Summit to Sea Adventure in Biliran, Eastern Visayas (Day 3) – The Sambawan Paradise

The hype of Sambawan wasn’t just a hype, it’s real. It’s the sort of beauty that even a photograph cannot do justice. It’s a paradise that I don’t mind waking up to every single day. The island is peculiarly shaped but since I was rather unadventourous that morning I’ve only visited the main viewpoint. The husband however went to the other end. Ryan, our guide urged us to visit the opposite end. I think  no one went. Next time I really would. Gotta come back and stay for more than a night.

4 of the picture-perfect views of Sambawan! The husband’s view is overlooking to where we camp. Liz’s in orange is facing the other end of the island where I didn’t go. My view is to the sea. The last pic w/ Analyn is the cogon-covered path way to the view point.

Day 3
We agreed to wake up at 4 AM but when my alarm sounded, it was still too dark. I noticed that I was sweating so I opened our tent to welcome the morning breeze. After I did so, the cold air put me back to sleep. I woke up just in time for the orangey glow of sunrise. I then called on the others so that we could go together.

The camp site early in the morning.
Early morning views.

To my surprise, the view point is just very near. Ryan told me it was a short trek but I didn’t think it was that short. Haha! There was even a stairs on the way up.

Pictures on the way to the view point.

And of course, Sambawan didn’t disappoint. From the view point, you could see the entire island shaped like a C. The husband said it is a snake shaped island so instead of Sambawan, it would have been better if it was called the Snake Island. But of course, I disagree. An island named after a beast I loathe wouldn’t be a must for me. Haha! I would think that it’s named such because snakes are abundant in them. Lol

I went back ahead of the husband as he wanted to explore the other end of the island. I wanted too as well but I worried that if I stayed too long, we wouldn’t be able to achieved leaving the island as planned.

The husband’s attempt to pose! This is so rareeeeee before but nowadays, it just amazed me how he makes an effort to pose for pictures now. 🙂 He has changed indeed. And I love that change. 🙂
Pictures of the husband’s buddies in exploring the other end of the islands.

When I went back, we started cooking breakfast. Since we had tons of foods left, we had a feast. We had dilis, spam, corned beef and eggs. While we were cooking, the others were breaking up the camp. Over our cooking busyness, we played a game of “Kuan”. Gamz who went in late didn’t get the joke right away. She had the most “Kuan” counts. As for me who’s normally talkative and talk fast had to tone down my speech. I didn’t want to have any “Kuan” count. Haha!

Breakfast time!!!

After breakfast, we gathered up our things and arranged it to the boat. We left just in time. On the way, as promised Ryan took us to 2 spots. The first was a cave. We just caught a glimpsed of it though so everyone wasn’t that hyped. The 2nd was Dalutan Resort. We paid an extra Php20 for entrance but it’s worth it. Some had the time to swim and the others just enjoyed a brief time’s up from the unforgiving heat of our open boat.

Photo ops before we left the island of dreams!
Our partner of adventure – our open boat and some views along the way!

We were supposed to have lunch back at the harbor but as we were not famished yet, we decided to just went to the terminal directly. We declined Ryan’s offer to change at his house. Since all of us wouldn’t fit in at a single van, Liz, Pong, the husband and me rode together at the next van. We were in Ormoc by 4 PM. After a sumptuous meal of lechon, we waited for our ride back to Cebu. =) At 8 PM, we were home. It was time to say goodbye to the new faces who have been our companions for the last 3 days. All we have were pics and a life time of memories that would be cherished forever. 🙂

This is the last post of the Tres Marias series but I’m planning to post some realizations and other tips blog soon. Hang in there friends. Hope you had fun reading as much as I had fun writing while re-visiting the lovely memories that we had on this adventure. The husband and I would be on a hiatus this July and August as we will be preparing for our 11-day trip to Southeast Asia come August 20-September 1. We were quite excited as that trip would be our 2nd trip abroad following our Anniversary trip in Hong Kong & Macau last March. Wish us luck friends!!! Till the next post!

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Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear from you. Comment away!!!


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