Do You Have A “Peakery” Account?!

One day sometime last year, I stumbled unto! But it was only yesterday that I realized how amazing it is. 🙂 The itch to conquer mountains lead me to peakery. Today, after almost a year of inactivity, I was finally able to log all my peaks and summit. Yay!!! Unfortunately, I have 2 peaks not listed yet, Mauyog Peak and Kapayas Peak. I tried adding but it has this latitude & longitude data. I find it a hassle. Haha! So there, I’ll just wait for someone to finally add it. 😛

In all, I’ve been to 17 peaks & 28 summits! Wow! I never realized it until now. What amazed me more is that I just realized that I’ve been to Sirao Peak 6th times already. And a whole lot more realizations. For someone who wants to remember and list things, Peakery is my thing.

I’ve been hooked at the lists as well. From now on, I’ll make it a point that my major climbs will be in this Philippine Ultra List. Right now, I’ve been to 3 (Apo, Pulag, Canlaon). I am at 10%, 3 out of 29. I wanted to add some local listings but unfortunately there was none. I hope they’ll have it soon.

Already have a peakery account? Please add me,! See yeah! And ohhhh…I’ve been very addicted to list lately and I’m very thankful to have the following list ACED. Weeeeee!

Have you been to another mountain in Cebu not in my list? Please let me know. Thanks!

For now this is still my To Go list in Cebu:
Mt. Lanigid, Liloan
Mago Peak, Carmen
Chalet Hills, Busay
Manghilao Peak in Danao, Cebu
Bocaue Peak, Babag
Mt. Lantoy, Argao


As of_20150929

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