The Hard Core Descent to Mialen River

As planned the night before, the camp was alive at 3:00 AM. We wanted to be the first batch to leave and hit the itinerary unlike the previous days. Upon waking, I then went to cook rice – and yay! No popcorn rice in all of our meals – proud rice cooker. While waiting for the rice to cook, I asked Migo to watch it for me. As I was packing my things, I heard Liz announced her awe.

“Hala hala, first time ko makakita magcook si Migo!” She was saying after telling the husband how to cook the soup. I expected him to call me but when he didn’t, even if I was done packing, I decided to stay in the tent. It was just soup but it makes me a lot prouder of him. Mountains by mountains, little by little, the husband and I has evolved into the a slightly better version of ourselves.

Preparing breakfast, breakfast and breaking the camp!
Taking pictures as I went to visit the other Cebu group.
Froggy breakfast for them.

We had breakfast at 5:00 AM. By 7:00 AM, we were ready to go. I went to the other Cebu group to check if they were ready as well. It would have been nice to go down together with them. Unfortunately, they were still cooking when I visited their accommodation. They were staying in the small house at the back of the “Templo”. I stayed and chatted for a while and took pictures.

Because we had ample time, while waiting for the head guide to be ready, we were able to pray, had a little stretching and took group pictures.

Laagurlz and Migo!!!

We left the camp at 7:30 AM. The first few hours of going down were tolerable. We passed through cogon grasses and trails canopied with tall trees & laden with dried leaves. The leaves were slippery. I was so concerned when the husband slipped. Good thing, he wasn’t injured.

Praying while the others are still breaking up camp! Leaving the camp!

No injuries when he slipped but he wasn’t able to dodge the stings of wasps. There were bees & wasps on the trail. He was bitten by 4 wasps. 2 on his face and the other 2 on his arm. I asked him to take antihistamine immediately. It was his first time being bitten on the trek. While I was busy getting the medicine, a trekker passed by. When he left, the husband and I talked about how fast he could have been to reached us by that instant.

Another hour passed and just as we start the hardest part of the trail, we saw other trekkers. The descent to Mialen river was harsh. It was almost an hour of vertical descent on a slippery path. My feet were both aching but I had to go on walking or risk losing sight of Liz & got lost. I didn’t see any trail signs at that point. When I finally saw a house, relief washed over me. Yay civilization at last!!! We rested at the house for a while then got on our feet.

Views on the trail…
Biting leaves to keep the bees away. We were about to pass a beehive.
Starting the descent towards Mialen river!
Quick stops on the way down!
Over exhausted Migo!
Finally, civilization at last!

Mialen river was very beautiful. I wanted to cam-whored to my heart’s content but seeing the husband’s look reminded me of our exhaustion. Unlike me who can easily trade exhaustion for pictures, the husband is not. I just had one pic and reluctantly move on. I was silent after.

Hello beautiful Mialen river!

When we reached another part, the husband must have noticed my heartbreak, he offered to take a picture. I was definitely awed. The heavy feeling left immediately. I was flying when we continued and got very surprise when I saw a lot of participants chilling at the riverbank. It was already 11 AM. I was elated when we were told we would have our lunch at the river. We could bathe as well since we would wait for all participants to arrive. Finally time to wear my swimwear!!! The river was just too pretty not to be enjoyed.

Amazing Mialen river!
Lunch and swimming!

We stayed for more than an hour then left at 12:30 PM. We walk at a leisurely pace to the store where we were welcomed by cold coke. Chilled and chatted for a while then decided we had our fill. We were at the pick-up point by 2:00 PM. By 3:30 PM, we were “death” bored. We had to fight for a place in the dump-truck that would take us to the official endpoint of the journey – Misamis Occidental Capitol. It was once again an another roller-coaster ride like the once we had at Kapayas.

Bye bye Mialen river!
Mialen brgy hall!
On the way to the store!
Pick-up stop!
Malindang survivors!

Bye Bye Oroquieta City
After sorting out how to get our certificates and souvenirs, we left for Ozamis City. We were in a hurry for fear of missing our boat, we decided not to wait for the other Cebu group. We were famished when we reached Ozamis. Since everyone wanted spicy chicken at Jollibee, we asked the tricycle to take us there. At 7:00 PM, we were at Ozamis port.

Last few moments before going back to real life!


This is it…one more post to go and Malindang memoirs will be history. Well technically, I am done sharing the journey. I hope you have a good time reading just as I was having a good time writing. Before I totally end this post, I have a quick favor, please! Would you let me know if I misspelled, with wrong grammar or there’s a part where you don’t get what I meant. Before posting I usually read my posts tons of time but maybe I’m just so use to of how I write I couldn’t tell what’s wrong. LOL Quick fun fact: I am most productive in writing when I’m in the jeep to and from work. Before, I used this time overthinking, now I rarely do because I have tons of things to write. 🙂 And for girls, less overthinking means happiness. Wahihi! =)

So what will you expect in my next posts? Stories of leeches (of course, demn leeches for scaring and grossing me out! hmph!), stingy bees & wasps (sting the husband 4 times), sliding moment (the husband almost split! haha!), participant reviews (funny, annoying and some commendable ones), why I didn’t socialize, lessons & realizations. Here’s another game, from the crossed out items above, what post did I write about it? Don’t be shy. Comment away. 🙂

Finally,one post to go. Gotta hurry ’cause I can’t wait to tell you just how beautiful Lanigid camp is. Weeeeeeee!

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