National Cleanup Day 3/3 Coastal Cleanup at Brgy Macaas, Catmon, Cebu

In response to the invite of Liz Burra, Let’s Do It PH coordinator, in coordination with NCR trekkers and supported by NCR ambassadors, last September 20, 22 NCR employees and guests joined volunteers from other companies in Cebu to do a coastal cleanup in Brgy. Macaas in Catmon. The activity was spiced up with a visit to Catmon’s Lumanoy Cave and conquering the highest peak in Northern Cebu, Mt. Kapayas.

The activity was supposed to be participated by NCR trekkers only due to the nature of the activity. But in response to the goal of NCR ambassadors to reach out all like minded individuals in the company, the invitation was extended to all employees. One non-NCR trekker responded to the call of volunteerism and adventure. In a chitchat, it was known that she wasn’t aware that NCR trekkers exists in the company at all. Hopefully in the future more and more of our colleagues will join the community.

There was a total of 40 volunteers who braved the 8 hours hike to and from Mt. Kapayas. For the coastal cleanup, additional of 51 from For Peace volunteers of Brgy. Macaas, Catmon, and a few more from Accenture and individual volunteers.

The cleanup started with a “Boodle” lunch for the trekkers who had just experienced the awesome but dangerous beauty of Lumanoy Cave and Mt. Kapayas at Hon. Loyola’s place in Macaas. At 2 PM, the cleanup started with a prayer. Briefing followed. The For Peace volunteers was divided into 2 to lead the volunteers of NCR and Accenture. NCR volunteers were assigned at the coast towards the north. Accenture and other individuals on the other end. The activity wrapped up at 5 PM with a group picture of all who participated.

Boodle lunch at Hon. Loyola’s Place
Coast cleanup starting!
Cleanup busyness with Accenture & NCR employees and friends!
Group pictures with the trashes!
The volunteers!
NCR with For Peace volunteers just before going back to the starting point!


Some pics are courtesy of Mr. Wandering Soul Camper and Liz!


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