Best Day Trek Ever @ Bocaue Peak via 5 Towers

The day after our eventful day trek to Bocaue was an awesome Sunday – the last weekend of January. The husband spoiled the Miga by giving in to her cravings of green banana and salted fish. My, my…yumminess and movie is love. Everything is perfect until she moves her legs. Uh-oh! 

The pains which were a little worse the night after the trek subsided already but the memories of an-unexpected-day-trek-turned-night-plus-walking-in-the-rain still hadn’t. It was too much to just brush off. Why?

Here’s a number of reasons why it’s called the BEST DAY TREK EVER!!!

1. The weather was perfect for a climb. Cloudy and a little drizzle from time to time but not enough to get us wet. Perfectly awesome to prevent Mr. Sun from scorching us. Wohoo!!!

2. We had a good number of hikers, around 20ish. 6 of which are day trekkers. We belong to the day trekkers but we carried as much as the night since we brought our banana bed (Violi) and kite (Octi) along. Part of the reason why we opt to day. We’d be super crazy to bring Violi and Octi along with our normal overnight packs. But the wife did thought about it. πŸ™„ Plus the wife is reunited with blogger friends and known new ones too. They even had a reunion pose. πŸ’ŸπŸ’πŸ’–

3. It’s a new peak for us. NCR trekkers went to visit Bocaue last year but we were in Indochina. Mr. President promised to guide us if we wanted to visit but after the trip, we decided to focus on other things. We were more than happy to have Bocaue as our kick-off peak for 2017. Hurray!

4. Violi and Octi in Bocaue. Ever since the wife enjoyed lounging with the recently purchased banana bed (Violi), she considered bringing it to the mountain despite the husband’s rolling eyes. At 2 kg, it was the same weight with the tent but that time, since it was day hike, the tent was not needed. Other stuffs were left to giving a room for Octi as well.

5. Ultra Day Hike. Bocaue via 5 towers was crazy. It was a long hike. We arrived at the peak after 5 hours of walking. Then, we spent at 2-3 hours of trek going to Chalet with the drizzle. It even rained hard as soon as we arrived in Babag. We were forced to walk in the rain bearing the burden that not all of us had rain coats and headlights. T_T

We were pretty spent when we arrived in Chalet. God answered our prayers when the Kuya Store owner offered to get us motorcycles saving us the walk from Chalet to Temple of Leah. Hurray.

It was indeed another awesome trekacapade worthy in the books of the Wanderfull couple Migo&Miga.


8-9AM Meetup at Guadalupe Church
10AM Jump-off at Napo Basketball Court
10:15AM Start trek via Babag trail
10:45AM Start 5 towers trail
12:30PM Lunch after the 3rd tower
1:00PM Resume Trek
3:00PM Bocaue Peak
4:45PM Start trek to Babag
6:00PM Babag
7:00PM Chalet



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