7 Years Ago…All Women Trek!

What Gets Me Through A Trying Day


In my 20s, when asked what gets me through a trying day, the answer was the memories of a wander-filled life. Now in my 30s, while I still enjoy the wanders, it’s not enough to get me through trying times. Perhaps, it is age or the feeling that I have been there and done that. I’m not really sure.

I have been planning to repurpose this blog for the longest time as I don’t see myself writing about adventures as much. As a mom of 1, wander is possible, however, I no longer have the cravings for it.

Connecting to God was my “trying times pill” in this season. I never really thought that this time will come. When I was chasing wanders, it consumed me. There was never a weekend that I didn’t longed to be outdoors. There was so much to explore.

I have never been to much by people’s standard. However, the joy that I get from connecting to God has given me peace and satisfaction.

It must be true. I wish I’ve known in my 20s that I’m chasing the wrong pill towards happiness. I don’t have regrets though because while it doesn’t get me through trying times in my 30s, the wanders that I’ve had has become a mark of how blessed and favored my life has been. Thanks to the architect and creator of life!!!

So whether you are in your 20s or 30s or even 40s, chase whatever makes you happy. You do you. As a Christian, it will be right to chase God first and the rest shall be provided for. Find the path of focus towards our maker. No one really knows us better than the one who created us. Go to Him and seek out your purpose.

Easter Break 2022

When I knew about the 2-week Easter Break at the last week of March, I was sad. I can’t afford 9 days worth of unpaid leave. But now that I am halfway thru and was actually back at work today albeit on training, I just wished I took all the 9 days of rest. I had an awesome time since Monday especially starting Thursday when the husband left for his family’s clan reunion in Bantayan and our yaya’s easter break too.

Favored. Blessed. Lucky! I hesitated writing how blessed and eventful my days are without the husband and a help around cause it might sound bad. I appreciate how blessed I am for the support. However, I sometimes feel that we are too comfortable. Life has been boring already.

But the husband loves boring. He also sees the glass half-empty while I always see everything half-full. I love our contrast. However, the artist and the kid in me dies when we are together. My cup never overflows when he is around as every little blessing becomes just normal coincidences for him. We are on our mid-thirties and decided we are done changing each other. I pray that our daughter will take the best part of me and him.

The last four days has been the happiest that I have ever been. It felt so good to have the house all for Unyara and I. No work and other things to think of.

Maundy Thursday was dinner and sauna with two of my girl friends. The last time that we hang out was 2019. I had second thoughts of pushing through because it was raining hard. However, God was just awesome. It stopped raining when we went out for dinner. It only rained back when we were safely settled at home.

We were out everyday except Friday but the rain never really caught us outside. Going out alone with a 3 year old, using public utility on a rainy weekend seemed like a recipe for hassles. But we got around just fine.

Nothing was planned on Black Saturday so when I learned that one of my mommy bestie is staying at home too, I decided to take on a 10km commute. As taxi would be too comfortable and costly, we decided to just take it until the terminal. We rode a jeepney and a motorcycle to reached my bestie’s house. It was the best unplanned house visit ever. It was a long overdue much needed catchup. We have really grown so much but my heart is grateful on what we have become.

And because Easter Sunday was for swimming, I felt guilty for missing. Even if it’s just Unyara and I, we went swiming at a pool near our place. I never really thought it’s open but luckily, they have a mobile contact. When I called, they were open and very much available to cater. Since it’s just us, I was prepared to leave my things to the mercy of the good heavens but lo and behold, there was a paid locker for only Php100. I was teary-eyed when the bartender mentioned it. Now, I wonder if I am that transparent. Aside from the locker, we also found someone who will blow Unyara’s floater. I was thinking I’d blow it on my own as our pump is broken. Lol.The favor continues as when we are in the kiddie pool, since documenting is life, I brought my phone. As Unyara feels a little scared when she started, one kid volunteers to take her up to the slide while I took a video. One kid also mentioned to me that there’s water on the slide so I need to be careful of my phone. However, the forgetful me forgot about it. I don’t know if the life guard notice this thoughtless Mom holding a phone on the kiddie pool because all throughout the time that I was recording, the water didn’t fall. I only realized it after I keep my phone at the locker and decided to focus on swimming that the water started falling. Whew! And because it’s Sunday, there were long lines for the taxi but someone always manage to be drop off infront of us. Yay! After swimming, we even managed to eat at Parkmall. When we arrived and safely settled at home, the rains fall. My heart skipped with overwhelming gratitude. God is so good!!!

Lilang’s Payag, Liloan,Cebu

Third weekend in a row visiting far-flung restaurants in the mountains of Metro Cebu.

(1) Nanda Cafe

(2) Citylights Camp & Diner

(3) Lilang’s Payag

This time, we were meeting up with a family we haven’t met since the pandemic started. Unyara had a wonderful time since she has an “Ate” to play with.

Waze led us to some sketchy narrow roads once again. Hahaha! It’s very straightforward if going thru Yati road though!

  • Caption from the husband

Watch it at:

Read details or listen at: link.medium.com/Y3E1jKbSlob

Citylights Camp & Diner, Consolacion, Cebu

Date of Dine: March 6, 2022

The usual goto for dining with city views was Busay, Cebu for us until we tried Nanda, Cafe in Garing, Consolacion last February 24, 2022. Our first trip towards the mountains of Consolacion was via Consolacion. On this trip to Citylights Camp & Diner in Panoypoy, Consolacion, Cebu was via Pit-os, Talamban.


The road via Consolacion was way better than Pit-os. The only pro of taking that route is when you live in Pit-os or you have errands there and decided to dine with a view in Panoypoy. It was raining when we visited Golden Haven in Pit-os but the Lord was super awesome. When we arrived at the crossing going to Panoypoy, the rain was reduced to a drizzle so we proceeded. There was no shortage of prayer along the way though especially when we had to pass a creek.

Our car was a Suzuki Celerio hatchback. It is a small car so we are very picky on our travels for safety. Thankfully, God was with us along the way. Going to Panoypoy, the passenger seat had an alternate view of the cliff. I love mountain views but I hate the roads to the top. But I think the fear had been one of the reasons why I wanted to go especially when everytime we do, God just doesn’t fail to amaze me with what He can do through prayers!


I love that the menu at Citylights was pinoy food. We spend 900+ for 3 pax and a toddler. We had sisig, canton, fish & native chicken tinola. I was expecting so-so food but they were actually good. Compared to Nanda Cafe which were burgers & ramen, dining at Citylights was surprisingly more satisfying.


Yes. We want to try camping there.

Php500 Happiness at Vaño Beach Resort

Cebu island is blessed with many beaches. Because of this natural blessing, the beaches in Lapu-Lapu City is our least pick. As a home to luxury resorts, we’d rather drive 4 hours to the South of Cebu rather than spending much for luxury resorts. However, things change for us in pandemic. Some luxury resorts have cut down their regular prices so we were able to experience some. Starting with the luxury resorts, Lapu-Lapu has become our nearest pick for beaches now.

To celebrate the long weekend and to satisfy our little one’s beach craving, we decided to check the low cost beaches in Lapu-Lapu City. As we have limited knowledge for those beaches aside from the ones that has been my favorite during my college years like Blue Reef and Portofino (now Newtown), we decided to ask our friends who live on the island. We got Katano, Buyong and Vaño. As we were already heading to Vaño, we proceeded.

What We Thought About Vaño Beach?

As a family, we have managed expectations on low cost resorts. We were only there for the beach and I was satisfied. The resort is still recovering from typhoon Odette. New cottages are being constructed. Hopefully when it’s done, the beach will be cleared with debris like the big root and roof remnants. The comfort room and shower needs tending too.

What I like about the resort is they have the option to park outside. We were told about the Php200 parking fee inside before going in so we decided to park outside. We only paid Php20.

How Much Did We Spend?

Php20 Toll Fee
Php150 Entrance Fee (Php50/Adult)
Php350 Cottage Fee (Php500/cottage less the entrance)
Php20 Outside Parking Fee
Total: Php540

Would We Visit Again?

Yes. From our experience, we were curious of other cheap beaches around the island. Happiness doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

Dining with a View at Nanda Cafe

It’s a 4-day weekend starting Thursday, February 24. Our schedule was just open for anything. Spontaneous and impromptu trips has become our thing since the pandemic started in March 2020. We open our long weekend with dining on the top of Garing, Consolacion! We were having 2nd thoughts of pushing through it because it looks like it was about to rain. We prayed and went anyway. God didn’t disappoint. Another blessed trip like our impromptu picnic in Sugbu Mercado Ayala. It’s just the 3 of us on this trip too. We left Ate Lanie (our househelp) at home to rest.

How’s your week so far? Here’s to praying you get to visit places with views too. Cheers!

It’s the 7th Sunday of 2022 But Still Stuck at “Clean Up”


2022 started into a “social” overhaul. I was so consumed with extending the konmari way into my digital world. It’s the 7th Sunday of 2022 and I’m still not done yet. Each Sunday, I would think of something to remove. I thought it’s all just “konmari” until I heard this “message” today. I forgot if I have listened to this when it aired last November 21, 2021. Somehow, it feels like I just heard it now. The feeling is so strong that the Lord wanted me to hear this today specifically. God knows that I’m more receptive to this message today as compared to how I am 2 months ago.

Having 2nd Thoughts of Continuing The Cleanup

Some days when thoughts bubble up, I would have the urge to share. My mind is occupied how the idea and the lessons could have helped my social circle. Then I would remember that I have decided to not share every little happenings of my life in the “clouds” already. My intention to share is good but I had no control over what other people think. Maturity has made me look at the way I have been carrying myself before. Most of the time, memories would made me cringed at my foolishness and immaturity. Social media has filled a void that should have been fixed at the root. Being able to share how “good” my life has been made me blind to the things that’s needed to be fixed. It took a while and a lot of conversations with God and stuffing myself with His words to come at a point of acceptance. Yet some days, I still go back to “this person”.

Bathing The Soul Should Be Done Everyday

Like how we bath our physical body each day, bathing our soul should be done everyday too. I am not wondering anymore why after almost 3 months, I’m still not done with “cleanup” yet. While I connected to God everyday, I only had enough to make it through the day. My connection to Him is only a vitamins to my soul. It’s a preventive measure. However, since my soul has been filthy and I had a “soul sickness”, the vitamins didn’t reach that part.

When You Have A Soul Sickness

Just like a physical illness like the common high blood pressure, diabetes and heart enlargement where at a point, we drink medicine to keep going. When we have soul sickness, we should be drinking medicine too. However, since this illness is not noticeable and can be hard to diagnose, most of us only realize it at a point of despair.

Knowing that you have a soul sickness can be hard but there was one thought that really make sense from our Pastor’s message. Check if you have a stinking attitude.

Let’s Clean Up

Each week, new ideas as to how I could clean up the clutter on my digital footprint comes up. The big vision is to have less social prints as possible when I search my name in Google.

Cleaning up my own clutter is hard but the exercise has really helped me to be intentional of what I will be sharing from now on.

Surface Pressure

Few days ago, we watched the movie “Encanto”. I love it but it didn’t really drove me to write a reflection until today when my 3-year-old toddler was singing a song. The lyrics were different but the tune is very familiar. She was even matching it with dance steps even if she is lying down as it was after our breastfeeding session.

I was so entertained that I kept asking her what it meant and she tries to explain it to me through repeating the performance. The husband who is just listening, after a while had a “eureka” moment. He said that Unyara is singing “Surface Pressure” from the movie encanto. When she heard what his Daddy had said, she got out of bed and requested to have it played.

I don’t know much about other 3 year olds as I try to stay away from comparison. However, I always check her skills against the expected age skills. She hit most of it but is acing the communication area. She is very expressive around us especially with me. It’s very different around other people though and as a child who grow up under so much pressure, I am intentional in raising Unyara differently.

I don’t know the reason why Unyara likes the song but it’s probably because of the catchy tune. However, I would like to think that like me she can connect to Luisa too. As an only child now, it wouldn’t feel right to call her the eldest yet. However, for sure, she can relate to “surface pressure”.

For me, everything happens for a reason. Today, after Unyara’s re-introduction of the song, I am reminded of all the “surface pressures” that I had growing up. Luisa looks out of the ordinary – masculine in a feminine attire. I remembered that there was a time in my life that I hated my size because it makes me look masculine. Haha! I guess having “Luisa” as a new “Disney Princess” makes me feel comfortable.

Going back to Unyara, I hope to one day share to her the meaning of the song with a prayer that she wouldn’t have to feel any “surface pressure”. However, as I am just human, I hope she will have the courage to remind me about what this song means! 🙂

We Got Covid in January 2022 (It’s Not What We Expect)

Here’s why:

  1. After 99 weeks of Pandemic, we thought we know what to do when Covid will hit us. However, we were still very clueless on what to do first.
  2. “What to expect when you’re covid positive in Philippines” returns generic results. As a person who learns from experience, I wanted to read testimonies from individuals who had covid. There was none or I didn’t searched enough.
  3. There was nothing written on the expectations for people who will be quarantined because of RT PCR positive result. I was expecting a long manual from LGU.
  4. We thought we have to inform the LGU on our own. We didn’t. We were surprised representative from DOH and LGU visited us on January 28, 3 days after my RT PCR test at a hospital in Cebu City. We didn’t received the result from the hospital itself. Weird.

That’s just some that stood out on the process. However, we were amazed by the experience as a whole. It’s nothing like what we imagined it would be. There’s maybe a big difference from having Covid in 2022 than having it in the previous years.

Contrary to what we thought, being infected with Covid in 2022 was not as bad. We assumed worst. Grateful to God for the favors all throughout. Praying that it would be the same for others too.

There’s no way of telling the type of Covid that we had but we assumed it’s probably the Omicron variant. It affected the entire household, which consisted of 3 adults (2 are vaccinated) and a 3-year-old toddler.

Below is a timeline of our experience. Note that we started our self-imposed isolation on January 18, as soon as we felt that something was up.

  • January 18 (Tue) – I had sore throat, 39+ fever, chills & fatigue. I took a sick leave reluctantly as my body feels really heavy.
  • January 19 (Wed) – my fever was gone, cough and cold followed. Husband develops symptoms same with mine – sore throat, 39+ fever, chills & fatigue. Husband took a sick leave while I resumed with my work. Both of us have been working from home since March 2020.
  • January 20 (Thu) – cough & colds for both of us. Toddler and house help didn’t have symptoms yet.
  • January 21 (Fri) – I had a telemedicine checkup to be sure, as I am immune compromised having Psoriasis. The doctor suggested an RT PCR test to be taken.
  • January 22 (Sat) – toddler had fever the whole day. Managed it with a child approved paracetamol. Monitored her temperature, as well as oxygen thru oximeter.
  • January 23 (Sun) – toddler fever was gone. Had a telemedicine checkup to be sure as toddler has a congenital PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus).
  • January 24 (Mon) – house help had fever. Managed it with paracetamol, liquids and whole day rest. Family went out to have RT PCR test. Testing queue was long. Found out later that the LOA was for a different branch of the hospital. Decided to postpone and do it early the next day.
  • January 25 (Tue) – husband and I have cough still. Toddler and house help didn’t develop cough. My RT PCR test pushed through. We were the only one on the queue for the drive thru testing. Was advised that the results will be 5 to 7 days after. Surprised by the relatively long waiting time for the results but since it was just for peace of mind purpose, it was inconsequential.
  • January 26-27 (Wed & Thu) – Coughing still.
  • January 28 (Fri) – At around 6PM, we had unexpected visitors from DOH and LGU informing us that we have to be quarantined. Our details were collected. They advised us to be in quarantine until February 5, which is 10 days after my RT PCR test. We were given LGU contact number for grocery support and other questions. So far we haven’t reached out to them as we felt we’re sufficiently stocked.
  • January 29 (Sat) – At around 6PM, we were visited by LGU personnel again. They brought us a sack full of supplies and 2 10L mineral water. We were very touched by the gesture. When we opened it, there were groceries: 25kg+ rice, canned goods, noodles, biscuits, oil, coffee & toiletries. We were wondering if this is standard procedure. We felt very cared and blessed. Thank you so much Brgy Tipolo and Mandaue LGU. We received text info from at least 3 different teams to monitor our progress too. Awesome!!!
  • January 30 (Sun) – Today, our cough is completely gone. We received a text asking fo more details for the medical certificate. Since yesterday, we also started sending our temperature at 8AM and 8PM.

We still have 5 days until our last day of quarantine on Saturday, February 5. While we still don’t know of all the steps that will be done to make sure we are Covid free, we are at peace. To be cared like this is something that we didn’t expect. Having Covid has a bad feels until now! We still fear covid of course and don’t want to go through this all over again but knowing how our LGU cared for those who are sick is just heartwarming. Because of our experience, we realized that, there might be hope in the Philippines after all. And as a member of the regular tax paying population of the Philippines, we felt that our taxes has been used wisely. 😀

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