Trekking Tips: Rice Planning

Probably the hardest part for me in a trekapade is meal planning. For years, I’ve always wanted to be able to estimate properly. More often estimating just how much rice we need to bring is a headache.

So today, I took my way out of my already jampacked sked to do what I have always wanted to do.

Note that all measurements are based on our Kovea Hard 23 cookset.

  • cup is hard 23 cup
    1/4 rice = 1.5 cup
    1.8 Hard 23 = 4 cups rice (5 cups water)
    1 Hard 23 = 2 cups rice (3 cups water)
    6 cups = 1 kilo
    3 cups = .5 kg

Yesterday I started refining the meal plan for Tres Marias. I estimated to be cooking 6 cups of rice for 8 pax. We are 7 in the group but we need to allocate 1 meal for the guide. Our meal planner estimated everyone to bring 3 cups of rice. I wondered just what it meant to bring 3 cups? I wanted to translate it in kilograms since lately, I’ve become obsessed in weight management.

I was quite happy that after the measurements, I found out that 3 cups is equal to half of a kilogram. Each meal we would be cooking 6 cups which means it’s a kilogram. What’s more amazing is that this 6 cups can be accommodated by our 2 cookset. The big cookset of 1.8 can cook 4 cups while the small one can cook 2 cups. Ah! These little things just make the OC me happy. Haha!

But one thing I’m not sure though…that is whether a kilogram is enough for 8 people. Haha! Well, that’s my next goal. Lol Find out just how much to cook for a specified number of people. Hehe

Aside from how much rice we would need, we can get the estimate for how much water too. Lucky for Tres Marias, water won’t be a problem. 🙂 Oh well, till my next trekking not-so-Eureka moment. Lol

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