When in Hong Kong: Ocean Park Is A Must

While we were roaming the vast area of Ocean Park, Migo made an interesting comparison of it to Disneyland. It stuck in my head and planned to create an entire post of that idea. But I found an interesting comparison from one of the likers on my Disneyland post. He made quite a comparison. Read here.

Fortunately for us, we never get to choose between the two. From the start, Disneyland and Ocean Park were our non-negotiable. Our life together has been such an adventure and what better way to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary than to have it the way we survived our years together – travel, trek and anything FUN.

We visited Ocean Park on the 2nd day. Unlike other items on the itinerary that has been re-scheduled and dropped entirely, it was constant. As planned we arrived early but wasn’t able to went home before the closing time. We enjoyed a lot that we totally ditched going home before the crowd does.

00 Cover

Armed with a hack for beating the crowds, despite it being a Friday, Ocean Park was still full-packed. We even didn’t get the chance to take our timed photos on the entrance. We did at closing though. Yay! Following the hack, we proceeded to The Summit right away via the Ocean Express Waterfront Station.

01 Ocean Express
Picture at some nice places on the way to Ocean Express then inside the train!

Ocean Park has 2 main areas: The Waterfront and The Summit with 8 adventure places to explore. 3 in The Waterfront: Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals and Whiskers Harbour. 5 in The Summit: Thrill Mountain, Polar Adventure, Adventure Land, Rainforest and Marine World. The area was so big that if we ever visit again with the mini-us, we would probably get a 2-day pass. We totally missed visiting Amazing Asian Animals and Whiskers Harbour at The Waterfront. We only get a glimpse of Aqua City too.


So how did we spend our day at Ocean Park? Ridessssssss, A LOT of walk in between and shows. We were especially proud to have tried most rides too. We had 3 roller coaster rides and Miga only miss one ride in Thrill Mountain – the Whirly Bird while Migo opt out riding The Flash and the Whirly Bird too.

02 The Summit
Enjoying the view right after getting off The Ocean Express. Migo posed before getting on an escalator to out first rides of the day in Thrill Mountain.
Just as the name suggested, the rides in Thrill Mountain were quite thrilling. Rev Booster seems to be friendlier but as it turns out, looks is always deceiving. A must-try indeed. Also don’t miss The Flash.It looks really scary but it is not that scary at all.
Aside from enjoying the rides, we had our lunch at the Thrill Mountain and explored Polar Adventure. While enjoying our lunch, Miga noticed her phone missing. We traced it back to Bumper Blaster. Turns out, it was left at one of the cars while Migo took a picture of Miga. Good thing it was Hong Kong, her phone was returned after some verification.
Our next stop after lunch was Rainforest. Enjoyed the Expedition Trail and got somewhat wet in The Rapids.
Marine World is our next stop and this was us taking a selfie while enjoying the view at Ocean Park Tower.
Dolphin Show at Ocean Theater!
Marine World was the biggest. We left it for a while and road on a long escalator down to Adventure Land where we ride our 2nd roller coaster: Mine Train which Migo find more scary than Thrill Mountain’s Hair Raiser. Since Raging River looks like Enchanted’s Log Jam, Miga decided to pass.
We left Adventure Land after Mine Train and walk the long way passing the Marine Mammal Breading and Research Centre. We passed by more rides and decided to miss another one of Marine World’s ride “The Abyss” which is somewhat similar to Enchanted Kingdoms “Ekstreme Tower”. When we passed another roller coaster ride, there was no line at all so we decided to hop in.
Sight seeing and photo shoot after The Dragon!
And then it was time to head back down via the Cable Car. The line was long but Miga was too tired to walk to the Ocean Express station. Glad we endured though or else we would have missed the view.
Goofing after the Cable Car ride back at The Waterfront.
We had some time left before closing at 6:30 PM to take pictures outside The Grand Aquarium.
After Ocean Park, we were famished. Decided to ate at Jolly Thinker’s Board Game Cafe. Miga was happy because she was craving for rice. Migo was overjoyed. 🙂

And why would Ocean Park be a must again? Because, Disneyland’s facade might be superior to Ocean Park in the details but the rides are definitely more fun. You will probably have more beautiful pictures and have immersed in a whole new world in Disneyland but you will certainly get your adrenaline pumping in Ocean Park. But for us, going to both is definitely a must. We have definitely enjoyed both. I just wished Ocean Park extends until 9 PM like Disneyland though, it would have given us the time maybe to explore The Waterfront. 😀

Ocean Park Itinerary

10:00 Be early.
Go to The Summit via Aqua City’s Ocean Express
Thrill Mountain
-> Rev Booster, The Flash, Bumper Blaster, Hair Raiset
Polar Adventure
-> South Pole Spectacular, North Pole Encounter
-> Expedition Trail, The Rapids
Marine World
-> Ocean Park Tower, Ocean Theather (show at 3 PM)
Adventure Land
-> Escalator, Mine Train
Marine World
-> The Dragon, Garden of Joy, Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Sea Jelly Spectacular
6:00 PM Leave The Summit via Marine World’s Cable Car

For hack and tips? It’s definitely just the same with how we survived in Disneyland. You need a very good explorer to save you a lot of trouble in navigating. 🙂

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