Long Weekend Ahead. So Where Are You Off To?

If not for the hiatus, we would have been busy preparing for a trip or a trek today. Though I’m in no regrets, I just can’t help but feel the spirit of wander as many of my friends will be enjoying the holiday else where. I’m praying for their safety. May the Lord’s protection be always upon them as they will enjoy the majesty of Biliran’s Tres Marias and the adventure that is Siargao.

Safe treks and trips friends! πŸ™‚ Enjoy and indulge in the beauty of nature while being amazed at how awesome the creator of such majesty.

And because I’ll be spending the long weekend wander free, here’s a look back of how I have spent the month of June in 2016. But before that, here’s an outlook of our June 2017.

June 21 is the husband and I’s anniversary. So most of the time, we would stay put on the 2nd week of June as I prefer our wander on the weekends before and after our anniversary. This year, I didn’t have anything planned as I am on a self-imposed hiatus with a bit of laziness but just last Monday, we were blessed with a trek on the last weekend of June. Hurray!!! And last Tuesday, while I was looking for something at the husband’s bag, I found his surprise for our anniversary. LOL It really caught me off guard. His thoughtfulness never fails to amaze me. And though I found the surprise earlier just like the journal that he bought for me last Christmas, the impact is still the same. Just grateful to God for Migo. πŸ™‚

Advance happy 9th anniversary to us Baby Love Migo My Love So Sweet!

We will spend the weekend before our anniversary in an overnight chill at BE Resort, Mactan. Then the next weekend will be spent conquering Mt. Mandalagan together. Yay! Thank you Lord!!!

And this is how June 2016 weekends were spent…

1st Week: Cleanup Climb in Babag, Cebu

2nd Week: Freedom Climb in Lanaya, Cebu

3rd Week: Major Climb in Tres Marias, Biliran

4th Week: CBGS Summer in Sogod, Cebu


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