High@9: Anniversary Weekend at BE Resorts, Mactan

The 2 weekend of hiatus and house arrest has finally ended this weekend as we celebrated our 9th anniversary by the beach at BE Resorts, Punta Engaño, Mactan.

It was our 2nd time to celebrate at a resort in Mactan. The 1st time was back in 2011 when we celebrated our 3rd anniversary as Migo&Miga at Alta Cebu in Cordova. Like the 1st, it was also the boyfie-now-husband’s pick and surprise anniversary gift. Just awesome!

Day 1

We arrived late in the afternoon. After settling, we went picture-taking and took a bath at the infinity pool. The room has 2 queen beds. I love that the windows are glass and the blinds could be fully-opened to let the natural light in. Our view from the window was Movenpick hotel and the harbor beside it.


We brought 2 board games for the night but while having dinner at Salt, the resort restaurant, I was having a bad headache. The husband had to run to the car to get paracetamol. After dinner, I am in no condition to play. With a reluctant heart, the husband lets me sleep.

Day 2

Since I retired early the night before, I was already awake by 6 AM but the husband begged to extend sleeping hours. We ate at 8:30 AM at the function room for the buffet breakfast. By 10:30 AM, I swam alone as the husband had some personal ache to attend to.

Breakfast Buffet!
Swimming time!
At the infinity pool!

Home Sweet Home

At 12:00 PM, we checked out and stayed until 1 PM to take more pictures before leaving the resort.

So how’s BE Resorts?

The beach front is awesome. I’m a little surprise the sea is awesome too. I love the general feel of the hotel. It’s very emaculate and clean with it’s white exterior. The custom made chairs on the beach front is very picturesque too. However, the just 4 feet infinity pool made me re-think of coming back again. Swimming is just not the same if it’s not deep. Also, the loud noise coming from the events at Chateau by the sea was disturbing.

Thank you husband!

Over all, it was another weekend well spent. Much gratitude to the husband’s thoughtfulness. It is unbelievable that we would turn 9 on Wednesday, June 21 cause it’s as if our love and fire for each other hasn’t aged one bit.

Anniversaries over the years

1 2009:Dessert Factory
2 2010:Gerry’s Grill
3 2011:Alta Cebu
4 2012:Aranos
5 2013:Online (Miga is in the US)
6 2014:Siquijor
7 2015:Ronda
8 2016:Tres Marias
9 2017:BE Resorts

Interested to have a relaxing beach weekend at BE Resorts? Check their prices here.

That’s all folks! Hoping you had an awesome weekend like we did. And don’t be a lurker again please, let us know what you think on the comment below. Till the next trip!

God bless!

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