Summit to Sea Adventure in Biliran, Eastern Visayas (Day 2) – Part 1 – Ascent to Tres Marias Peak 3

The night was peaceful. There was no rain but the howling winds made me thought of one. In my sleepy state I asked the husband to get the food we hanged outside.  He kept reassuring me that the foods were safe and that what I’m hearing was just the wind. I remembered I asked him twice or thrice. He must have been exasperated because he reminded me about it in the morning. Nyahaha!

In the middle of somewhat a long sleep, the husband announced that he would pee and asked if I wanted to. Before going out, I checked the time. It was still 1AM, about 3 hours since I dozed off. On the way to pee, we saw someone sleeping at an open space near our common area. I wasn’t sure if it’s just Ryan – the guide or both of our guides slept there.

When we settled back, I rearranged my sleeping pad which was now my jackets and sleeping bag. Unfortunately, because of my haste, I have forgotten my earth pad. It wasn’t that cold because all throughout the night, I didn’t used my sleeping bag. I only relied with my Sarong as blanket.

June 19, 2016 (Day 2)
My alarm sounded at 430AM but it was only at 5AM that I decided to move. As agreed, I boiled water and called out my group for a light breakfast. The husband and I had oats, slices of apple, milo and boiled egg. John & Tin shared a cup of noodles. I forgot what Gamz ate but Liz and Pong had bread. An hour and a half after, we were ready for the summit. We followed the same trail lineup and before leaving the camp, we prayed for a safe journey still led by Gamz.

Breakfast with the husband and Analyn’s group then the prayer led by Gamz!

The Ascent
The guides warned us of a steep journey. Tres Marias Peak 3 is around 1300+, Aeta Camp is at 900+. They estimated around 2-3 hours with an elevation gained of 400+. Before we left the camp, the rain started pouring. Good thing it didn’t linger but it was enough to wet the ground. The early morning dew and the rain connived to make our assault slightly challenging.

The most beautiful part of Tres Marias was the trail to the summit. Some parts remind me of the the journey to Malindang’s Peak. The trees covered in moss is just breath-taking. On a trek, I am mostly focused on where I am walking so stuffs like snakes or pitcher plants that’s not really in my path or line of sight can go passed me. Good thing the husband is always eager to share his finds. While he’s a natural observer and loves to take pictures of nature, I am mostly interested in people’s struggles.

Ah…people’s struggles…there’s a lot of action on our journey to the summit. Every time I climbed my way up a tree or crawl my way down a trunk, I would think of how beautiful this must be if captured. And as if the husband read my thoughts, he offered to video me. Unfortunately, he commented after how it makes the climb look easy while I was doing it. Hmmm! That comment is almost the same in my other endeavors like Muay Thai or Zumba. People always think I’m doing it lightly. And somehow, it makes me wonder if I’m really not putting enough effort into them. O_o

Photo stops on the way to the peak!
The husband in action!
Hello Pitcher Plant!
And of course me! πŸ™‚

The Peak
We reached the peak after 1.5 hours+ of ascent. Like Alto, it is surrounded by trees. But the trees can be climbed. Unfortunately, there was no clearing. All we could see was fog. The guide told us that it was maybe because we were noisy. I tried praying for a clearing but not that hard. Haha! For me, a clearing would be great but it’s not a must. When we climbed Alto last year, there was no clearing too.

And because, we were the last to arrived, everyone was already busy doing their own stuffs. At first I thought the peak was very small since the line was queued at the entrance. It wasn’t. I don’t know what’s holding the line though. When it was our turn, I got busy taking pictures of everyone taking pictures. Haha! The peak was spacious but there wasn’t enough space to comfortably do a group picture. After 30 minutes of allowing everyone to do their own thing, I insist on a group picture but that was only after I climbed the highest tree.

It was cool to be on top but the swaying kept me from taking a clear selfie. It didn’t help that the husband was pressuring me to go down because he wanted to climbed too. Haha! And of course, I got envious because he had a nice selfie despite my pressures. LOL! We only had 1 group picture at the peak since it’s very hard to squeeze all of us. I didn’t insist on having more and let Rocco take the picture of us instead of Cods since he was on the other end.

Everyone’s busy!
My view from the top of the tree!
The husband’s cool selfie from the highest tree and my victory pose at another tree!
The mossy trees!
Finally a group picture! πŸ™‚

The Descent
At 9AM, we were ready to go down. We only had 1 guide to the summit so it’s a must to stay together. I ushered Ryan to go before me but he was still doing something so I left Ryan in Pong’s care. The other’s were in a hurry ’cause we were way out of schedule already. In the itinerary, we should be back at the camp by 9AM. As we were leaving, John noticed a weird path. We literally had to crawl under a tree trunk. He asked if it was the right path but I just remembered a lot of crawling so I said yes. Turns out, it was a short cut. Haha! With that confusion in mind, I focused on keeping up with the rest of the group in order not to cut the line.

After 15 minutes of walking, I caught up with the others. After seeing Cods, I asked him if he can still see Pong. He answered that Ryan and Pong were still busy taking pictures so he went ahead. That irk me somehow so I asked the group to stop. We waited for a while and then everyone got impatient. I was thinking of the worst. After a while Rocco went back to look for Pong and Ryan.

The group was divided. We were already running out of time. Then the husband mentioned that he had a GPS tracker and with that he can lead the group back to camp. I was hesitant to let him go but I had no choice. I didn’t want to leave without Ryan and Pong too. It was a hard choice. Analyn decided to stay too.

I was afraid but I didn’t want my fear to cloud my judgment so instead of losing my temper, I silently prayed to keep both groups safe. I forgot to pray for Analyn and I. Haha! When it was silent, Analyn and I took a selfie. I just wanted not to think of anything bad. I told Analyn that we must timed our wait. If after 15 minutes, Rocco wouldn’t come back, we wouldn’t have a choice but to catch up with the others.

But thanks God, we didn’t wait too long. Relief washed over me when I saw Rocco. And once again, I lost the energy to nag. When I looked at Ryan, he seemed a little scared, but of course, I didn’t say anything again. I forgot if that was the time he said that who would want to be lost. Haha! All I could think was how grateful I am they were found.

When we started walking, Pong explained what happened. Turns out, Ryan was not the cause this time. Pong owned it but since Ryan’s lost moment was still a hot issue the day before, most focused on Ryan and his tendencies for adventure. πŸ™‚

After a while we caught with the rest of the group. I was surprised for keeping up with them that fast. I asked Ryan to go forward to the head group. Analyn, Pong and I stayed at the tail. We spent the rest of the descent talking about life and love. LOL

My very minimal pic going down and the brunch!

Breaking Camp
Despite the setback of another lost moment, we arrived at the camp around 1030AM. But since we just had a light breakfast, we decided to eat before going down. Over the meal, I asked them why we caught up with them so fast. There was some hesitation. I forgot who that was who told me the full re-cap.

The husband had an accident but good thing it was only minor. There was a pointed branch that could have cut his side if he was big. The stress might have gotten to me at that point because I snapped and nagged at the husband for being careless. People were defending him but I, like always, never listened. There was some pause then everyone got busy breaking up camp. Now I realized why they were having 2nd thoughts of telling me in the first place. Haha! We were on our way down at 12PM, 1.5 hours late in the itinerary with stress thoughts of not being able to have time to enjoy the falls that we decided to miss the day before.

Breaking camp in progress!
And of course, our mission continues! We asked the guide if we could post it here though. πŸ™‚
The adventurers!

Stay tuned for Day 2 Part 2 – the descent back to jump-off. The adventures and mis-adventures continued while the drama thickens. People got bitten by bees. I, for the first time, lowered my defenses and had an “explosive” slide which earned the husband my ire and pushed me to be on the head group which led me to decide to stop at Nomad Falls. Some saw snakes. And finally, the longer stop at Ulan-Ulan falls and the epic journey to Sambawan. πŸ˜€ I just wanted a post for day 2 but a lot of things happened worthy of note. πŸ˜€

While waiting, feel free to guess what happened next. Haha! Did Ryan got lost again? What do you think the husband did to have earned my wrath? Who were bitten by bees? Who were able to see snakes? What’s more beautiful Nomads or Ulan-Ulan Falls? What makes our Sambawan journey epic? Oh well…anything can happen. πŸ™‚

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  1. While reading Day 2. I was imagining all of you doing the activities as described. Haha! Mura rapd me inyo gikuyog. Maka.excite master Kring! Kuyog nya me if naa Batch 2. πŸ˜…


  2. haha literally laughed on Ryan got lost again? I’m excited! Wait, Te krings, you left your bags at the campsite when you went to the summit?


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