Hongkong & Macau: M&M’s First International Travel

17 days to go. 

Due to excitement, I was done with the itinerary by mid-January. But as I was looking at it today, I could no longer recall the details. 🙂 Unlike before, I am more open to changes in plans nowadays. I don’t mind scrapping a whole day of itinerary for something better. With that said, I think it’s just fitting to write our plans ’cause God only knows if we will be able to wholeheartedly follow them all. 🙂

Day 1 Travel to Hongkong, Victoria Peak & Symphony of Lights

The Peak Tram
Sky Terrace
Madame Tussauds
Trick Eye-2
Trick Eye Museum
Symphony of Lights

Day 2 Ocean Park and Board Game Cafe Hunt

Ocean Park – The Summit
Ocean Park
August 31, 2010 Snakes and Lattes, a pro board game, anti-internet cafe on Bloor Street West has 1500 games on site. in Toronto TORONTO STAR/STEVE RUSSELL
Board Game Cafe but this is not in HK! 😀

Day 3 Macau

Senado Square
Venetian Macau

Day 4 Ngong Ping 360, Giant Buddha, and Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island

Ngong Ping 360
Giant Buddha

Day 5 Disneyland


Day 6 Home Sweet Home

Aside from being our first international travel, this is our first wedding anniversary trip as well. 🙂 Yip! The super DIY wedding of Migo&Miga will turn 1 on March. How time flies indeed. 🙂 It’s still 17 days to go but as I was about to end this post, the excitement swells. We better start re-visiting our plans and see to it that everything is taken cared. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!

How ’bout you? Have you been to Hongkong & Macau? Did we miss some special place you might want us to check out? As long as it will not require a lot of money, we might be able to change our plans but—- Ocean Park & Disneyland are non-negotiables. You see, the husband and I are just a fan of kid-dy things. Hahaha! So, comment away friends. 🙂


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