I love dressing up. I’m rarely seen in plain jeans and shirt. I just don’t feel good and beautiful in them. And you see feeling good and beautiful is a necessity. It comes with an obsession for pictures too so…

Lately, I’ve started this “Attire of the Day” pictures. Well, I do have this before but was not that mindful of it. Now that I’m getting old…the youthfulness fades each day. I don’t want to forget my good old days so I’m making this page. I’ve thought of putting this in my personal blog but decided that’s its more fitted here. Fashion is also one of my wanderings. But I won’t be posting anything fashion here..just this page. 🙂

Take a peek of my glamour-ous world. Well, you’ve seen me much in those climbing attires and casual clothes on travel, this a different me…:) I’ll be updating this page once in a while for new attires! Hang on!!!

20130529 Attire Collage

20130000 Random_01

20130000 Random_02

20130000 Random_03 20130000 Random_04

20130608 Kalayaan@Jonesboro

20130615 Te Juliet's Party @ Coco Cabana


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