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A New Adventure…In 25 Days!

This is not my usual adventure. Just done the 2nd day and I already thought about quitting. Who am I kidding? 1000 words in a day for 25 days? I love writing, but I've never written something everyday and FORCED myself doing it. Fiction was I realized non-fiction is much, much, much...harder. Should I give… Continue reading A New Adventure…In 25 Days!

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At 2 AM

"Will You Marry Me?" It said. I crinkled my nose and pout my lips. Is this a JOKE?! Then it dawned on me. Maybe... But why at 2 AM?! Something different maybe?! Oh right... I am surprised... But what now?! And just as I was about to turn on the lamp, the room lights blinded… Continue reading At 2 AM