A Foggy Welcome at Kandungaw Peak, Dalaguete

Dalaguete has always been known for Osmeña Peak but unbeknownst to many, there is another camping destination that can be reached via Dalaguete too.

NCR Trekkers visited Dalaguete again last November 28-30, 2015, this time the mighty Osmena was not our purpose but the less trodden path that leads to Kandungaw Peak in Maloray, Dalaguete. It was a long weekend since the 30th was a holiday so we aimed for 2 mountains in Cebu, Kandungaw Peak and Lanaya in Alegria.

Cebu has a lot of mountains but none of them is that hard to be trekked for more than a night. It was actually nice because you could combine 2 or more mountains in a single trekking adventure.

So far here are the mountains that you could combine based on our experience:
1. Mauyog and Manunggal in Balamban
2. Babag and Chalet Hills in Babag
3. Kandungaw and Lanaya – this trek. Take note though that Dalaguete and Alegria is on each sides of Cebu. It can be trekked but its advisable to take a motorbike via the Alegria access road from Dalaguete.

It was a multi-stop escapade with more motorbike rides than trekking which means more fun. Our first destination was Kandungaw then hailed a motorbike to Cambais Halls. Before reaching Cambais, we visited 2 caves in Alegria. After the falls, while me and some of our companions went home, the others proceeded to Lanaya to camp for the second night.

First stop: Kandungaw Peak
Just like going to Osmena, we rode the bus bound to Mantalungon market directly. We had lunch at the market and rode a habal2 to Maloray.

The journey to the peak started at a cemented stairs that ended at a water source. A local path then followed where we passed by a house and some locals upon going up.

The hike up was steep but tolerable except for the part where we need to climb a rock. The climb is more or less an hour and a half from the main road.

2nd Stop: Kandungaw Cave
It was a foggy afternoon. We didn’t see the whole splendor of Kandungaw due to the fog but that didn’t stop us from exploring the small cave just below the peak. There was a resting hut where we leave our packs before going down to the cave.

3rd Stop: Kandungaw Camp
We were a big group so camping near the peak was not possible. There were at least 1 more camping places that we considered but we settle for the big space just some steps away from the big rock climb. Had we known we were to camp there, it would have been nice to camp and leave our packs first before visiting the peak and the cave.

We spent the night at Kandungaw with our usual favorites – the Socials after our dinner. Lights off at 10 PM.


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