3 Things To Expect When You Volunteer In Cebu

It is better to give than to receive. And the more you give, the more you ache to give more. Once tasted, always wanted.

Last February 20, for the first time I joined Volunteer in Cebu in bringing love to Malubog Integrated School. This was my 3rd volunteerism but unlike the first where I joined alone, I was with 3 friends. And like always, I’ve known a lot of new faces who shares the same passion – spreading kindness and love in our own way.

Saturday morning well spent with #VolunteerInCebu in Malubog. =) #Volunteerism

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The assembly was quite early so I had to leave the husband at home. It was strategic since I planned to meet and greet the organizers before everyone arrives. Meeting fellow kindred spirits always excites me. They didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to work and have fun with them again.

For a big crowd of mostly strangers and some familiar faces, it awed me that everyone mostly arrives on time. We left the assembly at 30 minutes after the target time.

Only 1 jeepney was booked but the volunteers exceeded the total capacity so we had to wait for the 2nd jeepney. When we arrived at Malubog the 1st batch was already divided into the following groups: Vegetable slicers, chicken slicers, cooks, supplies organizer and community interaction. I planned to join the community interaction but I saw a space in veggie slicing first. It was shortlived though ’cause after some time, my friend urged me to join her at community interaction with the kids aged 3-5 years old.

The flow of the event was a little too scattered and sort of unwelcoming for a newbie volunteer but I like it. There was an entire flow and everyone sort of just pick where they want to help. The volunteers were left on their own to know and interact with other volunteers. It was a venue where introverts and extroverts could thrive. I am excited for the next activities where I would no longer be one of the newbie volunteers.

Aside from feeding the kids, school supplies were given as well. While waiting for the “Pospas” to be cooked and served, the kids were gathered for some activities. The event took only 4-5 hours at most.

So here are a few things to expect when you decide to volunteer with the awesome Volunteer in Cebu volunteers:

  1. They are on time so BE on time. For a big group, it’s commendable that most of the volunteers are ready at the expected time of assembly.
  2. They don’t forced you to know other volunteers. Lone wolf and sociable ones can thrive in the setup.
  3. They don’t control everything. It is a little mess up for an OCD but it is working fine. The volunteers are given freedom on what they would like to do on the spot. No pre-planned tasks.

Most of all, it is a venue where you could met and interact with amazing people in Cebu. I just had my first. How bout you? When are you volunteering? Let’s go together next time. πŸ™‚

Getting ready to go!
Newbie orientation while waiting for the 2nd jeepney.
Busy choppin’!
Feeding time!
Goofing with the kids!
My fellow volunteers!
New group for the day! πŸ™‚

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