Mt. Malindang in 3 days & 2 Nights via Kanawanan – Mialen

06 leech
And the yucky leeches on Migo and I’s leg. Pffft!

What was the most striking thing that happened to you at this climb?

Maria asked as we were waiting for our ride to Misamis Occidental Capitol, the last stop of Malindang’s 2nd Pasungko Climb last weekend November 6-8, 2015. Everyone weren’t able to answer but the ones who did summed it all. Leeches and slides stood out.

No longer a leech virgin.

The husband’s comment as we were telling our companions our leech story. Because we were very far apart in the trail, we had to update them of the exciting things that befell us. Since day 1, we already hear stories about leeches. I cringed each time. The husband teased. He assumed I have already known about the leeches in Malindang. Unfortunately, I didn’t cause I was too lazy to read the entire blog about Malindang. Ohhh me!

But after being leech-free while all the others were bitching about it, I was slightly hoping I would never have to endure the experience, especially the same with one of our companion who has  been a leech favorite (guess who!). But as they say, a climb in Malindang wouldn’t be complete without it. Yay to me (rolling eyes)!

Before I start telling you the exciting things that happened in Malindang in the next posts, here’s a game for you dearies, try guessing what day I had my leech moment. I’ve given you clues already. Is it day 1, or maybe day 2…or day 3? The winner can ask me any favor as long as it doesn’t involve money. Haha! Don’t be a co-co and join the fun. Weeeeeee! Comment now or forever hold your peace!!! Note that only blog comment will be considered.

So what will you expect in my next posts? Stories of leeches (of course, demn leeches for scaring and grossing me out! hmph!), stingy bees & wasps (sting the husband 4 times), sliding moment (the husband almost split! haha!), participant reviews (funny, annoying and some commendable ones), why I didn’t socialize, lessons & realizations.

This was my 2nd climb with other trekkers in the Philippines, the first was awesome, this one was more awesome since I now have the husband to share it with. And of course, I still have Liz and the Laagurlz was almost complete with Maria. Knowing Maria’s friends were plus2x. Bruce is cool. Hannah is chill. Charm is charming. Liz’s Bro John was an added support. And of course…Zach. Who would forget Zach?! Certainly not I who have seen him do all sorts of sliding positions and some other funny memories (of leeches). It was a great climb. I didn’t have any regrets for not being sociable because in doing so, I was able to accumulate more stories from my group. Listening to them yap about their encounters with other participants was also heartwarming. Sometimes, seeing people through other’s eyes are better. Happy to have done it this time. Cheers to Maria for being the social butterfly of the moment. 🙂

Would I join another open climb again? Yes I would. CERTAINLY. The lessons and realizations you will have will make you question everything that you believe. 🙂 Cheers to more freelancing moments. Much thankful to Lizzy Marie for introducing me into this exciting world of “social climbing”. Bwahaha! See the snaps of the entire experience…and of course your clue. 😛

01 capitol
Yay to early birds! We were the first to register so we got ample time to have breakfast, took pictures and chill before leaving to the jump-off!
02 day 1 ride
Group picture on our ride to the jump-off! It wasn’t so full at the time I took the picture.
03 camp 1
Cozying at Camp 1 (Siatog Gamay). We setup camp right beside the toilet. Water is very abundant!!!
04 camp 1 whole
Siatog Gamay camp is not only abundant with water but with Guava trees as well. We busied ourselves eating guavas while waiting for dinner. Setup camp at 3:00 PM! Early camp means early dinner as well. ❤
05 just after the rope moment
On the way to camp 2 Siatog Dako. Picture taking after the rope moment.
06 camp 2 01
Hello camp 2, Siatog Dako! We were camp right at the entrance of the camp site that was very abundant with leeches. Ewwwww!
06 camp 2 whole
Siatog Dako is not only abundant with leeches but with water as well. Toilets are available too. And for the first time on a trek, I was able to wash my hair. Some of my companions and Migo took a bath. 🙂 There were 2 houses. Some of the participants didn’t setup camp because they were staying at the house…if we only knew…we wouldn’t have to endure the leech infested camp. 😦
07 01
This was our first major climb as Mister&Misis. 🙂 Our moment at the peak! Yahooo!
07 on the trek moments 2
Slide action on our way down back to camp 2! Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of Zach’s moments & Migo’s almost split moment!
08 group
Group picture at the camp 2 with the laagurlz who brought these strangers turned friends together.
08 on the trek moments
Trek moments on the way to the hardest & cruelest part of the trail…the eternal descent to the river. I couldn’t count how many times I tripped because my feet were killing me. Liz had to check on me almost every minute. So sorry Lizzy!
09 enjoying the river
Erasing the bad memories of the descent by enjoying the river. Wow! Our super early getup time was all worth it. We were able to enjoy the river. And of course, I was able to use my swimming pieces. Haha!
10 day 3 ride
Since day 1 we were always ahead of the itinerary. Expected arrival was 5:00 PM, we were at Siatog Gamay at 3:00 PM. Day 3 was no different. At 1:30 we were already at the store in Mialen, expected was at 2:30 PM. We waited almost 2 hours for the pick-up. When it arrive, the participants were uncontrollable. I had to run and put on my “Merida” stunt to get to the truck fast. Totally forgot that Migo was with me. Glad he was able to catch up as well. Our group all did. 🙂 And what followed was a grueling ride to the Capitol. It was both scary & funny…much much scarier than the Kapayas thrill. Just wow!
after climb moments
After climb moments! 🙂 Malindang survivors! Weeeeeeeeeee! It was time to bid goodbye!
There were 80 registrants but according to the checkers, there were only 50 who arrived. From the 50, there were a few people who stood out in memory. Intrigued? They will be featured on my next posts. 🙂

Climb Details c/o of the Organizers

Our trail…a total of 46 kilometer walk from Kanuwanan to Mialen!
Event flyer!
The super chic souvenir. Because we had to let go of the socials, we weren’t able to pick them up. Excited to receive them from Zach!
Our IDs! BRB represent! On the next open climb, I may have to use just “Freelance”. I will tell you the reason on the next posts.

Malindang Posts:
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Conquering Siatog Peak
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Malindang Realizations & More (January 25, 2021 Notes: Sad that I didn’t get to writing this post. Huhu)


    1. It is indeed, Gian & Shella. 🙂 This Malindang ascent is a yearly activity, hope you can join next year. There were a lot of Cebu participants this time but we weren’t able to socialize as much. Will do better next year hopefully. 😀 Crossing fingers! Hehe

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