Best Day Trek Ever @ Bocaue Peak via 5 Towers

The day after our eventful day trek to Bocaue was an awesome Sunday – the last weekend of January. The husband spoiled the Miga by giving in to her cravings of green banana and salted fish. My, my…yumminess and movie is love. Everything is perfect until she moves her legs. Uh-oh! 

The pains which were a little worse the night after the trek subsided already but the memories of an-unexpected-day-trek-turned-night-plus-walking-in-the-rain still hadn’t. It was too much to just brush off. Why?

Here’s a number of reasons why it’s called the BEST DAY TREK EVER!!!

1. The weather was perfect for a climb. Cloudy and a little drizzle from time to time but not enough to get us wet. Perfectly awesome to prevent Mr. Sun from scorching us. Wohoo!!!

2. We had a good number of hikers, around 20ish. 6 of which are day trekkers. We belong to the day trekkers but we carried as much as the night since we brought our banana bed (Violi) and kite (Octi) along. Part of the reason why we opt to day. We’d be super crazy to bring Violi and Octi along with our normal overnight packs. But the wife did thought about it. 🙄 Plus the wife is reunited with blogger friends and known new ones too. They even had a reunion pose. 💟💝💖

3. It’s a new peak for us. NCR trekkers went to visit Bocaue last year but we were in Indochina. Mr. President promised to guide us if we wanted to visit but after the trip, we decided to focus on other things. We were more than happy to have Bocaue as our kick-off peak for 2017. Hurray!

4. Violi and Octi in Bocaue. Ever since the wife enjoyed lounging with the recently purchased banana bed (Violi), she considered bringing it to the mountain despite the husband’s rolling eyes. At 2 kg, it was the same weight with the tent but that time, since it was day hike, the tent was not needed. Other stuffs were left to giving a room for Octi as well.

5. Ultra Day Hike. Bocaue via 5 towers was crazy. It was a long hike. We arrived at the peak after 5 hours of walking. Then, we spent at 2-3 hours of trek going to Chalet with the drizzle. It even rained hard as soon as we arrived in Babag. We were forced to walk in the rain bearing the burden that not all of us had rain coats and headlights. T_T

We were pretty spent when we arrived in Chalet. God answered our prayers when the Kuya Store owner offered to get us motorcycles saving us the walk from Chalet to Temple of Leah. Hurray.

It was indeed another awesome trekacapade worthy in the books of the Wanderfull couple Migo&Miga.


8-9AM Meetup at Guadalupe Church
10AM Jump-off at Napo Basketball Court
10:15AM Start trek via Babag trail
10:45AM Start 5 towers trail
12:30PM Lunch after the 3rd tower
1:00PM Resume Trek
3:00PM Bocaue Peak
4:45PM Start trek to Babag
6:00PM Babag
7:00PM Chalet

Summit to Sea Adventure in Biliran, Eastern Visayas (Day 3) – The Sambawan Paradise

This is the last post of the Tres Marias series but I’m planning to post some realizations and other tips blog soon. Hang in there friends. Hope you had fun reading as much as I had fun writing while re-visiting the lovely memories that we had on this adventure. The husband and I would be on a hiatus this July and August as we will be preparing for our 11-day trip to Southeast Asia come August 20-September 1. We were quite excited as that trip would be our 2nd trip abroad following our Anniversary trip in Hong Kong & Macau last March. Wish us luck friends!!! Till the next post!

The hype of Sambawan wasn’t just a hype, it’s real. It’s the sort of beauty that even a photograph cannot do justice. It’s a paradise that I don’t mind waking up to every single day. The island is peculiarly shaped but since I was rather unadventourous that morning I’ve only visited the main viewpoint. The husband however went to the other end. Ryan, our guide urged us to visit the opposite end. I think  no one went. Next time I really would. Gotta come back and stay for more than a night.

4 of the picture-perfect views of Sambawan! The husband’s view is overlooking to where we camp. Liz’s in orange is facing the other end of the island where I didn’t go. My view is to the sea. The last pic w/ Analyn is the cogon-covered path way to the view point.

Day 3
We agreed to wake up at 4 AM but when my alarm sounded, it was still too dark. I noticed that I was sweating so I opened our tent to welcome the morning breeze. After I did so, the cold air put me back to sleep. I woke up just in time for the orangey glow of sunrise. I then called on the others so that we could go together.

The camp site early in the morning.
Early morning views.

To my surprise, the view point is just very near. Ryan told me it was a short trek but I didn’t think it was that short. Haha! There was even a stairs on the way up.

Pictures on the way to the view point.

And of course, Sambawan didn’t disappoint. From the view point, you could see the entire island shaped like a C. The husband said it is a snake shaped island so instead of Sambawan, it would have been better if it was called the Snake Island. But of course, I disagree. An island named after a beast I loathe wouldn’t be a must for me. Haha! I would think that it’s named such because snakes are abundant in them. Lol

I went back ahead of the husband as he wanted to explore the other end of the island. I wanted too as well but I worried that if I stayed too long, we wouldn’t be able to achieved leaving the island as planned.

The husband’s attempt to pose! This is so rareeeeee before but nowadays, it just amazed me how he makes an effort to pose for pictures now. 🙂 He has changed indeed. And I love that change. 🙂
Pictures of the husband’s buddies in exploring the other end of the islands.

When I went back, we started cooking breakfast. Since we had tons of foods left, we had a feast. We had dilis, spam, corned beef and eggs. While we were cooking, the others were breaking up the camp. Over our cooking busyness, we played a game of “Kuan”. Gamz who went in late didn’t get the joke right away. She had the most “Kuan” counts. As for me who’s normally talkative and talk fast had to tone down my speech. I didn’t want to have any “Kuan” count. Haha!

Breakfast time!!!

After breakfast, we gathered up our things and arranged it to the boat. We left just in time. On the way, as promised Ryan took us to 2 spots. The first was a cave. We just caught a glimpsed of it though so everyone wasn’t that hyped. The 2nd was Dalutan Resort. We paid an extra Php20 for entrance but it’s worth it. Some had the time to swim and the others just enjoyed a brief time’s up from the unforgiving heat of our open boat.

Photo ops before we left the island of dreams!
Our partner of adventure – our open boat and some views along the way!

We were supposed to have lunch back at the harbor but as we were not famished yet, we decided to just went to the terminal directly. We declined Ryan’s offer to change at his house. Since all of us wouldn’t fit in at a single van, Liz, Pong, the husband and me rode together at the next van. We were in Ormoc by 4 PM. After a sumptuous meal of lechon, we waited for our ride back to Cebu. =) At 8 PM, we were home. It was time to say goodbye to the new faces who have been our companions for the last 3 days. All we have were pics and a life time of memories that would be cherished forever. 🙂

This is the last post of the Tres Marias series but I’m planning to post some realizations and other tips blog soon. Hang in there friends. Hope you had fun reading as much as I had fun writing while re-visiting the lovely memories that we had on this adventure. The husband and I would be on a hiatus this July and August as we will be preparing for our 11-day trip to Southeast Asia come August 20-September 1. We were quite excited as that trip would be our 2nd trip abroad following our Anniversary trip in Hong Kong & Macau last March. Wish us luck friends!!! Till the next post!

Tres Marias Series:
Day 1
Day 2 – Part 1
Day 2 – Part 2
Day 3

Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear from you. Comment away!!!

Summit to Sea Adventure in Biliran, Eastern Visayas (Day 2) – Part 2 – Descent and Ulan-Ulan Falls

We left the camp in a hurry at 12 PM. 2 hours late for our target. As I was walking away focusing on catching up with the others, I hear Tin shrieked. She was bitten by bees. I asked if she was good, she answered that it was just minor. John who walked behind her was luckily spared. Not long after, I caught up with Liz and Gamz. John & Tin who were behind me said July was behind them so I decided to stop. On a trek, I am most comfortable walking ahead of the husband.

Going down was slippery. I was extra careful but then it happened. For the first time, I lost balance and slipped. The husband was quick to notice and instead of supportive like usual, he was mocking me. Liz joined in. It went on for a while. I tried to fight back but they won’t budge.

Group picture! I was still in good spirits by then. Bottom left picture was taken after I slipped.

Things happened so fast that the next thing I remembered was hitting the husband with my trekking pole. I was as surprised as he was for what I did. I was sorry but I felt he deserved my ire. I then went ahead to get away from him determined to keep my angst alive. Then everything started to turn bad in my eyes. I lost the energy to capture moments or lend people my high spirits.

When we stopped at the last water source, there was a commotion. It was only then that I noticed Charina’s face. Her eyes was swollen. As the others went ahead, the husband offered her antihistamine. Charina, like Tin, was also bitten by bees and she got an allergic reaction to it. I wanted to go ahead but I had to make sure she’s OK. I didn’t want to talk to the husband but that time I had no choice.

Charina stop!

After Charina & Ricco went ahead, I continued my indifference to the husband which was now repentant. When the group stopped at our lunch area, I decided to flee from the husband. I didn’t feel like resting too. The trail starting from the lunch stop started to get harsh. It was a different feeling trekking at the head. I had the chance to take pictures in the front.

The action at the head of the group.

Nomad Falls
When we passed Nomad Falls, Almera asked if we could drop by. I was hesitant but Ryan (the guide) assured that we still have time. Because we were in a hurry the day before I have totally missed seeing the falls. It would have been a pity if we missed it a 2nd time.

As I was readying to go, I didn’t noticed the husband keeping up with me. When we arrived near the falls, Gamz and Almera had their picture taken. After taking their picture, the husband said he would take my picture. I hesitated. He’s really persistent. I wanted to stay mad and ignore him but who could stay mad at someone so kind and understanding? He should have gone mad after I hit him with the pole but instead of being angry at me being angry, he understood my immaturity.

After Nomad Falls, I was back to my normal self. I wanted to hug & say sorry but I was still mad for his mocking. I didn’t want to forget about it just because he was regretful. While we bathe at Nomad Falls, the others went ahead.

Hello Nomad Falls! Almera was quick to check the falls as soon as we stop!
The stop right before Nomad Falls!
Hello Nomad Falls! And yes, I swam! 🙂

Recoletos and Ulan2 Falls
We reunited with everyone at Ulan2 Falls. Since we were the last, we decided to stop by at Recoletos for picture. Ulan2 Falls was just below Recoletos. I was already OK with the husband but still uneasy with Liz. What she did may seem normal but I have always hated it when people mocked me. Sometimes I fight back but most of the time, its just plain annoying. I understood that people are normally tactless and don’t care much about other people’s sentiments but I don’t want to have myself subjected to that kind of toxic feeling. Like whenever someone calls me fat, it hurts because I don’t understand why they have to rub it in my face. I’m not even that fat. I have a healthy weight. I exercise and I love my curves. Magnifying the insecurity of others is not my game and I expect people to do the same. Sadly most of the time, people are just harsh. And if they are harsh, I need to be harsher.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

I believe what happened was an attack and I don’t enjoy it. People should stop noticing the bad in others. They should focus on themselves instead. I’m not perfect but I’m working hard to improve myself. I don’t criticize people. I don’t speak ill about them but if I did, I’m sure that was just mere retaliation.

Because I wasn’t myself in Ulan2, I tried to stay away from everyone. It was a good decision because after a while they were joking around. Making people look stupid while laughing about it as a group is not my cup of tea. I seek to empower not belittle.

Recoletos and Ulan2x Falls! I don’t have much pictures since I’m still not feeling good.

Back to the Harbor
We were told to be back at the jump-off at 4PM. While walking, I had the chance to confront the husband about what happened. After clearing everything with him, I decided that was enough. That I had to let go of whatever that was I’m keeping. Besides Liz was just an accessory.

Our rides were waiting when we arrived at the jump-off. But instead of riding in 2s, we had to do it in 3s. Pong rode with us. After 5 minutes in transit, the roof of the motorcycle was squeaking. Because our bags were heavy, the roof threatened to give in. Pong and the husband had to use their hands as support. The driver decided to stopped. Pong carried his bag while the husband’s bag was put at the front. As we continue our ride, the roof was squeaking still with only my bag but not so much anymore.

Bye bye Uan2x!

Off to Sambawan
While waiting for our ride to Sambawan, we decided to just have our dinner at the harbor instead. It drizzled while we were eating but instead of transferring, we took out our umbrellas and continued eating. Haha! After a while our ride arrived.

Dinner at the harbor!

It was an open boat with no roof. Everyone was just as surprised as I was. Someone asked Ryan (the guide) if that was our boat and thought that he was joking when he said that it was. People had hesitations whether the 18 of us would fit. I had too but as always, I didn’t let my fear influence everyone. Besides, it was already late to get another boat. I trusted Ryan’s word.

Our ride to Sambawan! It looks scary right?

Fighting Fear with Gaming
After eating, we decided to go. As I waved goodbye to Cha and Ricco, I uttered a silent prayer to keep both of us safe. The weather was not so good and from what I heard, the waves in Sambawan could become merciless at times. When the boat finally moved, Almera reminded us to pray. I forgot if it was me or Analyn who led the prayer. After the prayer, we played games. There were a lot of suggestions but we ended playing “3-6-9”. A lot of games followed after. It was thanks to the games we were a bit distracted.

The ride took almost 2 hours. It felt so long. I think it was my first time to ride a boat at night. It was scary. The dark night and the big waves were recipes of disaster for me. I felt like I was in some kind of shark or horror movie. When the waves got a little too much, I decided to stop playing and focus on the surroundings. I prayed too. And just like always, when I’m afraid, I tend to think of the worst. Then I saw some light at a distance. Relief washed over me when someone announced that we were almost there.

Hello Sambawan
The fear of the ride must have taken a toll. I was both super hungry and super sleepy. After pitching our tent, I wanted to curl up and sleep right away but everyone seems to be in high spirits. The husband suggested that maybe the sea will take my stress away.

Thanks God I listened to the husband. The sea was indeed rejuvenating. The others who didn’t swim prepared soup and noodles. It was enough to regain back my energy. After eating, the husband suggested we played “Thumbs Up”. It was a stupid game and I sucked big time. Haha! When I lost, that was my cue to exit. My entire body was screaming in pain too. Sundays after a long trek is just the worst for me. I, of course, wasn’t able to sleep right away. They were noisy and I didn’t want to miss out on anything too. Haha!

The countable pictures I had. Last pic was taken at 12:30 AM. They must have slept around 1 or 1:30AM.

Oh well! Writing part 2 was not what I thought. It’s supposed to be cheesy and more dramatic. LOL Anyway, I must have been just excited to finally finish this part so that I could show just how beautiful Sambawan is. 🙂 Next!!! And no more drama and pole beating this time. LOLssss! Day 3 is just pure awesomeness. We even went on a surprise detour to 2 spots. Weeeeee! And sorry for being a little bit emotional. Now you know how I hate mocking. You mustn’t push my button next time. Huhu! I was actually sad I didn’t have more pics on the 2nd part. I have a hard time remembering too. 😦 I was also regretful because of my bad mood, I didn’t have time to cam-whore at Ulan2x Falls. Hayst!

Tres Marias Series:

Day 1

Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 – Part 2

Day 3

Summit to Sea Adventure in Biliran, Eastern Visayas (Day 2) – Part 1 – Ascent to Tres Marias Peak 3

After 15 minutes of walking, I caught up with the others. After seeing Cods, I asked him if he can still see Pong. He answered that Ryan and Pong were still busy taking pictures so he went ahead. That irk me somehow so I asked the group to stop. We waited for a while and then everyone got impatient. I was thinking of the worst. After a while Rocco went back to look for Pong and Ryan.

The group was divided. We were already running out of time. Then the husband mentioned that he had a GPS tracker and with that he can lead the group back to camp. I was hesitant to let him go but I had no choice. I didn’t want to leave without Ryan and Pong too. It was a hard choice. Analyn decided to stay too.

The night was peaceful. There was no rain but the howling winds made me thought of one. In my sleepy state I asked the husband to get the food we hanged outside.  He kept reassuring me that the foods were safe and that what I’m hearing was just the wind. I remembered I asked him twice or thrice. He must have been exasperated because he reminded me about it in the morning. Nyahaha!

In the middle of somewhat a long sleep, the husband announced that he would pee and asked if I wanted to. Before going out, I checked the time. It was still 1AM, about 3 hours since I dozed off. On the way to pee, we saw someone sleeping at an open space near our common area. I wasn’t sure if it’s just Ryan – the guide or both of our guides slept there.

When we settled back, I rearranged my sleeping pad which was now my jackets and sleeping bag. Unfortunately, because of my haste, I have forgotten my earth pad. It wasn’t that cold because all throughout the night, I didn’t used my sleeping bag. I only relied with my Sarong as blanket.

June 19, 2016 (Day 2)
My alarm sounded at 430AM but it was only at 5AM that I decided to move. As agreed, I boiled water and called out my group for a light breakfast. The husband and I had oats, slices of apple, milo and boiled egg. John & Tin shared a cup of noodles. I forgot what Gamz ate but Liz and Pong had bread. An hour and a half after, we were ready for the summit. We followed the same trail lineup and before leaving the camp, we prayed for a safe journey still led by Gamz.

Breakfast with the husband and Analyn’s group then the prayer led by Gamz!

The Ascent
The guides warned us of a steep journey. Tres Marias Peak 3 is around 1300+, Aeta Camp is at 900+. They estimated around 2-3 hours with an elevation gained of 400+. Before we left the camp, the rain started pouring. Good thing it didn’t linger but it was enough to wet the ground. The early morning dew and the rain connived to make our assault slightly challenging.

The most beautiful part of Tres Marias was the trail to the summit. Some parts remind me of the the journey to Malindang’s Peak. The trees covered in moss is just breath-taking. On a trek, I am mostly focused on where I am walking so stuffs like snakes or pitcher plants that’s not really in my path or line of sight can go passed me. Good thing the husband is always eager to share his finds. While he’s a natural observer and loves to take pictures of nature, I am mostly interested in people’s struggles.

Ah…people’s struggles…there’s a lot of action on our journey to the summit. Every time I climbed my way up a tree or crawl my way down a trunk, I would think of how beautiful this must be if captured. And as if the husband read my thoughts, he offered to video me. Unfortunately, he commented after how it makes the climb look easy while I was doing it. Hmmm! That comment is almost the same in my other endeavors like Muay Thai or Zumba. People always think I’m doing it lightly. And somehow, it makes me wonder if I’m really not putting enough effort into them. O_o

Photo stops on the way to the peak!
The husband in action!
Hello Pitcher Plant!
And of course me! 🙂

The Peak
We reached the peak after 1.5 hours+ of ascent. Like Alto, it is surrounded by trees. But the trees can be climbed. Unfortunately, there was no clearing. All we could see was fog. The guide told us that it was maybe because we were noisy. I tried praying for a clearing but not that hard. Haha! For me, a clearing would be great but it’s not a must. When we climbed Alto last year, there was no clearing too.

And because, we were the last to arrived, everyone was already busy doing their own stuffs. At first I thought the peak was very small since the line was queued at the entrance. It wasn’t. I don’t know what’s holding the line though. When it was our turn, I got busy taking pictures of everyone taking pictures. Haha! The peak was spacious but there wasn’t enough space to comfortably do a group picture. After 30 minutes of allowing everyone to do their own thing, I insist on a group picture but that was only after I climbed the highest tree.

It was cool to be on top but the swaying kept me from taking a clear selfie. It didn’t help that the husband was pressuring me to go down because he wanted to climbed too. Haha! And of course, I got envious because he had a nice selfie despite my pressures. LOL! We only had 1 group picture at the peak since it’s very hard to squeeze all of us. I didn’t insist on having more and let Rocco take the picture of us instead of Cods since he was on the other end.

Everyone’s busy!
My view from the top of the tree!
The husband’s cool selfie from the highest tree and my victory pose at another tree!
The mossy trees!
Finally a group picture! 🙂

The Descent
At 9AM, we were ready to go down. We only had 1 guide to the summit so it’s a must to stay together. I ushered Ryan to go before me but he was still doing something so I left Ryan in Pong’s care. The other’s were in a hurry ’cause we were way out of schedule already. In the itinerary, we should be back at the camp by 9AM. As we were leaving, John noticed a weird path. We literally had to crawl under a tree trunk. He asked if it was the right path but I just remembered a lot of crawling so I said yes. Turns out, it was a short cut. Haha! With that confusion in mind, I focused on keeping up with the rest of the group in order not to cut the line.

After 15 minutes of walking, I caught up with the others. After seeing Cods, I asked him if he can still see Pong. He answered that Ryan and Pong were still busy taking pictures so he went ahead. That irk me somehow so I asked the group to stop. We waited for a while and then everyone got impatient. I was thinking of the worst. After a while Rocco went back to look for Pong and Ryan.

The group was divided. We were already running out of time. Then the husband mentioned that he had a GPS tracker and with that he can lead the group back to camp. I was hesitant to let him go but I had no choice. I didn’t want to leave without Ryan and Pong too. It was a hard choice. Analyn decided to stay too.

I was afraid but I didn’t want my fear to cloud my judgment so instead of losing my temper, I silently prayed to keep both groups safe. I forgot to pray for Analyn and I. Haha! When it was silent, Analyn and I took a selfie. I just wanted not to think of anything bad. I told Analyn that we must timed our wait. If after 15 minutes, Rocco wouldn’t come back, we wouldn’t have a choice but to catch up with the others.

But thanks God, we didn’t wait too long. Relief washed over me when I saw Rocco. And once again, I lost the energy to nag. When I looked at Ryan, he seemed a little scared, but of course, I didn’t say anything again. I forgot if that was the time he said that who would want to be lost. Haha! All I could think was how grateful I am they were found.

When we started walking, Pong explained what happened. Turns out, Ryan was not the cause this time. Pong owned it but since Ryan’s lost moment was still a hot issue the day before, most focused on Ryan and his tendencies for adventure. 🙂

After a while we caught with the rest of the group. I was surprised for keeping up with them that fast. I asked Ryan to go forward to the head group. Analyn, Pong and I stayed at the tail. We spent the rest of the descent talking about life and love. LOL

My very minimal pic going down and the brunch!

Breaking Camp
Despite the setback of another lost moment, we arrived at the camp around 1030AM. But since we just had a light breakfast, we decided to eat before going down. Over the meal, I asked them why we caught up with them so fast. There was some hesitation. I forgot who that was who told me the full re-cap.

The husband had an accident but good thing it was only minor. There was a pointed branch that could have cut his side if he was big. The stress might have gotten to me at that point because I snapped and nagged at the husband for being careless. People were defending him but I, like always, never listened. There was some pause then everyone got busy breaking up camp. Now I realized why they were having 2nd thoughts of telling me in the first place. Haha! We were on our way down at 12PM, 1.5 hours late in the itinerary with stress thoughts of not being able to have time to enjoy the falls that we decided to miss the day before.

Breaking camp in progress!
And of course, our mission continues! We asked the guide if we could post it here though. 🙂
The adventurers!

Stay tuned for Day 2 Part 2 – the descent back to jump-off. The adventures and mis-adventures continued while the drama thickens. People got bitten by bees. I, for the first time, lowered my defenses and had an “explosive” slide which earned the husband my ire and pushed me to be on the head group which led me to decide to stop at Nomad Falls. Some saw snakes. And finally, the longer stop at Ulan-Ulan falls and the epic journey to Sambawan. 😀 I just wanted a post for day 2 but a lot of things happened worthy of note. 😀

While waiting, feel free to guess what happened next. Haha! Did Ryan got lost again? What do you think the husband did to have earned my wrath? Who were bitten by bees? Who were able to see snakes? What’s more beautiful Nomads or Ulan-Ulan Falls? What makes our Sambawan journey epic? Oh well…anything can happen. 🙂

Tres Marias Series:
Day 1

Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 – Part 2

Day 3

Summit to Sea Adventure in Biliran, Eastern Visayas (Day 1) – Overnight Camp in Tres Marias

After 15 minutes of walking from lunch site, Pong called out that our Ryan was nowhere. The group stopped and Ryan, the sweeper guide went to look for our Ryan. On a climb with every stops, I never put my bag away from my shoulders since because of its weight I would spend energy putting it back on. But I was so worried about the worst for our Ryan. The husband had to remind me to stay put. I realized that at that moment, the only thing I can do is pray. And I did. Thanks God that after a while, Pong announced that Ryan was found. When I saw him, the relief took away my want to nag. Haha!

What’s an adventure without a ‘real’ adventure. If we had let the fear of snakes get in the way, we wouldn’t have known how beautiful Tres Marias is. She’s indeed a beauty worth the risk. June 18-19, 20 adventurers, 6 of which are NCR Trekkers and the rest are guests, reached and left Tres Marias 3rd and highest peak with a triumphant heart after 12 hours of trek. It was amazing that by 2:30 PM on Day 1, we were already at Aeta Camp setting up camp. We had a lot of take outs but the best of them all was the feeling that we have a home in the wilderness with strangers that quickly became friends and trusted allies. That alone was worth all the pains. 🙂

June 17, 2016 (Day 0)
The adventure started on a boat trip to Ormoc via Roble’s Theresian Stars. The boat departs at 10 PM but as early as 8 PM, participants started arriving. By 9 PM, everyone was in. We were safely settled at the boat 15 minutes later. Everyone started dozing off as soon as the boat departs Cebu.


June 18, 2016 (Day1)
Immediately after the boat docked at Ormoc at 5AM, we left the boat and rode on the van to Naval. Because we couldn’t fit in at a single van, the head and the tail group went ahead. The mid waited for the next van. While waiting, we bought some puto and hot drinks at a stall outside the port.



The trip to Naval took 2 hours. By 8AM, we were reunited with the groups who went ahead. We had breakfast at the carenderia beside the terminal then we met with Ryan and Rocco, our guides. As I was eating, I noticed the yummy lechon across the street. With the husband’s support, I bought a quarter for our pack lunch. That must be the reason why I’ve been so excited for lunch. Haha!

The Trek
By 8:30 we depart for the jump-off via motorcycle with a unique Biliran’s style. We arrived at the jump-off 30 minutes after. The trek started at around 930AM after the usuals: orientation, prayer & warm-up. The prayer was led by Gamz and warm-up was led by John. As planned, the big group was divided into 3 sub-groups. Analyn led the head group with Cha, Ricco, Almera, Ryan, Didit and Jane. Yours truly led the mid-group with Migo, Gamz, Liz, John & Tin. Pong was part of the mid-group but like the previous climbs, his heart is of the Sweeper. Tail group was led by Cods with Rose, Aying, Jeni, John & Eric.



The entire trek to Aeta Camp was divided into 3 according to our major and somewhat long stops. First part was the trek to Recoletos Falls. Ulan-Ulan Falls was just below Recoletos but we need to go down and back up again. After confirming that we will back track tomorrow, it was decided to just visit the falls later. There was a shed near Recoletos and after 30 minutes of walking, it was a relief to rest. Some took the time to take pictures while some decided to catch their breath.


Second part was from Recoletos to our lunch stop. It was a 1.5 hours trek with 5-10 minutes break before crossing the river. This part has the most “buhis-buhay” moments.  We were supposed to eat at the last water source but we were famished. The guide told us it’s still 30 minutes away with some ascent so I had to make the call to eat. It was also already 12PM. We had some time to rest after lunch time but I didn’t had the urge to rest. I was afraid that anytime a snake would crept up on me. Haha!



3rd part was when we left the lunch site to Aeta Camp. The guide told us it would be 3 hours away with mostly ascents. Hearing this, I was quite worried. 3 hours of non-stop ascent could become 5 hours at my pace. It was already 1PM when we left, plus 5, we would reached the camp at 6PM. But maybe by some miracle or maybe the fear of snakes makes us all in our best selves, we reached the camp at 230PM even with the thrill of Ryan’s lost moment. 😀

After 15 minutes of walking from lunch site, Pong called out that our Ryan was nowhere. The group stopped and Ryan, the sweeper guide went to look for our Ryan. On a climb with every stops, I never put my bag away from my shoulders since because of its weight I would spend energy putting it back on. But I was so worried about the worst for our Ryan. The husband had to remind me to stay put. I realized that at that moment, the only thing I can do is pray. And I did. Thanks God that after a while, Pong announced that Ryan was found. When I saw him, the relief took away my want to nag. Haha!

This was my 7th major climb but a first that I am one of the organizers. Whatever happens to the climb is my responsibility so I always make sure I had everything covered. The trek in Lanaya sent me on a sour mode when we were almost lost so I had to stress the importance of proper distance in between hikers. Unfortunately, it failed on Ryan. I was just so thankful Pong noticed he was gone right away.

After the Ryan scare, we continued on our trek. At 2PM, we arrived at a small clearing. I took some pics and decided to join Charina and Ricco at the head to talk to the head guide at that day, Rocco. 20 minutes passed, we reached another small clearing. This time I took an attendance pic of everyone then joined Pong in the tail. By 245PM, me, July and Pong reached the camp. Most were already selecting a place to setup camp by then.

Top-Right, Bottom-Left: Waiting for Ryan; And he was found. Me with the Rocco, Ricco and Charina!
Attendance Pic!
Few minutes away from the camp…and then hello camp with my scratch! Pfft!

Aeta Camp
The camp was quite small. Good thing we were able to setup all our 12 tents. But there were areas that are prone to water but we had no choice but to setup camp there also. We had just enough space left for socials. It would have been best if we brought hammocks instead of tents.


We had an early dinner and by 7PM, everyone was gathered for the socials. I started the socials in a simple format of name, company and profession. The additional was a recall of a memory of their first major climb and if it was their first, what’s their expectations. I was quite surprised to know that almost half of the group were on their first major climbs. I was simply amazed because our pace was commendable. We had less stops and was 2.5 hours early for our target time to camp.

Because we had an early start, we had time to do a 2nd round of “Werewolves”. It was a night for “Werewolf” since they won at both games. Since we started introducing the game, I was always part of the humans. Unfortunately for that night, my silent wish was granted. And I somehow regretted that I wished to be one of the bad guys. It was just so stressful. I had stress in 2 sides, from the remaining players and the spirits. I cracked on the last few rounds and had to remind the spirits their place.

After the game, I was exhausted. I felt somewhat sick so I spared myself from more stress by not joining the 2nd round. I made myself the spirits police so that what happened in the first game would never happen again. On the 2nd game, “Werewolf” won still with Jane emerging as the sole wolf at the end of the game. It was still early but I was already exhausted. I decided to sleep then I overheard them talking about a glowing plant. My want to sleep overpowered me. I didn’t even noticed what time the husband dozed off.

Stay tuned for Day 2! 🙂

Tres Marias Series:

Day 1

Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 – Part 2

Day 3

Trekking Tips: What To Bring

Trekking Cebu, Trekking in Cebu, Trek Cebu, Cebu, Trekking Tips, Trekking, Philippines

Almost every climb, especially majors, I am faced with the same struggle – what do I bring? I’ve made a lot of checklists but unfortunately being “me” got buried with all the other lists in my notes. Haha!

This dawn as I was packing and making sure I don’t miss anything, I listed them all. 😀 I really do hope I don’t forget anything though. 🙂 Please if you notice anything missing, ping me right away.


1-4. Clothes: Trekking/Swimming, Sleeping, Going Home, Undies
5. Slippers
6. For Wet Plastic
7. Sleeping Bag
8. Assault Bag
9. Storage Bags
10. Pillow
11. Eye Mask
12. Ear Pads
13. Head lights
14. Glasses
15. Contact Solutions
16. Rain Coat
17. Umbrella
18. Fan
19. Lunch Box
20. Water Bottle
21. Cup

Personal Stuffs:
22. Headlace
23. Pony tail
24. Lipstick
25. Comb
26. Puller
27. Mirror
28. Shampoo
29. Wet Wipes
30. Tissue

Depends on the trail, Tres Marias has plenty of water so I’m only bringing this much plus a 1L Nalgene full of water too.
31. 1 L Water
32. .5 Gatorade
33. Belt Bag:
34. Camera
35. Candies
36. Tickets
37. IDs
38. Wallet
39. Ballpen
40. Chair
41. Group Food (by assignment):
Magic Sarap
42. Burner
43. Cookset (Kovea Hard 23)
44. .5 kg rice inside cookset

Thanks @JumzChino for the reminder:
NCR Trekker’s Stuffs
45. Attendance & Waiver
46. LNT Sign
47. LNT Sign Rope
48. Club Tarp
49. Event Tarp
50. Participant’s ID

To follow up:
51. Med Kit
52. Rope

Tooth Brushes
Trekking Pole

My first day attire:
Trekking Pants
Souvenir Shirt
Arm Sleeves
Trekking Shoes
Comfy Socks

The biggest lesson I learned thus far when it comes to weight was when we climbed Pulag back in 2013. I was at 15 kg. Going up Akiki with such load was harsh. I was literally sick on the first night. But it wasn’t because I brought too much personal stuff. We carried 4L of water and our food were mostly canned. It took most of the weight.

After Pulag I was more mindful of the weight I’m carrying. I made some adjustments on how much clothes to bring too. Before I always had an everyday change of clothes until the husband commented on it. I was still stubborn saying I need to change clothes everyday for the pictures. Haha! But after Canlaon, I started implementing the clothes set. The husband suggested to only have a set of trekking which can be used for swimming too or you can bring a set for bath, a set for sleeping which will be used throughout how many days you will be sleeping and the last set will be for going home. To save some more space, you could also use the sleeping as going home set.

15 kg was my limit in 2013, I wonder if it changes now. I weighted my back last night at our scale and it shows 15 kg. Huhu! I wonder what makes it heavy waaaa!

The best weight I had was in Apo. I had 8 kg or less with just my personal stuffs.  We were 15 and was divided into 3 food groups. Each group has their own porter guide. It was very efficient but the only drawback was it made us divided. We didn’t cook and eat together.

Going forward, in every climb to follow, I will try to implement weight management. By September, we will have our 2nd major climb for the year at Nangtud. Reading blogs about it terrifies me. It will surely be one of my toughest climb yet. Pinoy Mountaineer rated Nangtud as an 8/9. Huhu! Anyhoo, I still have some months to spare till then. For now, I have Tres Marias. 🙂

Wish us luck and blessing tomorrow. Pray that we may be away from harm and the snakes will be friendly. Huhubells.

Here’s an unrelated addition about our trek tomorrow. 😀

There will be 20 of us divided into 3 food groups. No porters. Head group is led by our NCR Trekker VP, Analyn. Me at Mid-group. Cods at Tail Group. That’s the line up of our trek too.

Cod’s group will likely be the fastest so they are at the Tail. My group has the medkit and the documentation so it’s easier to check in between groups. Analyn’s have Ryan to shoo the snake. One guide will be at the head and a other at the tail.


Trekking Tips: Rice Planning

Probably the hardest part for me in a trekapade is meal planning. For years, I’ve always wanted to be able to estimate properly. More often estimating just how much rice we need to bring is a headache.

So today, I took my way out of my already jampacked sked to do what I have always wanted to do.

Note that all measurements are based on our Kovea Hard 23 cookset.

  • cup is hard 23 cup
    1/4 rice = 1.5 cup
    1.8 Hard 23 = 4 cups rice (5 cups water)
    1 Hard 23 = 2 cups rice (3 cups water)
    6 cups = 1 kilo
    3 cups = .5 kg

Yesterday I started refining the meal plan for Tres Marias. I estimated to be cooking 6 cups of rice for 8 pax. We are 7 in the group but we need to allocate 1 meal for the guide. Our meal planner estimated everyone to bring 3 cups of rice. I wondered just what it meant to bring 3 cups? I wanted to translate it in kilograms since lately, I’ve become obsessed in weight management.

I was quite happy that after the measurements, I found out that 3 cups is equal to half of a kilogram. Each meal we would be cooking 6 cups which means it’s a kilogram. What’s more amazing is that this 6 cups can be accommodated by our 2 cookset. The big cookset of 1.8 can cook 4 cups while the small one can cook 2 cups. Ah! These little things just make the OC me happy. Haha!

But one thing I’m not sure though…that is whether a kilogram is enough for 8 people. Haha! Well, that’s my next goal. Lol Find out just how much to cook for a specified number of people. Hehe

Aside from how much rice we would need, we can get the estimate for how much water too. Lucky for Tres Marias, water won’t be a problem. 🙂 Oh well, till my next trekking not-so-Eureka moment. Lol

A Peak & A Hot Spring in One Adventure

No trek is ever the same even if you’ve done it many times. This was my 3rd trek in Mt. Lanaya. Yet each and every time is a different experience. And if I were to pick the best, nah, I’ll pass. Last Saturday, June 11-12 is as good as the first (2013 via Legazpi – Lumpan) and the 2nd (2015 via Lumpan – Legazpi, same as this trail).

Views of Lanaya – the mountain side below and the sea side on top!

It was another great weekend with NCR Trekkers Club at a trek we dubbed as “Freedom Climb” since it falls on the “Independence Day” weekend. It was NCR Trekker’s 8th mountain after Naupa in January, Lanigid in February, Osmena in March, Mago in April, Kandungaw in May and just last weekend, Mt. Babag & Chalet Hills. There were 28 trekkers who joined the adventure that started in Brgy Lumpan in Alegria and ended in Mainit Springs in Malabuyoc just like my 2nd trek, a first with NCR Trekkers in Lanaya.

Like any other trek, it was great but not without hiccups. Thanks to God we were able to triumph over it with no injuries. Great climbs were not meant to be flawless. It had to be flavored with an epic adventure. We had that adventure by being lost. My emotion got the best of me for some time and then it faded when I realized my responsibilities. I had to be bigger than my angst.

From that trek, I realized how hard it is to be the “Sweeper”. It takes a lot of patience and empathy. And as I have always mentioned, I fall short of the two. Still I’m thankful for the experience. It lets me see a different view of the entire trek. But I’m most thankful to the 2 people who are always there to back me up. Without them, no trek would be as good as it always does. 🙂

So here are the 12 things that made this adventure as good as the first 2 experiences:

1. We were able to achieve the “Apas” group for the 2nd time. Hooray!!! In support of the husband’s habitual Friday late nights, we had to adjust accordingly. Last time I was pretty confident with Kandungaw but not this time. Thanks to God I was able to lead us safely to the campsite even if it was a different trail. Haha! =)

Apas team starting the ascent at 5:30 PM!

2. We had a better and muffin-free camp. Last time, we camp in front of the cool looking trees but now we were nestled at a small enclosure near the “shortcut”. Our tents are closer compared to the previous too.

Checking the camp if it was NCR Trekkers camp. Bottom right pic shoes the “regular group” passing by the previous campsite.

3. Breakfast at the peak achieved again. Yahoooo! This time the team got bigger. Because, we weren’t able to visit the peak at sunset unlike the “regular” group, we had to wake up at 5AM to see the sunrise. We arrived at the peak at 5:30 AM, brought a cook set and a burner. Boiled water while waiting for the sunrise. We had oat meals and fruits.

Breakfast at Lanaya’s Peak! Hello Rey – our unexpected guest. 🙂
Group pic sans Junji’s team who chose sleep over sunrise at the peak!
Another group pic at the seaside. The pole was quite useful as a camera stand. 😀

4. We had an unexpected “recruit”. While waiting for the bus to Alegria which was surprisingly populated when we assembled at 11AM, I saw a familiar face – a neighbor from our condo. He was as surprised as I am for seeing each other. He commented that he never thought of me as the adventure type. Haha! Oh well, everyone’s 1st impression of me. Thus the blog to prove them wrong. 😛 It wasn’t long before he got comfortable with the rest of the group. His stories of Tres Marias and Guiting2 entertained us while we are waiting for our turn. He was supposed to join a group in cleaning Kanlaob river but to our surprise, he ditched them when they got off in Alegria. Lol He is indeed one of a kind. He’s a great addition to my already quirky group. Hehe

While waiting for our turn. We spent 1.5 hours waiting. Left at 12:30 and was in Alegria at 4:30 PM.

5. Socials assignment continued. This time it was Barbie who started it. Thanks to him, we had wine to pair our laughter with. No #hugots this time but instead, we were looking back on our trekking adventures. Happy to have known 1 who is really a first timer. I just hope Lanaya wouldn’t put out her flame. Lanaya can be pretty tough for a first timer. 😀

Dinner time!
Socials started at 8:30 PM followed by a game of “Werewolves”!

6. “Werewolves” with 27 people was a ruckus but still fun! I still can’t get over the fact that all the werewolves were from the “Apas” group and my guests. Haha! Well mostly, all the roles really: Barbie – the Scapegoat, Jane – the Seer, Didit – the Little Girl, Cha – the Defender, Migo – the Nurse, Werewolves: Liz, Ziel, Dee, Marvin & Ricco. Only me, Junji & Rey had no roles, hepless “Villagers”. Van2 was the witch. Last time 4 all girl villagers survived with me as the most annoying villager. Haha! Now almost half of the villagers were saved. Thanks to the most “ichusera villager” of all time – Bujoy. Being friends with influence get her so far indeed.

Remaining villagers, the survivor!!!

7. Call time was almost achieved with a 30 minute delay. We left the camp at 8:30 this time. Kandungaw was an hour late so it’s an improvement.

Breaking up camp and cam-whoring while waiting.
Finally a group picture!

8. No major injuries despite the fact that it rained when we went down to Legazpi. We had hiccups with some guests. A shoes needed a medic. The sole falls out and she was having a hard time. And another almost had cramps.

Going down the almost vertical descent!
Medic shoe break for Leizel!

9. We got lost for a while but eventually angels were sent to lead us to the right path. We were already famished when we arrived at Mainit Springs by 1:30 PM, 5 hours after we started.

Bottom right peak is where I left my bag to scour for the lost sheeps.

10. I learned a great lesson. One that I would cherish. My respect for “Sweepers” have grown immensely. After that ordeal, I swore never to be on the tail again but thinking about it now makes me want to be a sweeper again. There’s just so much in a trek that you could only see when you are seeing it at the back. 🙂

11. We were able to put up LNT sign again. This time we put it on the trail.

This trek’s LNT champion is Van2x supported by Jumz plus our new overnight joiners.

12. From what happened last weekend, I was more fired up to implement that “ribbon” thing or put up signs on the trail. It is important for the guests to be aware of the difficulty of the trail too. Next time, we should be firm in implementing that the inviter should tell their guests about the nature of the trek. We are all for fun and sometimes, thinking of the safety of other people can suck the fun away. Each and everyone needs to treat each other as companions too. It is supposed to be a rule to be mindful of the one in front and behind you on the line. NEVER lost sight of the one in front of you and ALWAYS check if you have the person following you is still around. If that simple rule isn’t followed then problems will arise. We are not on a race, we are on a trek. Well, we can always do a race if we don’t have neophytes.

But all is well that ends well. Mainit Spring is still rejuvenating but unfortunately, Montañeza falls was closed down because of some rock issues. There’s the dispute of the road too. We had to pay Php5 to exit. It’s weird. And when we finally reached the highway, most buses were full. We had to squeeze in at a full bus. Good thing a lot of them got off at Alegria. Wew!

Freedom climb at Lanaya is another one for the books but I would love to go back via Legazpi soon even if I have to pay the exorbitant price. Hehe! And ohh, did I mention I was having muscle pains in the leg. Wew! That was indeed a great pre-climb for Tres Marias. Hopefully, no more muscle pains on Friday. I’m very excited nowww. Tickets are ready. Yay!!!

Finally cozying at Mainit Springs!
Migo and Miga getting ready to go home!
Kandungaw-like view of Lanaya. The big rock before the peak!
#OOTD pic at Kalo-kalo peak!

Climbing With A Purpose @ Mt. Babag, Cebu


This was my 3rd day trek in Babag and the 2nd trek with a purpose. The first was an outreach climb in December 2014 where we made at least a hundred kids happy. The 2nd was a Sunday trek as a pre-climb for a major trek in Alto Peak.

I heard a lot of hearsay about Babag’s difficulty. It was one of the few mountains in Cebu with a lot of continuous and steep ascents making it very ideal for preparing a major climb. Since all my treks have been day treks, I wouldn’t know for sure just how difficult Babag could be with my usual pack. It has been OK for now. Tired but bearable.

We were supposed to join as a club to a local Cebu mountaineering group in cleaning up Mt. Kan-irag. But as we were checking the list, there were at least 2 other groups who’d do the same. Because of our number, we decided to change our destination and enlist.

There were 3 mountain nominees and Mt. Babag won. It was very ideal since no other groups were listed. A week before the climb, some members expressed fear when the story about the cobras that escaped in Cebu Zoo resurfaced (searched for news article but I couldn’t find one). Even with our assurance that it’s generally safe and no cobra incidents were reported, the news continued.

At our pre-climb, we announced to everyone about the “cobra news” and opened an option to those who were afraid. It was too late to change the mountain already.

Surprisingly, majority of the registrants opt to join Mt. Babag still. Only 11 who had prior schedule in the morning joined the new group that would go to Chalet Hills directly. The Babag group started in the morning while the Chalet group started in mid-afternoon.

Babag group: divided into 3 sub-groups Head, Mid & Tail led by Tats (NCR Trekkers Adviser), AJ (NCR Trekkers Pres) & Kring (NCR Trekkers Secretary) respectively, Chalet group led by Analyn (NCR Trekkers VP)!

Because it was a cleanup activity, a give back to the community and not just for fun, NCR Cebu provided food for the participants. Php 5600 were given. Babag group was provided a 1-pc chicken from Jollibee while Chalet group had Red Ribbon Mamon and Zest-o juice.

Babag group was a big group of 54. To manage the group well and to cater to those who are late, it was divided into 3 groups. Each group was scheduled to leave at 15 minutes interval. Head group was led by Tats, mid-group was led by AJ and the tail-group was led by me. We were the last group to leave the church at 9:30 AM.

01 Orientation
Lunch & ID distribution before the orientation!
02 Group Pic
Babag group was divided into 3 sub-groups: Head, Mid and Tail. Head group led by Tats (NCR Trekkers Adviser), Mid group led by AJ (NCR Trekkers Pres), Tail group led by Kring (NCR Trekkers Secretary).
03 Warmup
Warm-up at Napo Basketball Court!

At 10 AM, we started the cleanup and was at Manuel’s Manggahan at 12PM. After an hour the trek resumed. We were at RCPI towers after an hour and a half of walking.
We had a long stop at the road to the towers. After we had our rest, we went to the towers, had our group picture and proceeded to Chalet Hills.

04 Cleanup
Tail group in action on the way to RCPI towers!
lunch time
Lunch time!


We arrived earlier than expected. As planned, we waited for the Chalet group. They arrived after 30 minutes of our rest time.

While we were waiting, some wanted to play but to my dismay, it took a lot of my convincing powers. And personally, I don’t want to play as well so I leave it as is. Haha! I am actually not missing much since I can always play on our overnight treks.

I was exhausted but restless. When the Chalet group started cleaning, I joined them. I needed pictures for documentation as well. It was a chance to explore the hills too.

05 Cleanup
Chalet group in action at Chalet Hills!

We cleaned the vicinity of the big camp and the small camp above it. To be honest, I never expected Chalet Hills to be that beautiful. Because it was just a hill and is very accessible, I didn’t have the desire then. It all changes when I realized I could bring my un-trekking friends camping in there. I should do it soon. 🙂


The participants at Chalet Hills after the cleanup taking a pose before the final announcements.

After Chalet group was done cleaning, I pushed for the group picture since I noticed the Babag group’s bored face. To my (2nd) dismay, nobody wanted to move again. Phew! A test of patience indeed. I actually thought of just letting go of the big group picture. But of course I had to. I sensed some annoyance but I hope they would understand the value of documentation since it was after all a company-sponsored activity. We were not there simply to enjoy but to fulfill a responsibility. I need the pictures as proof. And is there a better way to show that it was a successful event than by pictures?

I may had some slight annoyance but overall, it was another kick-ass event. Thankful to God that despite the dangers of cobra and this, we were all safe. We were able to carry out our regular mission to spread the awareness of LNT by posting signs on the 2 camps of Chalet Hills. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find an appropriate place to post our sign in Babag so we put everything in Chalet Hills. This was our 3rd sign since our first sign posted in Mago Peak.

NCR Trekker’s guest (July) putting up the LNT sign at the big camp.
NCR Trekker’s guests (Norie & Jay) putting up the LNT sign at the small camp.

But of course, I am especially proud because the husband was one of the champion. He was quite handsome with the cleanup shirt as well. ❤ Thanks to Maria. It was supposed to be mine but Migo said it was too big for me. Just so happy he wore it. Liz was not able to join the cleanup 'cause she went with Maria to clean Kandungaw.

Migo wearing the cleanup shirt and me wearing the Ambassador shirt.

After the final announcements, most left. Regular trekkers stayed until 6 PM enjoying the sunset. Finally had our chance to cam-whore too. Thanks to Wandering Soul Scamper for the lovely photos.

This one is my favorite. Totally captured the playful me and the ever-supportive husband. 🙂

A Year of Adventure w/ NCR Trekker’s Club

The first with NCR Trekkers was a blast and every trek thereafter. Today I aged 1 with the club. It has been quite an amazing journey. I was able to scale most of Cebu’s trekking destinations and learned a whole lot about mountains and people. Because today is my 1st anniversary, I will answer 10 questions for our newsletter “Anniversary Special”. LOL I am quite excited to be in it. 

1. Tell me something about yourself!

Kring in a Nut Shell (copied from The Wanderfull Life‘s About Page)
So sometimes I really find it hard to introduce myself since I almost want people to know ‘everything’ about me at once. Haha! But most of my friends will not believe me if I say I’m having a hard time talking since I’m always bubbly. They call me an extrovert but I start to believe I am more of an ambivert. I love people. Kindness, bravery and team work makes me cry. If you wanna know more of my inner wiring, I have a thought blog here.

I work as a software engineer and help manage our little rental business on the sides with my husband, Mark. We call each other Migo & Miga. We got married in 2015 at a whimsy little celebration of which we DIY-ed everything. He’s the wind beneath my wings. Without him, I wouldn’t have known how amazing it is to travel. Like many Filipinos, my salary for the first years at work were for the family. I rarely had anything left for myself. Known to be thrifty yet he goes gaga over me to the point of paying all my early trips. We started trekking and board gaming as a couple in 2011 after 3 years of being in a roller coaster relationship. I can be very jealous and volatile when it comes to love life. But Migo made me better and made me the best version of myself.:) Need more cheesiness, here’s a blog about Migo&Miga.

I’m also a frustrated writer or novelist, you can read some of that here. Aside from that I’m actually trying to learn how to write in a sort-of-reporter writing at a blog I created at work on my first year of being an Ambassador in our company.

So in a nut shell? Hmmm! I am a lot of things in one and easily get excited in almost everything. At my worst, I am self-righteous. At my best, I seek to empower people to explore and live the life they want regardless of the societal norms. Everything is just possible.

“Live. Believe. EMPOWER.” is my guiding principle.

2. How do you find trekking?

Everything in trekking is AWESOME. It’s tiresome but addictive.

3. When do you learn that you love trekking?

The husband and I started trekking together in 2011 at Osmeña Peak but we got really hooked in 2012. That’s when we started aiming for major climbs (Talinis, Canlaon).

4. How long would you want to be on trek?

For as long as I can or shall I say, we can. I’m brave and all but without the husband, I’m less braver. Haha!

5. If you are given a chance to trek anywhere of your choice? Where and when?

The Himalayas or just below it!!! Everest would be nice but I don’t wanna die trying. Haha! So I’m just aiming for a trek in Nepal’s villages. 🙂 We are targeting 2-5 years from now but it all depends on our plan to produce little Migo or Miga soon. Nyahaha! Or maybe when we are older and richer? Hahaha! But anything goes really.

6. How’s trekking with NCR Trekkers in one year?

AWESOME!!! I’ve trekked to almost all destinations in Cebu. My network of outdoor friends tripled or quadrupled. But the best takeout I have was having the confidence to organize a trek. I have always been an organizer but there was something about trekking that makes me afraid to commit. This time was different. Maybe it’s the thought that I am not alone in the journey. =)

7. What’s the best thing you love about trekking w/ NCR Trekkers?

Everybody is having fun. Trekking with them is always a FUN TREK. We laughed. They do “hugot” lines. They are absolutely game in playing almost anything but right now they are hooked with “Werewolves”. They are also supportive in responsible mountaineering.

8. How does it feel to be part of the fast growing outdoor community?

Pressured. Haha! Outdoors has somewhat become mainstream now. By introducing a lot of people to the wonders of outdoors, we may be tipping the balance. As much as we try to propagate responsible mountaineering, we can’t always track everyone to be doing the same. Sadly, people are natural dummies and only cares about themselves. I am pressured to let everyone we have converted to love the outdoors to care for the environment too. Trek not only for the pictures but for mother nature as well.

9. If you could change one thing about this trekking phenomenon, what could that be?

A standard operating procedures for all mountains in Cebu should be implemented. I kind of hate at first about organizing a trek in Mt. Kapayas since the Municipality of Catmon is very strict about it. But right now, seeing what happened to other mountains in Cebu, perhaps other government should all follow Catmon’s lead.

10. What is your message to all the aspiring individuals who wanted to be adrenaline junkies?

Go for it and quench your thirst. Do not listen to that inner voice in your head telling you, you can’t. Because YOU can. You and I are NOT very different at all. I’ve been with the mountains for about 5 years now but each trek is still the same. I still feel out of breath on ascent and grateful for descent. If there’s one thing that has changed over time with each peaks was the thought that whatever hardships I experienced in reaching the summit, everything will be forgotten when it all becomes a memory. =)

Here’s a picture of me in my 3 favorite mountains in Cebu. =)
Seeing Beauty Beyond

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The Misis Blogs

Sharing with you my journey as Misis B. 😊

Kalinga Ni Nanay

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Psalm 24:1

Life with Psoriasis

A Day in the Life of a NEW Psor Warrior

alaine adventures

on minimalism, motherhood, and the stories in between

great life ahead:-)

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." - Proverbs 13:12 NCV

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