Travels in 2016

As summarized here, it has been quite a while since our last touristy trip outside of Cebu. 2015 was mostly spent on trekking. Last 2014, we had a grand time motorbiking Siquijor on our 6th anniversary. After that, we went on a hiatus.

Migo & Miga’s DIY Pic in Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

We were supposed to resume travels after the wedding but we were blessed with so many treks. We didn’t have a choice but to enjoy the blessings. 🙂

This year, we made it a point to include travel in our goals. Inorder to seal the deal, we booked tickets as soon as they went on sale. Booked a multi-city ticket that starts in Cambodia and ends in Thailand via Cebu Pac’s yearend sale. Finally, the long overdue travel to Asia would soon come into fruition. Yay! The best thing about it is leaving on my birthday. It’s gonna be an awesome start to my 30th year in this world! Weeeee! But of course, our honeymoon trip is the best of the two since it will be the husband and I’s first trip abroad. Plus it’s on our wedding anniversary. Hooray!!!
And because of these trips, we are trying to tone down our expenses and focus more on saving which means no more taxis, binge-eating, mood-induced shopping and even my fitness allowances are gone too.

Last year we had our wedding to think about. This year we had our travels. By 2017, it’s gonna be babies or…a trek in Nepal. Everyday is getting more awesome, alright!!!

How about you? What are your travel goals this year?  Will 2016 be a TRAVEL year for you as well? Let’s exchange itineraries. 🙂

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