Easter Break 2022

When I knew about the 2-week Easter Break at the last week of March, I was sad. I can’t afford 9 days worth of unpaid leave. But now that I am halfway thru and was actually back at work today albeit on training, I just wished I took all the 9 days of rest. I had an awesome time since Monday especially starting Thursday when the husband left for his family’s clan reunion in Bantayan and our yaya’s easter break too.

Favored. Blessed. Lucky! I hesitated writing how blessed and eventful my days are without the husband and a help around cause it might sound bad. I appreciate how blessed I am for the support. However, I sometimes feel that we are too comfortable. Life has been boring already.

But the husband loves boring. He also sees the glass half-empty while I always see everything half-full. I love our contrast. However, the artist and the kid in me dies when we are together. My cup never overflows when he is around as every little blessing becomes just normal coincidences for him. We are on our mid-thirties and decided we are done changing each other. I pray that our daughter will take the best part of me and him.

The last four days has been the happiest that I have ever been. It felt so good to have the house all for Unyara and I. No work and other things to think of.

Maundy Thursday was dinner and sauna with two of my girl friends. The last time that we hang out was 2019. I had second thoughts of pushing through because it was raining hard. However, God was just awesome. It stopped raining when we went out for dinner. It only rained back when we were safely settled at home.

We were out everyday except Friday but the rain never really caught us outside. Going out alone with a 3 year old, using public utility on a rainy weekend seemed like a recipe for hassles. But we got around just fine.

Nothing was planned on Black Saturday so when I learned that one of my mommy bestie is staying at home too, I decided to take on a 10km commute. As taxi would be too comfortable and costly, we decided to just take it until the terminal. We rode a jeepney and a motorcycle to reached my bestie’s house. It was the best unplanned house visit ever. It was a long overdue much needed catchup. We have really grown so much but my heart is grateful on what we have become.

And because Easter Sunday was for swimming, I felt guilty for missing. Even if it’s just Unyara and I, we went swiming at a pool near our place. I never really thought it’s open but luckily, they have a mobile contact. When I called, they were open and very much available to cater. Since it’s just us, I was prepared to leave my things to the mercy of the good heavens but lo and behold, there was a paid locker for only Php100. I was teary-eyed when the bartender mentioned it. Now, I wonder if I am that transparent. Aside from the locker, we also found someone who will blow Unyara’s floater. I was thinking I’d blow it on my own as our pump is broken. Lol.The favor continues as when we are in the kiddie pool, since documenting is life, I brought my phone. As Unyara feels a little scared when she started, one kid volunteers to take her up to the slide while I took a video. One kid also mentioned to me that there’s water on the slide so I need to be careful of my phone. However, the forgetful me forgot about it. I don’t know if the life guard notice this thoughtless Mom holding a phone on the kiddie pool because all throughout the time that I was recording, the water didn’t fall. I only realized it after I keep my phone at the locker and decided to focus on swimming that the water started falling. Whew! And because it’s Sunday, there were long lines for the taxi but someone always manage to be drop off infront of us. Yay! After swimming, we even managed to eat at Parkmall. When we arrived and safely settled at home, the rains fall. My heart skipped with overwhelming gratitude. God is so good!!!

Author: Kresia Julio

Kring is a woman of style whose fashion would make you doubt the validity of her stories in conquering mountains. A software engineer by profession, financial literacy advocate, fitness buff, DIY fan, AirBNB host (stopped in March 2020 due to leave and cleave) and a big promoter of self-turn-God confidence with a big heart to those in need. Her hobby includes blogging, scrap/photo booking, traveling, trekking, volunteering, cooking (new in quarantine) & podcasting (new in quarantine). She is easily bored thus the need to have more activities. This is where board gaming and jewelry making comes in. She is married to an introvert who understands and supports her OVERLY extrovert personality.

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