I’ve had 2 overnights in Sirao & 4 Day hikes but every time is a different experience. Despite climbing it frequently, I still have untried trails – the river trekking from the falls and the long way that pass through a small lake.

2013/03/02-03: My first Hello Sirao visit!
2013/03/02-03: My first Hello Sirao visit!
2013/03/02-03: My first Hello Sirao visit!
2013/03/02-03: My first Hello Sirao visit!

Overnight in Sirao is quite a conditioning experience for a major climb as well since the trail from Budlaan is mostly uphills.

The views are changing depending on the season of your climb.

The distinctive beauty of Sirao is the Cogon laden path just before reaching the peak if you started in Budlaan. Last week, since it’s now rainy season, the Cogons are in its healthy green glow. Last time, it was brown.

2013/03/02-03: My first Hello Sirao!
2015/08/21: My latest Hello Sirao!

It’s not OVERCROWDED and TRASHY yet.

Despite being very accessible, luckily Sirao Peak has remained somehow unspoilt. There was never a time on an overnight where we have been forced to camp out because it was too overcrowded. The camp wasn’t that big but enough to accommodate a max of 15.

2015/08/21: Hello Mr. & Mrs. Julio!

My Sirao escapades:
006: Mar 02-03 [BRB] Kan-irag Climb
009: Apr 26 Sirao Peak (Day Trek)
008: Feb 08-09 Sirao Peak
011: June 14 Sirao Peak (The Engagement)
015: Feb 07 Sirao Peak ~ (Fun Trek w/ NCR Ladies)


  1. I want to go to Sirao Peak sometime soon for a night walk. Can you recommend someone as a guide or give me pointers where the entry point in busay is? Will habal-habal drivers know where to drop me off if i tell them I’m going to Sirao Peak?


  2. Hello Istorya! 🙂

    We really don’t have guides on our visits but at least 1 or 2 of our friends know the place. 😀 I don’t recommend you go alone as well since we got lost twice. There are a lot of trails which could confuse you. It is always better to be on the safe side. 🙂

    When are you planning to visit? We can accompany you. My other friends wanted to visit as well. Maybe I can come up with something. 😀



  3. I’ve been wanting to climb sirao peak but a friend told me that a tour guide is needed since I wanted to follow the trail from the starting point in talamban. Do you think we can just follow the traill if we are not familiar with the place? Any suggestion please?

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