First Try in Creating Shorts with Contents That I Care About

Youtube videos was my best find in 2021! I didn’t like shorts that much however I realized that it’s very efficient. It’s time I start getting my points across in 15 seconds too! So here’s me trying to share how I’m super thankful to God for the chance to camp quarterly in 2021! I was blown away when I realized that the camp really happened quarterly with only Q3 missing which was our birth months! Most of the time, we focus Q3 for ourselves!

Besides the frequency, I also noticed how God made it in different weather! A rainy, windy and sunny camp! Soooo awesomeee! Used canva for the slides and the music was from youtube shorts!!!

I’m not sure how my shorts journey goes but I’m taking small steps towards my goal this 2022!

Beyond the BLOG is a PODCAST!

Beyond blog is a PODCAST!

Link to the wrap-up here! Listen to the podcast:

2021 Wander Recap – THE Treks or in BISAYA (Katkat)

Our last post was 2021’s opening camp with #PamilyaOutdoor extended at Manunggal, Cebu. I have been planning to write more, but YouTube videos have been easier than words. While I didn’t plan to focus more on videos it just becomes easier when my brother gave me an iPhone 11 last July 15. I started the year with less than 10 subscribers and as of this time, I have 188. I don’t really mind the subscription, but since 2022 is more about finding other income streams, I will probably take some of my time to focus on earning from what I love! Looking at how I could be paid to write and document my life. 😀 2021 in numbers – 19 Laag or trips to the beach & dinner outs. 4 Katkat or treks. 1 Duwa or playing board games.

THE Treks or in BISAYA (Katkat)

When we decided to pray for Unyara in 2017, I was ready to leave our adventurous life behind. Parenting is not easy and I have felt that adventuring from 2011 until 2017 is already enough. However, we were just blessed that despite the adjustment, we still have time to insert adventure. This time with a toddler in tow. Praise God! Here are our 4 trek activities in 2021.

(January) Annual camp at Manunggal!
(May) Mother’s Day trek to Uling Top View!
(May) Summit to Sea at Catmon, Cebu.
(November) Yearend Camp at Sirao.

Up next is the LAAGS! What do you think of our treks this 2021?

Manunggal Camp with a 27 Month Toddler

Despite the pandemic and the still uncertain times, we choose to see beyond and appreciate the outdoors just like what we did on the 1st weekend of 2020 – we opened it on a camp at Sirao Peak with closest of friends.

2020 Welcome Flashback @ Sirao Peak with a 15 Month Old Toddler

Pamilya Outdoor Mandatory Pic before leaving Sirao Peak! So sad that we can’t do it again anytime soon as Sirao is permanently close for visitors. Just thankful that we were able to have this picture.
Pamilya July with Ate Lanie & Uncle AG. This is Unyara’s 2nd camping. She’s just a day before her 15th birth monthsary.
Unyara with her awesome outdoor Ninangs – Ninang Liz and Ninang Maria! We will see them again today! Hurray!
Ninang Analyn’s Familia

Last 2020’s opening the year camp was our only camp of 2020. We didn’t realize how timely it was that time. That’s why, we decided to do an opening of the year camp again for 2021 while it’s still peaceful. And because our favorite mountain is no longer available, we need a new favorite.

Ready. Set. GO!

Unlike our very elaborate meal plans and over OC organizing, since the long outdoor holiday, bringing our own meal has been the norms. We just make sure we have some company and that’s it.

Manunggal in the Rain

It’s our 2nd time in Manunggal but a first in the rain. And like I always say, every camping experience is different especially when the weather is different. I love Manunggal before but I love it more in the rain despite the “landslide” scare.

The invite to camp was sent to “Pamilya Outdoor”. We were so thankful that 2 of Unyara’s Ninang accepted the invite. It has been a while since we saw each other – specifically the 2020 camp at Sirao. Lol After last weekend’s escape, we think that despite the Covid times, we can still insert camping every now and then. Yohoo!

Camping with a Toddler

It’s not really as hassle as people might think. Like her parents, Unyara is a natural. She loves the cold and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She loves to explore and chase animals especially chickens. I think the only adjustment that we had to accommodate Unyara is the carrying but even that is not a hassle at all since I have my trusted baby wear.

Foggy morning in Manunggal!

Look at her clinging to me. When we left the camp, she dozed off comfortably in the baby wear while I was busy catching up my breath uphill.

What are you dreaming baby love?

I can’t wait for the time that she would want to walk but I really don’t mind carrying her for as long as she wants even if it meant missing my good old pink backpack which is already “portered” by Unyara’s yaya. 😀

Pamilya July represent starting from my cousin in black, the husband, Unyara and me and Ate Lanie! Unyara is still very much in dreamland.

How much is camping in Manunggal cost?

As we took punky (Suzuki Celerio) to carry 4 adults and a toddler, we don’t know how much for the habal2 but the husband refilled gas worth Php500. Overnight parking is at Php60.

There are 2 camp options in Manunggal. If you don’t mind a 10-15 minute walk, you can camp free at Magsaysay monument. It saves us Php100 each because we choose not to option 2 – Camping at the camp provided by Baguio De Cebu Eco Adventure.

Aside from saving, the cliff camp doesn’t look very inviting in the rain. Since the monument is a little below, we assumed it wouldn’t be as cold. The monument camp was perfect as aside from the not-so-cold camp grounds, Nanay Bebang was awesome too. She welcomed us into her home. Hurray!

Thank you Nanay Bebang, Tatay Francing, Ate Rose & family for the warm welcome. It certainly made a difference on a cold camping weekend! Plussss, we are really grateful that camping at your “tugkaran” is freeeeee! Hope to see you again soooooon!

It doesn’t really cost much to have a memorable weekend. Taking the whole family camping is just cheap!!!

Pamilya Outdoor++

Aside from enjoying nature, camping is a venue for me to reconnect with friends. I’m very grateful to God for Liz and Maria’s life. It’s been almost 7 years since that memorable outreach in Camotes back in 2014. I’m so happy that we are part of each other’s personal journey too. They were at my wedding in 2015 and has become Unyara’s Ninangs. Last 2020, Maria introduced us her BF last 2020 new year camp which is now her husband after their union last December 30, 2020.

Missing this empowering women alreadyyyy! Can’t wait for our next camp. I think it’s just right that we don’t chat as much as recalling our adventures is always best done at “socials”. 😛

Speaking of “socials”, unlike before, I no longer impose on it but we kind of do a “social”. The husband introduced card games. And if I didn’t put Unyara to bed for sure, the favorite “Resistance” would have been introduce.

The husband explaining the rules of “No Thanks”.

As I’m a mom already, I appreciate it a lot how my husband took the lead in sharing his games. It really bonds the group. And even if I wasn’t able to join all of the games, I’m very happy that we still have socials. After putting Unyara to bed and calming her, we asked her supports to stay at our tent while we went back to the “socials” hall where we enjoy talking until the midnight.

Family pix after the little miss’s “sapot” moment
Tent selfie inside our tent.

Goodbye Magsaysay Monument

There were only 5 tents when we set up camp but it grow to 10 in the morning. During dinner, a group of 6 people arrived. And just when we start playing, 4 of Maria’s friends arrived. She didn’t thought that they would be able to join us because of the rain. In all, there were 17 campers at Magsaysay monument.

After breakfast, we broke the camp at 8:30AM. We took a different path back. It was more scenic than the one we trek down to the monument.

Pamilya July with the newly weds!
Mandatory group picture!

By 10AM, we were back at the top. The news that the road was blocked saddened us but only for a while. We used the free time that we have to talk about our past adventures. After 2 hours of talking, Maria and friends decided to walk and scout the road. We followed an hour after.

Group picture before Maria & friends’ departure
Waiting for the road to be cleared!
We really thought they were Brgy people assisting on the road blockage. Haha!

By 3PM, after a lot of prayer and some waiting, we were safely out of the Balamban hiway. Hurray!!! For a video recall of our adventure, watch the video!!!

Summer in December at Solea, Mactan

Christmas for us is spent with each of our families. When we got married in 2015, as much as we would like to celebrate with just the two of us, it doesn’t really make sense since our family is just near. Christmas Eve is spent with my family in Uling, followed by Christmas lunch or dinner with the husband’s family++. This year was not an exception despite the pandemic.

Pajama Themed CHRISTmas 2020

And because there were less escapade for us this 2020, we thought of a beach trip for December. The initial plan was to drive somewhere south but since Mactan Resort rates are significantly lower and Solea was suggested as a venue for friend’s reunion, it was a wrap!

Ganisiya gengs with mini-Iannie!

Check out this review of Solea Mactan Resort on Google Maps.

I discovered Google maps review in 2020! Instead of posting in my FB or IG, I started posting my comments of the places we visited in Gmaps. It felt appropriate there as it was intended for reviews. When sharing my main purpose is to have a place to look back where I have been. FB and IG is a good place but it has lost it’s touch for me. Seeing posts of people sharing their vacation and where they have been makes me cringed. I think the months of reading why social media is bad finally got to me. Whenever I saw people sharing, I automatically think that they are bragging or how badly they want for other people’s approval. I maybe am projecting but it doesn’t feel good to be thinking of that while I am still doing what makes me cringe.


We paid a little more than we would usually spend for a room but it was worth it. At 6K, we had a room good for 3 adults with buffet breakfast already. I love the look of Solea too. Escape at any Mactan Resort was not really a thing to me considering that before it would cost between 10-15k for overnight. I would rather go somewhere far with the amount but now I know why.

I’m actually very interested in checking out other Mactan resorts. Already thinking of a staycation for our 6th wedding anniversary. 😀

What We Did in Solea?

We arrived very late on the 1st day. Check-in was 3PM and checkout was 11AM the next day. Upon leaving, I thought of how nice it would be if we just arrived earlier. My friends were there for the day use which started at 9AM until 5PM only. Since we arrived late, they just actually enjoyed 2 hours of the day use. Despite that, it was still 2 hours well spent. We just focused on swimming for the 2 hours but they stayed until 7PM to consume the consumable part of the 2500 for 2 pax.

When my friends left, we proceeded to dinner. At 1500, the dinner was awesome. The kimchi rice overwhelmed. We took the leftover at our room and ate it at lunch the next day at my brother’s house. It’s super “sulit”.

To cap the night, we visited the rooftop bar to claim our welcome drinks. We had a choice of calamansi and a shot glass of rhum. We took 2 shot glasses and a calamansi. We ordered mango shake for Unyara as well and 2 bottles of san mig apple. It taste very different now after almost 2 years. I was hesitant to drink since Unyara is still very much breastfeeding but what’s a bottle and a shot glass, right?

Goodbye Solea

Whenever we do overnight, the day after was the hardest as most checkout is at 12PM and we usually wake up late. Solea’s checkout was actually an hour earlier. Compared to normal check-in/checkout time, both are 1 hour later and 1 hour earlier so if you want to save time, it’s better to arrive early and just check the place while waiting for the check-in. They have tons of awesome nooks to take pictures on but since we are pressed with time, we just do the basics.

I woke up at 7AM but it still took us until 10AM to be out of the breakfast buffet. After breakfast, we quickly checkout the sea and swam. When it’s almost 11AM, we left the room for checkout without changing. After checkout, we continued swimming and just change at the comfort room. We left Solea around 1:30PM as I have a schedule to meet the contractor in charge of my brother’s house’s renovation.

Pandemic Measures

Measures are in place and even if the resort is big, there are places with crowd still but I personally think that everyone was as careful as we are too. We are very thankful to God for the awesome time. Thinking about that escape now still makes my heart flutter. Praise you Jesus!

1st Swimscape Out of ECQ in Tabuelan, Cebu

When the husband mentioned that after we visit his parent’s home last August 30, we would spend 1 September weekend on a beach, I had 2nd thoughts. Even if Mandaue City has long been in GCQ, relaxing was never an option as our family believes that God always protects but we have to do our part too.

I was very firm in not taking risk but since it’s the husband’s birthday weekend, I relaxed. After all, between me and him, I’m really the “laagan” so this request to travel is a rare request – something that I cannot ignore. Despite prior agreement, the husband must have felt my doubts so the follow-ups were more of a joke as if weighing if my yes is still a yes.

On the 1st weekend of September, I took the liberty to look at my news feed and noticed that there were posts from the beach. Told the husband about it and he commented how it’s okay already just as long as we follow the protocol. With that, I barely noticed how my work week was as I was really looking forward to our escape. Yet even on the day, lots of prayers were thrown still and until we were safely settled in our accommodation, I was very discreet.

When guilt crept in, the thought that this is really not just all for luxury as aside from going to the beach, we made arrangements for Lanie to visit her family in Asturias as well. Unyara’s minder has missed her children a lot already from not having to visit them starting April. When the husband shared that Lanie might be able to go home on our weekend escape to Tabuelan, it was a wrap. Lanie’s excitement peaked at Friday night. She was not able to sleep at all. While we were all busy that Saturday morning, I made sure we brought our quarantine pass and my company COE in case of checkups.

The Drive, Per Town Checkpoints & COVID Measures

When I shared our trip in Facebook, some friends messaged me asking about the checkpoints and if we were checked. Not sure if it’s really the norms but we were not checked all throughout every checkpoints. I don’t know as well if it matters that we are coming from Mandaue City and not Cebu City where COVID cases are high.

When the husband researched on where to go, we carefully avoided Cebu City as last August 30, when we visited his parent’s home in Labangon, a checkpoint in city health asked us for our border pass. As we have none, we were told to secure on our next visit to Cebu City. We didn’t really have the time on weekdays to get that border pass so we kind of avoided Cebu City at all costs.

Heard about Tabuelan before but didn’t really take it as something that I would like to visit as it’s on the other side of Cebu. When the husband shared that it’s just 2-3 hours travel, I was confused. He explained that there’s a road connecting Sogod and Tabuelan.

The road from Sogod to Tabuelan is awesome. It’s wider than the high way. If not for the heightened alert of COVID, I would have asked the husband to stop and have a quick photo. Oh well there’s always a next time. Whenever we are going outside our home, I always make it sure to have less or no other contact in between at all. Point A to point B travel is still the best practice in this uncertain times. And of course, even though it’s a hassle, we still make it a practice to take a bath right after going home from an outside trip or errand. Also, make sure to pick a resort with COVID measures. So glad, Therrish has that.

The Accommodation

Didn’t really ask the husband where we would stay but I scoured the look of Maravilla beaches just so I have an idea. When I saw the post of sugboph about Tabuelan, I was very impressed. Considering it’s the beach, I expected a native accommodation. Therrish Beach Resort is far from native. A modern basketball themed 2 story building with well manicured lawn and uniformed staffs greeted us.

Getting ready to dip! Unyara #OOTD!

The resort was fully booked. When the husband process the check-in, we waited in the car with our masks on. Upon entering the premises, our temperature was noted and names were entered into a logbook. I noticed how the last 3 guests were from Mandaue City. As Lanie’s pickup hasn’t arrived yet, after checking in, we proceeded to picture taking immediately while Lanie is still around noting how hard it is to take pictures without our official photographer.

Beach at last!

The Beach

Maravilla beach didn’t disappoint. The long beach line was free of structure. I always love Moalboal but somehow, I think I just found a new favorite. The sand and the water was awesome too. Unyara had so much fun playing in the sand. The water was child friendly as well, knee deep with soft sand and countable rocks beneath.

Moalboal & Alcoy were our go-to white sand beaches in Cebu which are both in the south part of Cebu. Due to the restrictions, we were forced to explore the north. And what an exploration it has been. I think Tabuelan is probably my favorite white sand beach now especially  with it’s long stretch of shallow part. I love it because it’s good for our toddler.

The Fun

When Lanie’s parents arrived, we quickly said hi and bid Lanie goodbye. As it was still 3PM,we decided to rest first before our main agenda – swimming. By 5PM, we were ready.

Twinning with our 23 month old!

After some photos, Unyara and I proceeded to swimming while the husband tried his luck on Octi – his 25 feet Octopus kite. Thankfully, he was able to put it on air, to his delight and the delight of those on the beach. Noticed some ooohs and aaahs and lots of photo shoots. Pretty sure it made the husband’s heart full as well.

Unyara with the husband and Octi in the background!

First Night Away from Home

After dinner, we proceeded to the beach. There were people still but not too many. You can really still do social distancing. Unyara really loves the sand and the water. After playing, the husband and I decided to walk to the end of the beach line with our very game toddler in tow. And as we were going back to where we came from with a thought to roam the opposite end of the beach line, Unyara was asleep. Her earliest so far as she normally sleeps when I do, mostly 12AM tops. Since it’s very hard to roam with a sleeping, we decided to call it a night and continued the fun at our room where the husband encouraged me to learn ukulele.

Breakfast in Bed

Before we retire for the night, we ordered our breakfast. The initial plan was to have it delivered at 7AM but later changed to 8AM. Thanks God that we did because even at 8AM, we were still too tired to wake up.

Funday Sunday

It was an extra lazy Sunday. If not for the thought that we would checkout at 12PM thus we need to maximise our time, we would still be in bed even if it’s almost 10AM. Good thing that at 9:30AM, we realized how we have to enjoy the beach while we still can. Unyara had so much fun as this time, it’s both the husband and I who were all eyes on her as she enjoys the water. We left our phones at the room so we can focus on swimming and have fun. Best decision ever!!!

The time quickly passed. We actually didn’t noticed it passing while swimming. It’s a good thing that we went back at 11AM just in time to take a bath and checkout at 12PM. Being Airbnb hosts, we know how important it is to checkout on time so the husband was already agitated when it’s about quarter to 12 and we weren’t outside already. Thankfully, we were really able to went out at 12PM.

Finding Lunch

We had our dinner and breakfast at Therrish so for lunch, we decided to roam the beach line for some restaurant. And just as we thought it was a bad idea after walking for quite some time because there wasn’t really any restaurant nearby, my roasted pic cravings kick-in. The husband laughed saying where to get “lechon” but as soon as we turned into a corner for our last stop before ruling out that “carenderia” hunting was a failure, a “lechon” vendor met my gaze. Another proof just how God’s favorite we really are.

Photoshoot for Unyara@2

When we decided that we would go to Tabuelan, I was also very excited for a DIY photoshoot. There’s really no problem with quarantine views but it would surely be awesome to be out of condo view as well.

Everything was set except for the fact that I want a family picture but our photographer was not around. While we were eating lunch, Migo mentioned that Lanie took a while and asked me if I considered the thought that Lanie would not come back. I didn’t. It wasn’t really on my mind but I told him we would manage still. I know friends who don’t have childminders. Fortunately, we didn’t have to face that problem as after a while Lanie text that she is back. We were happy to resume our photoshoot as well. We had it quick because the sun was high up already.

Darna in Tabuelan
Home Sweet Home

The quick swimscape ended but our hearts are full of gratitude. Traveling is not as easy as it was before COVID but just thankful to God for making it happened as blessed as it have been.

So how about you? When are you planning to hit the beach if you haven’t already done so. If you have, where did you went and how was it?

Sirao Peak With A 13th Month Toddler

Proverbs 19:21 – Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Last weekend, after numerous attempt to take Unyara on her first peak, God finally made it happen. There were initial hesitations as the previous days were raining. Taking a toddler on a trek even if it’s a short 30 minute uphill hike on a rainy day would be a hassle. Good thing, God aligned everything to be awesome. Yay! We trekked uphill without a hitch even if I insisted on carrying my regular overnight load in my backpack plus an additional 8 kg baby weight on my front. I was a little worried going against the husband’s words but somehow, I know I need to check my limits. I wouldn’t be comfortable not knowing.

The Itinerary

Since we will take the short route to Sirao via Ayala Heights Busay, we target to leave at 3PM. Was aiming to be at the peak with enough lights but we arrived at the foot at 5:15 already. Started trekking at 5:20. 20 minutes and lots of breaths later, we were at the peak at around 5:50ish. I was quite surprise that we actually did the climb at 20-30 minutes. I was expecting more as it has been a while since our last trek and I have Unyara as an additional load. I guess you will never really know how strong you are until being strong is the only option.

After setting up our tents, we cooked rice and dined at 8PM with the manok from Snr. Pedro. While we were eating, it drizzled a little but thankfully, it didn’t rain. We continued our catch-up on our tent after our mandatory photo ops.

The crowd was very different from the last time that we camp. They were not rowdy. There were around 20+ tents but it was surprisingly rejuvenating. As I was drifting off to sleep at around 11PM, I was lulled to dreamland by the sound of Christian songs from one of our campmates.

I woke up at 5AM the next day. The weather was cold but it didn’t rain so our body heat and jacket was enough. We didn’t even used our sleeping bags. Unyara was comfortable throughout the night, feeding in between. I made sure to touch her hands and feel the expose parts of her body to check if she was cold. When I got up at 6AM, she did too. As we were preparing breakfast, she was busy as well.

We were the last to break the camp at 730AM. By 8AM, we were ready to go down. This time, I let Ate Lanie (Unyara’s Yaya) to bring my backpack. And yes, we brought Unyara’s Yaya on the camp for support and so she could explore as well.

An hour after, we were back at the police station where we left our car. We bid goodbye to our companion, Unyara’s Godmother, as I thank the Lord for blessing us with an awesome adventure.

What to Bring

When I thought of trekking with Unyara, I thought how hassle it would be to bring milk and extra water for her. Thank God she is still fully breastfeed. I only brought her clothing essentials: 1 overall for sleeping, 1 jacket for cold, 1 pair of TO GO outfit, 2 pair of socks, 2 bibs, 1 face towel, 5 diapers and wet wipes. I was very careful not to overpack. From the list of clothes, only the jacket was used.

For my personal things, I have sleeping bag, tent mat, cookset, slipper, 1 jacket, a pair of clothes and 800ml of water. The tent was with the husband. Ate Lanie has her tent on her bag as well.

Is Sirao Peak Good For A Toddler?

Yes it is but take my word with a grain of salt. Going up Sirao Peak on a rainy day is slippery. Please consider checking the weather when you schedule a trek with your toddler.

What’s next?

We are thinking of bringing Unyara to Osmena Peak or Kandungaw Peak but maybe next year. 🙂

Here’s our social posts from the trek:

Posted at my IG:

Posted at Unyara’s IG:

3D2N & a Bed of Board Games in Pinamungahan, Cebu

I used to think that summer and board games don’t mix well. Summer is outdoor while board games is indoor but for 3 years now, I have actually enjoyed both at the same time with the Cebu Board Gamers at our yearly summer board gaming escape. The fun started in 2016 at Eazy Vacation House in Sogod, north of Cebu. Last year, we went south to Badian, Cebu. Just last weekend, we went west to MonTeray Farm, west of Cebu. The directions and places are all coincidental like how we started in “Sogod” which means start in vernacular and travelled from north to south to west. If I were to plan the outing in 2019, I would surely pick somewhere in the city so it will be east. Haha! It’s too early to tell though and a whole year to change my mind. Besides, we have Unyara by then so things are bound to change.

Memory Monday

I have so many back logs and unposted itinerary on my Evernote but today I’ll make an exception and post timely. Lol But before the events last weekend and the superb hospitality of MonTeray Farm, let’s do a #MemoryMonday first.

(1) Eazy Vacation House – this was our first overnight trip together. It felt awkward at first to be spending the weekend with them gamers but it actually opened new door of friendships. The house was huge too!!!

(2) Badian, Cebu – Like the first I’m just a mere joiner. With the board gamers, I don’t really like to plan things. Since most of them are introverts, I don’t connect to them as much.

MonTeray Farm

Last weekend, there wasn’t really much to plan since I’ve been to MonTeray already. The staffs & management were really kind and accommodating. Most of our inquiries were answered timely.

Last year, there were 12 attendees. The number was consistent but there were 5 new joiners. Verne, Kyle, Paul, Nina & Ina were turned into Jeff, Lui, Lukas, Kim & Ian. Consistent attendees were me, the husband, Victor, Ana, Je, JP & Lem.

Below is a recap of the activities in pictures:

Itinerary & other details:

Room/night: Php500/night (Dorm room – minimum pax – 12 up to 16)


Friday, June 15
  • 1000AM – Cebu City Departure
  • 1100AM – Lunch in Jollibee, Naga
  • 0230PM – Checkin
  • 0330PM – Chill & Tour
  • 0400PM – Games
    • Azul (Kring, Ian1GW, Jeff, Ana2GW)
    • Carcassone (Victor, JulyW, Lukas, Lui, Je)
    • Dixit Pairs (KJ, KI, JV-W, LL-W,Lem)
  • 0630PM – Dinner (Php1570)
  • 0800PM – Game Time
    • Nations (JeW, July, Lem, Victor)
    • Party (Kim, Ian, Lui, Lukas, Ana, Jeff)
  • 1100PM – Heavy Game Time
    • Scythe (Kim, Ian, Lukas, Ana, JeffW)
    • Power Grid (Je, JulyW, Lem, Victor, Kim)
  • 0330AM – Light’s Off
Saturday, June 16
  • 0800AM – Breakfast – individual
  • 10AM – Games
    • Glassroad (KringW, Ian, Victor, July)
  • 1100AM – Lunch (Php2800)
  • 0100PM – Games
    • Keyflower (VictorW, Lui, Jeff, Lukas, Ian)
    • Empires of the void (Kring, Lem, Je, Kim, JulyW)
    • Splendor (Ian, Victor, Jeff)
  • 0400PM – Swim Time/Game Time
    • Swimming (Kim, Ian, Kring, Victor, July)
    • Carcassone (LemW, Ana, JP, Lui, Jeff)
  • 0600PM – Game Time
    • Celestia (IanW, Kim, Ana, Victor, Lem)
  • 0630PM – Dinner (Php1610)
  • 0800PM – Game Time
    • Terraforming Mars (Je, Jeff, Lui, Ian)
    • Pandemic (July, Kring, Victor, Kim) – August WIN
  • 1000PM – Chill Time
  • 1030PM – Bonfire
  • 1200AM – Time’s Up
    • NiggaW (Lui, Lukas, Victor, Jeff, Kim, Lem)
    • Chinese ( Kring, July, Ana, Je, Ian, JP)
  • 0130AM – Dixshots
Sunday, June 17
  • 0900AM Breakfast – individual
    • Azul (AnaW, Jeff, Victor, July)
  • 1100AM – Checkout
  • 1130AM – Farm Tour
  • 0100PM – Departure
  • 0147PM – Lunch (Fresh Ocean Restaurant)
  • 0320PM – Departure
  • 0530PM – Cebu City
Attendees by Car:
  • July – Kring, Je, JP
  • Victor – Lui, Lukas, Lem
  • Ian – Kim, Ana, Jeff
  • Cancelled – Verne, Paul, Nina, JV, Roel
  • No food and drinks corkage
Played Games:
  • Azul (Kring, Ian1GW, Jeff, Ana2GW)
  • Carcassone (Victor, JulyW, Lukas, Lui, Je)
  • Dixit Pairs (KJ, KI, JV-W, LL-W,Lem)
  • Nations (JeW, July, Lem, Victor)
  • Party (Kim, Ian, Lui, Lukas, Ana, Jeff)
  • Scythe (Kim, Ian, Lukas, Ana, JeffW)
  • Power Grid (Je, JulyW, Lem, Victor, Kim)
  • Glassroad (KringW, Ian, Victor, July)
  • Keyflower (VictorW, Lui, Jeff, Lukas, Ian)
  • Empires of the Void (Kring, Lem, Je, Kim, JulyW)
  • Splendor (Ian, Victor, Jeff)
  • Carcassone (LemW, Ana, JP, Lui, Jeff)
  • Celestia (IanW, Kim, Ana, Victor, Lem)
  • Terraforming Mars (Je, Jeff, Lui, Ian)
  • Pandemic (July, Kring, Victor, Kim) – August WIN
  • Dixshots (Lem, Jeff, Je, Victor, Kim, Ian)
  • Azul (AnaW, Jeff, Victor, July)
  • Dinner – Php1570 (131/pax for 12pax)
    • Pork BBQ (80/order) – 240
    • Utan Bisaya (120/order) – 240
    • Garlic Chicken (210/order) – 420
    • Pancit Canton (185/order) – 370
    • Rice Platter (100/order) – 300
  • Brunch – Php2800 (255/pax for 11pax)
    • Crispy Pata (450/order) – 900
    • Tinolang Manok (500/order) – 1500
    • Rice Platter (100/order) – 400
  • Dinner – Php1610 (135/pax for 12pax)
    • Chicken Inasal (12 pcs) – 460
    • Pork Bellyy (3 orders) – 510
    • Utan Bisaya (2 orders) – 240
    • Rice Platter (4 orders) – 400
  • Lunch – Php3450 (190/pax for 12pax)
    • 3 Calamares – 675
    • 2 Sizzling Squid – 450
    • Clam Tinola – 470
    • 2 Chop Suey – 510
    • 2 Grilled Ribs – 510
    • 1 Shrimp Garlic – 235
    • 4 Platter Rice – 600
  • Room 12,000
  • Food 9430
  • Total: Php12,940 (1786/pax approx.)

Compared to the other escapades, this was the most relaxing so far because we didn’t prepare our own food. We just ordered from the restaurant. We even have off the menu requests. I highly recommend MonTeray farm in any activities especially team buildings and outings. Wilson and Kaye are very awesome hosts. We really felt loved and cared for. The staffs are superb too especially Cring2 & Herms. Would love to come back soon. 🙂

Wayback Wednesday: Backpacking Indochina

Every time I got notification that TWL’s stats has spiked, I would feel guilty as it has been a while since I posted. Today, someone messaged about the “Indochina” trip bringing positive feedback to our itinerary. It warmed my heart. It has been almost 2 years now. I wonder when we will get the chance to do a kick-ass trip again. Hmmm! While at it, I thought of searching the word “Backpacking Indochina” in google.

I’m surprised that TWL make it to the 5th list. Hurrayyyyy! No wonder my stats are spiking every now and then. 🙂 I wonder how my other posts fare. Maybe next time. LOL I’ll think about burning my backlog soon. Hahahaha! #BloggerProblem

Bacolod – Boracay: A Back to Back Birthmonth Adventure

Unlike last year in Indochina, we didn’t plan to splurge on my birth month but when God blesses you, He will bless you with much. This 2017, lots of surprises came our way. These trips are included.

Because we were traveling together with the husband’s sister who is taking a month off work from being an OFW, our expense were very minimal. If it were up to us, a traditional birthday dinner will do considering the unplanned expense due to Mama’s hospitalization. But God’s awesomeness doesn’t end there. He not only allowed me to travel for my 31st birthday but He also gave me the chance to celebrate it with a mini-outreach at Josefa Recio Therapeutic Center (no photos to protect the mental patients). The gifts from my generous friends were converted into cash to buy foods for the mental patients who were at the center. Happy to be blessed to bless others. 🙂 I could go on yapping about God’s awesomeness these passing months but this blog is not for that. Go to my personal blog if you want to read about God’s faithfulness.

Moving on, Bacolod and Boracay were not on our list of must gos. For us, Boracay is just beach and Bacolod, what’s in Bacolod? But the trip convinced us that there’s more to Boracay than beach and there’s really something in Bacolod worthy of checking.

Below are the list of things that surprises us on our Bacolod – Boracay visit:

1. Bringing a car on a road trip to Bacolod is not that expensive.

Ever since we had punky, a road trip outside Cebu was in mind but we were never really that serious until the option presented itself. Road trip in Bacolod? Why not! The husband was incharge of the research. He noted that there’s only a few available articles online about it so we were not sure how much to pay until we arrived in Toledo Port. We only paid Php1025 pesos for Punky (our baby Suzuki Celerio) including the driver via FastCat. We chose FastCat because unlike LiteFerries, the travel to Bacolod is only an hour. Passenger fare is at Php150.

2. Going to Boracay from Caticlan involves multiple transport.

Compared to our previous pre-planned travels where we OC everything, we didn’t researched Boracay to bits. So when we arrived in Godofredo Ramos Airport we were pleasantly surprised at the number of rides we took to reached Boracay. Going to our accommodation in Watercolors, we booked a transport tour for Php2500 for 4 pax. From the airport, we were met by the tour personnel then ushered to rode a van to the port then a speed boat for 5 minutes then another van. The 5-minute boat ride baffled us. Why didn’t they build a bridge instead?

Going back to the airport, we commuted. We only spent Php980 in all. Rode a tryke to the port for Php180. Paid Php700 at the port: Php75 for the fare and Php100 for the terminal fee. Then another tryke to airport for Php25/pax. It was a good thing we tried the non-arranged transport. Now we know how much to allocate for a DIY transport to Boracay.

Total travel time from the airport to Boracay Station 1 is around 1 hour.

3. Staying at 2 different accommodations in Bacolod was strategic and comfortable.

On our first night, we planned to stay at Mambukal but it was fully booked so we stayed at M02 Westown instead. From San Carlos, we drove to Murcia to visit Mambukal then had a late check-in at M02. Had we stayed in Mambukal, it would have been out of the way to visit the city center at night. We rested after check-in then had dinner at Mercy’s Talabahan near the city hall. We then strolled and took photos of the city hall after.

Breakfast was included at the accommodation. After eating, we did an early checkout and attended the 10AM mass at San Sebastian Cathedral. We visited The Ruins after and stayed until our stomach screamed food. We arrived at Chicken House at 130PM. Had we arrived a little later, we would have missed eating there as they closed at 2PM and opened again for dinner time. After lunch, we were ready for Campuestohan Highlands Resort – our 2nd accommodation for the trip.

CHR was big and suprisingly, their rooms are not that expensive. We stayed at log cabin for only Php3300. We took the good for 3 person room and paid Php300 for the extra person. What’s good in staying at CHR overnight is that you get to experience a Baguio like feels in the morning.

4. Choosing an accommodation in Boracay Station 1 was worth it.

When we knew we were staying at Station 1, we were surprised. It was pricey but worth it. We stayed at a room with own balcony and mini-dining while the husband’s sister and mom is at the adjoining room with bath tub. Nighly rate is at Php7500/room. We stayed for 2 nights for a total of Php30K. The staffs were great. We were provided with welcome drinks and fruits plus good night chocs for 2 nights.

Aside from the superb accommodation, compared to Station 2 and 3, Station 1 was laid back. The beach was wider and not too populated. The beach walk from each stations was one of the high lights of our Boracay visit.

5. Both trips were still fun and relaxing even if we didn’t OC on the itinerary.

We didn’t have a full blown itinerary for these trips. We just picked the places to stay and did the activities that were available. In Mambukal, we just enjoyed the hot spring. Since it was raining, we missed to visit the falls and the boat ride. Same thing happened with CHR, we were only able to experience the wave pool and bubble swim for some minutes before we checked out. When we arrived at 4PM the previous day, the weather was cold. We were only able to take pictures before the attractions closed at 5PM. Had we known, it would have been better if we arrived early. Yet even if we were not able to do the activities, staying at CHR was already awesome. The whole resort is an eye candy. The pictures we took were enough. 🙂

Popularly known for it’s party atmosphere, what we had in Boracay was not what we expected. Contrary to what we believed, there’s actually something in Boracay other than the parties. The beach was awesome and staying at station 1 totally changed our view. We actually want to visit Boracay again. 🙂 Read our Boracay post to know why.

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