Year in Review

Dreams Do Come True

The first quarter of 2017 is almost done but the 2016 recap is still in draft. Wew! Time to catchup. These days, I hardly have time to write anymore but if I'm not gonna do it, I'm sure I would hate myself 2-3 years from now. 😊 If there's a line that would best describe… Continue reading Dreams Do Come True

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Daily Prompt: Waiting

via Daily Prompt: Waiting When I started to embrace travel as a way of coping up back in 2011, I wanted to travel as many places as I can. But I don't have the means and capacity both financially and emotionally yet so I stayed put and waited for the right moment. But as I was waiting, I… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Waiting

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The (Modified) ROY G BIV Wedding Theme

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "ROY G. BIV." Yesterday upon cleaning up the categories on this blog, I stumbled unto this photo challenge. I then thought of posting the photos from our COLORFUL wedding. Hesitated at first since the entourage was not really in ROY G BIV colors since I added purple and pink. LOL… Continue reading The (Modified) ROY G BIV Wedding Theme

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A New Adventure…In 25 Days!

This is not my usual adventure. Just done the 2nd day and I already thought about quitting. Who am I kidding? 1000 words in a day for 25 days? I love writing, but I've never written something everyday and FORCED myself doing it. Fiction was I realized non-fiction is much, much, much...harder. Should I give… Continue reading A New Adventure…In 25 Days!

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A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Action

I'm a reluctant photographer because I'm still confused whether I want to be the one in or behind a beautiful photograph. But ever since the boyfie had this signature craze pose in every places we went and mountains we climbed, I just had to get better. These jump shots were taken from our last trip… Continue reading A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Action

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At 2 AM

"Will You Marry Me?" It said. I crinkled my nose and pout my lips. Is this a JOKE?! Then it dawned on me. Maybe... But why at 2 AM?! Something different maybe?! Oh right... I am surprised... But what now?! And just as I was about to turn on the lamp, the room lights blinded… Continue reading At 2 AM

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Bicol Day4: All Day Ride

Ferry schedule from Guijalo Port to Sabang Port start at 5 AM and every 2 hours until 11 AM. Since were quite battered the day before, we opt for the 3rd trip. Reached Sabang by 11 AM where our van to Naga City awaits. The 3rd league of the all day ride comes after lunch at… Continue reading Bicol Day4: All Day Ride

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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

On the way to my unit at Building 14 this morning. Looks like Building 15 will be ready by the end of this month. Yay! More neighbors to come. Taken with my Starmobile Astra. My first Weekly Photo Challenge. Yay! Wanna join the fun? Go here.